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Athena : 

Athena By: Tiera Ford Class: Period 8 LA

Athena’s Parents : 

Athena’s Parents Zeus: Lord Of The Sky Metis: Goddess Of Wisdom

Personality Traits : 

Personality Traits Curious seeking information Motivated by desire for achievements Daddy’s Girl

As An Adult : 

As An Adult Not The Flirtatious type Devoted and dependable friend Impersonal Rational

Temple : 

Temple Athena was worshiped in this form, as goddess of victory in war and wisdom.

Myths : 

Athena invents thunderbolts and deals with Winged Pegasus. Athena and Hermes accompany Hercules to the Underworld. Athena helps Prometheus steal fire to give mankind. Athena abandoned Ariadne Athena sets up the Panathenaea to honor her. Myths

Strength & Weaknesses : 

STRENGTHS Rational, Intelligent, a powerful defender in war WEAKNESSES Reason rules her, she is not usually emotional or compassionate Strength & Weaknesses

Symbols : 

General: SUN Animals: OWL Plants: OAK Scents: MUSK Gems: RUBY Colors: GOLD Symbols


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