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Why we work:

Why we work Devdutt Pattanaik Chief Belief Officer Future Group 1


Goal 2


Gaze 3

What do you see?:

What do you see? Belief Behavior Business 4 What How Why Visible Visible Invisible Objective Objective Subjective

Your world = The world?:

Your world = The world?

Yagna = Business:

6 Yagna = Business

Nature = Run:

Nature = Run 7

Fear of Scarcity:

Fear of Scarcity 8

Fear of Predators:

Fear of Predators 9

Lakshmi = Resources:

Laksh mi = Resources 10

Durga = Security:

Durg a = Security 11

Humans are 99% animals:

Humans are 99% animals 12

Animals with larger brains:

Animals with larger brains 13


Imagination 14

Saraswati = Thoughts:

Saras wati = Thoughts 15

No Scarcity, No Predator:

No Scarcity, No Predator 16

Amplified Fears:

Amplified Fears 17

In nature, no self-image:

In nature, no self-image 18


Self-Image? 19

In nature, human = animal:

In nature, human = animal 20





Safety and Prosperity:

Safety and Prosperity Growth 23

Do you see?:

Do you see? 24

See the Other:

See the Other 25

LSD = Happiness:

LSD = Happiness

For more information:

For more information devdutt.com devdutt@devdutt.com 27

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