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TiEcon ‘CK Prahalad Memorial Lecture’:

TiEcon ‘CK Prahalad Memorial Lecture’ Shiv, Nokia 30.09.11

Prahalad’s Legacy:

Prahalad’s Legacy Strategic Intent (1989) The Core Competence of the Corporation (1990) Competing for the Future (1996)

Prahalad’s Message to Entrepreneurs:

Prahalad’s Message to Entrepreneurs

Key Principles:

Key Principles Aspiration > Resources Folding the Future In Focus on Next Practice Focus on Constrained Innovation

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Reengineer Organizational Processes Reduce process costs Focus on improved delivery models to provide services to thousands who would otherwise not be able to afford it

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Build Affordable Financing Models Match cash flow of the lo income consumer

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Leverage Rural networks Tap into existing informal networks and make them work to support the product or service

PowerPoint Presentation:

Design Local Solutions Tailor indigenous materials and processes to provide similar functionality Use local talent to iterate design solutions

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Prahalad Failed as an Entrepreneur

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Not Good at “ Blocking & Tackling ”

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Thank you

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