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Motorcycle safety Parody


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Watch out for Motorcycles They’re everywhere !:

Watch out for Motorcycles They’re everywhere ! Ever see this bumper sticker in your town?

Check Twice for Motorcycles!:

Check Twice for Motorcycles! Or even this one?

Hey lookey me… I’m on a shiney motorcycle!!:

Hey lookey me… I’m on a shiney motorcycle!! Those bumper stickers confused me for awhile because judging from the way people drive motorcycles you can help but notice them. But I thought they obviously wanted some kind of special attention like…

Then it hit me!:

Then it hit me! Am I right? Well something along those lines anyway. I mean after all they must think they’re pretty special to paste those bumper stickers all over the place .

Check twice for Motorcycles! They’re everywhere.:

Check twice for Motorcycles! They’re everywhere. They’re not being arrogant about motorcycle ownership at all! Wow did my eyes light up with the real meaning of

Its merely brilliant advice !! WOW!!:

Its merely brilliant advice !! WOW!!

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I took it to heart folks and now I’m always looking for motorcycles all the time. Its great advice indeed.

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Why just last week alone I got two of them without Even trying! That’s 25 points a piece in my state!

The other white meat!:

The other white meat! MOTORCYCLE….

It’s whats for supper!:

It’s whats for supper! MOTORCYCLE..

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Aint I just A lil stinker?

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