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Power problems can occur any time that can lead to any accident to you or your electrical equipment. Thor Technologies offers the best power filters and protector that can save your device from power surges which will increase their life. for more information visit:


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Thor Technologies


Introduction: At Thor Technologies, we have been helping customers protect their valuable electronics for over a decade. By focusing on innovation and high quality products, we have been able to grow tremendously over that time. We are also a local business that is passionate about being an integral part of the community.


Keeping your electrical devices protected with a surge diverter is paramount. Utility companies recommend power protectors with a high level of power filtration capability to prevent damage from occurring and to maximize performance and longevity in all digitally sensitive appliances.


Products: Surge Protection and Power Filtering Power Conditioning Laptops and Portable PCs AV and Computer Server Rack Protection Hardwired


If you do not see the product you are looking for, contact us today. In some cases, we can even build a customised product for your specific needs.


Contact Us: 39 Delawney St, Balcatta WA 6021, Australia 1300 766 140

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