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Benefits of Traveling Alone :

Benefits of Traveling Alone By: Thomas Salzano |Thomas N Salzano |Thomas J. Salzano


Moroccan scholar and traveler Ibn Battuta said, “Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”


This is exactly what Thomas N Salzano , an expert hairstylist and an avid traveler, photographer and blogger felt when he traveled solo for the first time. The mere thought of traveling alone makes some people curios, and for some, this is one challenge they would like to complete. Thomas N Salzano has done it many times, and cites the following benefits of traveling alone:

You Are More Aware of Yourself :

You Are More Aware of Yourself The first fear of any person is to be left alone in the whole wide world. Traveling solo makes you come over this fear. Once you know you are all on your own, you start making decisions that matter. You’ll start listening to your heart more often, and start trusting your gut feeling .


You Get Out of your Comfort Zone A wise man once said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” And rightly so, when you travel to unknown places, all alone, you will face challenges, your patience will be tested. Thomas N Salzano remembers how he had to survive on a bottle of Gatorade and a 150 grams cake because of his blocked card .

You Become a Better Manager:

You Become a Better Manager Being on your own makes you manage your budgets yourself. Spendthrifts are often seen struggling with their money when they start traveling solo. Salzano says he too became a better manager because of traveling alone. The more he traveled, the better he was at managing his salon.

You Make Your Own Path:

You Make Your Own Path You can rent a cab, hire a bike, hitchhike or take a bus. The options are galore; you just need to see where you want to go how you want to go. You get to choose your own route. You don’t need your friend’s or traveling companion’s approval to choose your path, you are on your own. You are your own boss; let your heart lead you.

More To Experience and Introspect:

More To Experience and Introspect You made your own choices, explored things on your own, came out of your comfort zone and accepted the outcomes. Everything around this can be summed up in one word: betterment. Experiences you acquired while traveling alone make you introspect at the end of the day. you think about it, you contemplate your next day accordingly. Your experience drives your decision making. You become better at making decisions and handling the consequences.


You’ll Have All you Need The best company one can have is his own. Solo traveling makes you connect better with yourself. You don’t have to be an extrovert to be a solo traveler. Solo trips make you your best friend. Once you become your own friend, you are never alone .


Boosts Confidence If traveling alone doesn’t boost your confidence, there’s hardly anything else that can. When you know you can take care of yourself, you become more self-reliant and less dependent on others. This is one trait that is a must in everybody.


Thomas N Salzano credits his love for traveling to his passion for hairstyling. Know more about him through his blogs.

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