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The Education Company Sales Rep Overview:

The Education Company Sales Rep Overview 2013 TEC 1

Who Is The Education Company:

Who Is The Education Company The Education Company Is A Professional Development Training Firm Serving The K12 Educational Marketplace 2013 TEC 2

What Services Do We Provide:

What Services Do We Provide The Education Company Provides Professional Development Discipline Training Management Services To School Administrators, Teachers And Support Staff 2013 TEC 3

How Specifically Do We Help Schools :

How Specifically Do We Help Schools Specifically We Helping School Administrators And Teachers do the following: Implement A Systematic Approach To Discipline Management Implement A Duplicable Method Of Handling Discipline Problems That All Staff Can Learn And Quickly Master Implement A Methodology That Greatly Reducing The School’s Daily Discipline Incident Levels. 2013 TEC 4

How Do We Deliver our Professional Development Training to the Schools:

How Do We Deliver our Professional Development Training to the Schools Professional Development Training Is Delivered To Each Individual School At Their Site In One-on-One And Group Setting Environments By Skilled Discipline Trainers Skilled Discipline Trainers Are Either Current Or Former School Administrators Who Have Worked Firsthand With The Same Discipline Problems Our Prospects Are Current Facing 2013 TEC 5

Who Are Our Clients:

Who Are Our Clients Individual Schools And School Districts Contact: School Administrators Assistant Principals Principals Assistant Superintendents School Type: K12 High Schools & Middle Schools Type Of School: Public, Charter, Private Territories: Nationwide 2013 TEC 6

Why Do They Need Our Services:

Why Do They Need Our Services Three Reasons: Public Schools Are Facing Many Difficult Discipline Problems Today that are difficult for staff to handle with out training Discipline Problems Are On The Rise School Discipline Problems Are Severe 2013 TEC 7

Public Schools are Facing Many Difficult Discipline Problems Today :

Public Schools are Facing Many Difficult Discipline Problems Today Gangs, Guns & Vandalism Disrespect, Bullying & Sexting T ardiness, Drop-outs & Drugs 2013 TEC 8

Here Are Five Major Trends Why School Discipline is On The Rise:

Here Are Five Major Trends W hy School D iscipline is On T he R ise The Breakdown Of The Family… L ack o f Family Support The Economy … L oss of Jobs The Government …No Child Left Behind Wall Street… M ortgage/Real Estate Meltdown Violence In The Media… V iolent Music, Video Games Movies Etc. None of This is The School’s Fault 2013 TEC 9

School Discipline Problems are Severe…Here are a Few Statistics:

School Discipline Problems are Severe…Here are a Few Statistics 25% of schools reported illegal drug use 46% of schools reported student threat of physical attack 10% of city schools reported gang related crime 39% of middle schools reported school bullying occurred at least once a week Three Major Factors Limiting Schools Efforts To Reduce Crime Lack of Funds 25% Inadequate Placement Programs Government Policy's on Disciplining Students Crime, Violence, Discipline, and Safety in U.S. Public Schools 2009-2010 IES National Center for Education Statistics 2013 TEC 10

What Is Your Role as a Independent Sales Representative:

What Is Your Role as a Independent Sales Representative Generate Leads- G enerate quality leads to work who are interested in discussing the discipline concerns facing their school Have a Open Conversation -Have a educated conversation regarding school discipline, moving the leads through the sales pipeline to agree to a free phone meeting with a discipline trainer Come to Terms- C lose the school administrator on using our professional development discipline management training services 2013 TEC 11

How Do You Get Compensated:

How Do You Get Compensated As a independent sale representative you are in business for yourself. You are compensated on a commission basis and paid three ways: A commission from all sales of professional development services you generate A commission from all materials ordered from schools you enrolled using our professional development services Commissions from renewal products/services you sell to your existing clients on a ongoing basis 2013 TEC 12

How Are You Trained:

How Are You Trained Product Knowledge Written/Audio product knowledge material Webinars One-on-One phone consultation Q&A Sales Development Written/Audio sales training material Webinars One-on-One phone training and Q&A 2013 TEC 13

Next Steps:

Next Steps If you would like more information the next step is to schedule a one-on-one phone meeting with either Thomas Glanton or Jim Pearson. Where you can get answers to the following questions: Next steps Training Detailed commission structure Paperwork to get started etc. 2013 TEC 14

About The Education Company:

About The Education Company The Education Company is a educational professional development service provider. We work directly with school administrators, teachers and support staff to help them solve the most pressing discipline problems within their schools . " Solving School Discipline Problems One Intervention at A Time“ The Education Company PO Box 362223 Decatur GA 30032 800-294-9009 http://www.solutionsforschools.info 2013 TEC 15

PowerPoint Presentation:

Thomas Glanton President of The Education Company Dr. Thomas Glanton understands that in order for learning to take place, schools must have discipline and order. As a former high school principal in an urban district in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Glanton continues to hone the art of school leadership in operations, instructional leadership, data analysis, and school performance. Through direct experience with the comprehensive discipline management program, Dr. Glanton transformed a Title One School and was named a Georgia PTA Principal of the Year. Now, as the President of The Education Company, formally known as Simmons and Associates, he concentrates his efforts in tough inner-city schools and has amazing results with all students. Bert Simmons Founder/Lead Consultant of The Education Company ThomasGlanton@EducationCompany.com Bert Simmons, founder and president, is motivated by the conviction that we all have an obligation to young people to provide the best education possible.  A humorous, dynamic and motivation speaker, Bert has been featured nationwide on television and radio and at national conventions, state conferences, and school districts of all sizes and types.  His accomplishments have earned him numerous honors, including outstanding principal, teacher of the year and member of NASSP National Board of Directors.  Thirty years ago he founded Simmons Associates—The Education Company to provide professional, proactive management skills and techniques for teachers, administrators and parents resulting in a better teaching environment where the focus is on teaching instead of discipline.  He personally and through his company has helped more than 3000 schools improve the teaching climate in their schools. BertSimmons@EducationCompany.com

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