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Control Room Goals & Trends : 

Control Room Goals & Trends Clear more test points in a shorter amount of time - Analyses typically performed in post-test now being done in real-time Utilize captive engineering time - Build displays, manage own config file, create derived parameters Make go/no go between test points Provide quick-look data required for next days test decisions EFFIENCENCY TEST INTEGRATION Real-time used for safety of test only Typically analysis based engineers requirements not met in the control room Analysis users have systems that are after-thoughts; if available in real-time at all

System Configuration: Real-time Post-test Display Workstations Caching Data Server Dedicated Network Switch Range Telemetry Processor Or Flight Simulator IADS Operators Console Workstation System Configuration

IADS As The Solution: 

Data Analysis Time Domain Frequency Domain Analysis Data Monitoring Audio/Video FRC & ICFB User Configurable Displays Drag and drop to create displays Modify and save displays and their environment in a matter of seconds Control all display, data management, and analysis Manage multiple analysis displays Customize the look, feel, and functionality of the environment Common Display System Same data display and analysis capabilities in real-time and post-test IADS As The Solution


High Speed Data Archiving Every Data Point Recorded Integrated Data Scrollback – Entire Test Walk-away Data User System Interaction Configuration Data Base Derived Engine Data Logs Extensibility Interoperable with Excel and MATLAB General Electric Data Views will run on top of IADS Macromedia FLASH can be used to make display objects for IADS ActiveX Controls developed in Visual Basic/Visual C drop into IADS Microsoft Automation Interface can be used to connect to Windows Software IADS As The Solution

Interoperability : 

Interoperability Data Source AFFTC Test and Evaluation Command and Control System (TSPI) L3 Comm. 550 telemetry processor (Telemetry) L3 Comm. O/S90 telemetry processor (Telemetry) Veridian Omega 3000 telemetry processor (Telemetry) NASA Dryden Flight Simulators (F-18 AAW and C-17) AFFTC TEMS Flight Simulators (F-16, X-32) NetAcquire

Future Features: 

Future Features IADS Dynamic Drawing Package


EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE: F-22 COMBINED TEST FORCE Four Control Rooms at Ridley Mission Control Center; Post-test system at the CTF Facility FIGHTER COMBINED TEST FORCE F-16 Joint Enterprise Test System (JETS) GLOBAL REACH COMBINED TEST FORCE C-17 and C-130 Aircraft Testing NASA DRYDEN Western Aeronautical Test Range (WATR) Williams Research Aircraft Integration Facility (RAIF) TEMS IFAST F-16 and F-22 Simulation Displays BENEFIELD ANECHOIC FACILITY (BAF) Supports Installed Systems Testing for Avionics Test Programs JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (JSF) LOCKHEED MARTIN AERO - Ft. Worth, Texas & Marietta Georgia F-16 Joint Enterprise Test System (JETS) Core Flight Test Mission Control Center Block 60 Mobile Mission Control Facility C-5 AMP Program F-22 Test Program JSF Program EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE Central Control Facility Seek Eagle Program Office NAWC/AD - Patuxent River, Maryland E-2C Post-test Analysis THE BOEING COMPANY – Seattle, WA Post-test Analysis KOREAN AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES T-50 Golden Eagle Advanced Jet Trainer PRATT & WHITNEY F-22 Engine Program ISRAELI AIR FORCE Peace Marble V Program Customers

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