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Small Gps Tracking Device For Dogs PT590 is the perfect companion for your four-legged buddies. Talk to your pets with its unique active voice monitoring function. The tracker is comfortable to wear and comes with an IP67 Waterproof Rating. Track your pets in real-time, thanks to its advanced 2-mode positioning GPS Technology. Designate safe zones from the unsafe one with the Geo Fence feature. For more details, check out the link below:


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1 User Manual of GPS tracker Please read this manual carefully before installation and online activation. Pictures are for indication and illustration only. 1. Before use 1.1 Check Please check the accessories: GPS tracker 1pc User manual 2pc Screwdriver 1pc Charging cable 1pc Spare screw 3pc 1.2 Charging Connect the device to charger with USB cable and fix with the magnet. It needs 23 hours to charge. The device works well during charging. Charging cable Contactor of tracker Contactor of cable

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2 1.3 Prepare SIM card ·Only Nano SIM card accepted: Note: Make sure the GSM SIM card supplies all of the functions as blow : 1. Enough balance and GPRS data . 2. Support the 2G GPRS function. 3. The caller ID display function. 4. The voice call and SMS message function. 5. Deactivate SOS number’s voice mailbox. 1.4 Install SIM card and power on 1. Insert the Nano SIM card in the slot. Confirm unfilled corner match the slot. 2. Cover the SIM card cover. 3. Screw on the screws of SIM card cover. 4. Long press the button to power on. SIM card slot Unfilled corner Screw hole

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3 1.5 Trigger SOS alarm If you press the SOS button for 3 seconds the device will trigger an alert. The three SOS numbers will be called one after another till one contact answers the call to monitor the ambient sounds of the device. Also a SOS notification would trigger off like an alarm. If no contact picks up the call it starts from the beginning with the first SOS number. This procedure will be repeated up to three times until you long press the SOS button again to cancel the SOS alert. 1.6 Indicator light Device status Indicator light Low battery RED light for 5 seconds Charging Solid RED light Fully charged Solid GREEN light Power on RED light for 5 seconds Press SOS button GREEN light for 1-3 seconds

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4 2. Quick Start 2.1 Login Login mobile app to tracking the device. Details refer to user manual of APP . You may need add the IMEI of the device while first time use. 2.2 Set SOS number The SOS number must be set first. The device will reply “Invalid command” to any SMS if the mobile number is not in the SOS number list. You can set new SOS number to cover old SOS numbers. Command format : sos Num1Num2Num3 2.3 Set APN The device can search and set the APN automatically or be configed manually. Command format : apn MCCMNC APNName AccountName UserName Password

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5 3. Command List Send text message SMS from your mobile to the SIM card inserted on device. All characters and punctuations should be English. Case insensitive. Server setting Format hostIP/Domain nameport Example host198.11.183.285088 Reply SMS Host set ok APN Setting Format apn MCCMNC APNName AccountName UserName Password Example apn46002cmnetCMNET Reply SMS Apn set ok. Set SOS number Format sos Num1Num2Num3 Example sos123455432198765or sos12345 Reply SMS SOS set ok . Query the location

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6 Format where Example where Reply SMS GPS: psqN22.505970E113.915984 Or reply “NO Location data” if it can’t get GPS location in 5 mins. Voice Monitor Format monitor Example monitor Reply SMS The device calls back. Get voice monitor by go through the call. Check the status Format status Example status Reply SMS BT:066 Battery Percentage GPRS:Link Up GPRS status GSM:High GSM signal status GPS:ON

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7 GPS status IMEI:357653050444319 IMEI number SERVER: Tracking server setting VER:TR-2016-C02-V1.0 Hardware version APN:46001uninet APN setting Check Firmware Version Format version Example version Reply SMS TR-2016-N02-V1.0 Restart the device Format restart Example restart Reply SMS Restart without any reply. Power Off the device Format poweroff Example poweroff Reply SMS Power off without any reply.

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8 4 Appendix 4.1 Battery security  The warranty will be invalid by using any other accessory. The manufacturer will not take any responsibility for any damage caused by not using the original battery. Please use the original battery.  The new battery will achieve the optimal performance by fully-charging for 2 to 3 times.  The battery can be used for hundreds of times yet it will wear out eventually. When its talking time and standby time shrinks sharply you need a new one.  Cut off power supply when not using the charger. Don’t charge the battery for more than one week since over charging will reduce its using time.  Do not short-circuit the battery with metal stuff such as the key or pin  Do not bend or open the battery.  Do not put the battery into water or fire.  The battery should never be charged at temperature below 0 degrees or above 45 degrees Celsius.

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