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Events Leading Up to War:

Events Leading Up to War Napoleon (France) and Great Britain are at war. The U.S. declares it will remain neutral. France and Great Britain continue to seize U.S. ships and soldiers. Impressments- taking sailors from American ships and forcing them to serve in the British Navy.

The Chesapeake-Leopard Affair:

The Chesapeake-Leopard Affair The Chesapeake (American ship) is asked to stop by the Leopard (British ship) so it can search for British soldiers. The Chesapeake refuses and the Leopard opens fire. Three Americans die and others are wounded. Many Americans cry out for war to be declared on Britain. This is like______________________________

Jefferson’s Response:

Jefferson’s Response He says the nation is not ready for war. He & Congress create the Embargo Acts. Embargo-official government ban These acts said that Amer. ships could not leave their ports for foreign ports.

Results of Embargo Acts:

Results of Embargo Acts Absolute disaster for U.S.!!!! Did not hurt France or Great Britain. Harbors were too crowded. 150,000 people lost their jobs. Businesses and government lost money.

Election of 1808:

Election of 1808 Jefferson decides not to run after serving 2 terms. He is following ________________ He chooses Madison to run for the Democratic-Republicans against Charles Pinckney for the Federalist. ___________ wins and cancels the Embargo Act.

Madison as President:

Madison as President He replaces the Embargo Act with the Non-Intercourse Act. America could trade with any nation except France or Great Britain. Madison agreed to stay neutral and said we would re-open trade to a country if they would agree to stop attacking our ships. France agreed. Great Britain did not and continued to attack  U.S. cuts off trade.

What’s Happening on the Frontier?:

What’s Happening on the Frontier? Tecumseh was a powerful Shawnee leader. He led many Indian attacks against settlers. He fought against William Henry Harrison at the Battle of Tippecanoe. The American Indians were receiving their weapons from the British in Canada.

War of 1812!!!:

War of 1812!!! Causes Impressments of American soldiers Violations of U.S. sea rights and trade Blockading of American ports British arming the Indians on the frontier Gain land in Canada

War of 1812:

War of 1812 War hawks-people who wanted war with Great Britain. American Disadvantages Weak military. Only had 20 ships and would not pay for more Privateers-armed ships owned by individuals

Battles :

Battles Washington, D.C. Burned down the Capitol and the White House Dolly Madison is credited for saving a lot of documents and pictures


The White House, as it appeared after British soldiers burned it in 1814. Library of Congress


Battles Fort McHenry POW Francis Scott Key wrote the poem that will become our national anthem.


Battles New Orleans Took place 2 weeks after the peace treaty was signed because_________ Andrew Jackson becomes a hero as a sharpshooter 2,000 British died compared to 20 Americans


Peace Treaty of Ghent Did not settle anything, just stopped the fighting Did not address the rights of American ships or impressments.

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