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America's Multiple Employer Plan and 401k Outsourcing experts! The Platinum 401k multiple employer retirement plan program can allow employers to focus on running their businesses instead of their 401k plan, while also lowering both their fiduciary liability and plan operating costs.


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The Platinum 401k Inc. America’s Leader in 401k Plan Outsourcing Multiple Employer Plan Solutions For Your Corporate Retirement Plan

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2 Retirement Plan Outsourcing Allows You To Focus On Your Business. Increasing operational and compliance concerns are causing employers to consider alternatives to traditional “single employer retirement plan” programs. In the past employers needed to assume full responsibility for investment fund selection and monitoring changing regulatory requirements approval of QDRO’s employee hardship requests beneficiary payments Form 5500 filings plan documents annual notice requirements and much more. Quarterly investment and plan committee meetings tie up senior employee schedule time as employers struggle with what seems like an ever-increasing workload of regulatory and compliance hurdles. Additionally in most cases employers shoulder personal financial responsibility for any mistakes that might be inadvertently made in operating their plan. This is unacceptable when there are other options available to the employer. The Platinum 401k Can Handle All Of These Challenges And More Our unique multi-provider program is the leader in the retirement plan industry. With over 25 years of experience in working with multiple employer plan clients and with the flexibility to tailor investment providers – and pricing – to each client our professionals enjoy a unique reputation for retirement plan excellence across the country. What Does All Of This Mean To You And Your Company’s Retirement Plan Investment Provider Flexibility The Platinum 401k allows you the ability to choose from a selection of leading investment providers. Plan Design Flexibility Our program can seamlessly accommodate any existing prototype document plan design. Pricing Flexibility By custom pricing each adopter individually clients can receive pricing concessions as assets grow. Reduce Your Fiduciary Liability And Focus On Running Your Company You can eliminate your role as a Plan Trustee and also reduce or eliminate many of the traditional duties associated with running a retirement plan. Save time save money and enjoy peace of mind. Lower your costs lower your liability and have less headaches. Run your 401k plan just like you run all of your other employee benefit programs – hire a provider who then assumes the responsibility for virtually all of the day-to-day fiduciary oversight

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3 The Platinum 401k Is Changing The Way America Saves For Retirement By…. • Eliminating the employer’s plan trustee level of liability • Eliminating quarterly investment committee and plan trustee meetings • Eliminating Form 5500 filings these are done for you • Dramatically reducing plan audit fees for plans subject to this annual requirement • Significantly reduces the adopting employer’s fiduciary responsibility • Utilizing a CEFEX-Certified ERISA 338 Fiduciary Investment Manager to eliminate investment selection and monitoring risks for the employer • Eliminating all required plan document restatement fees • Having us approve all hardship withdrawals QDRO’s beneficiary payouts and handling all annual Plan Notice requirements • Offering investment alternatives from among the industry’s leading 401k retirement plan providers • Allowing you to handle your 401k plan in much the same manner as you handle all of your other employee benefit programs – you choose a provider who handles almost all of the day to day operations and you review the arrangement annually or more frequently to see if it still meets your needs as an organization. Who Is A Good Prospect For The Platinum 401k We oversee retirement plan assets for employers who have as few as 25 employees to those companies with well over 10000 workers. Our minimum initial plan size is 1000000 of existing plan assets. Our average plan size is between 3000000 and 8000000 and our largest individual Platinum 401k adopting employer is rapidly approaching 20000000 in plan assets. Our target market is corporate retirement plans for companies with 50 – 1000 employees who have current plan assets of 3000000 to 15000000. Our national enrollment support allows us to easily accommodate companies with multi-state locations. By the way clients who are currently utilizing one of our provider partners may be able to eliminate all “blackout notice” requirements in a plan conversion. Ask us for further information about this terrific benefit

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4 Meet One of America’s Most Experienced Multiple Employer Plan Teams With over 70 years of combined industry experience the senior leadership team of The Platinum 401k program ranks among the most elite members of the retirement plan community today. Third Party Plan Administration Services Provided By American Pension Services LLC American Pension Services LLC is one of the country’s most experienced multiple employer plan administration firms. Our team has been involved with multiple employer plan clients for over 25 years and they currently provide multiple employer plan administration services for some of the retirement plan industry’s largest professional employer organizations. The company based in Clearwater Florida was established in 2000. Terrance Power AIFA ® QPA ® ERPA CFP ® CRPS ® is the founder and President of the organization. A 35-year retirement plan industry veteran Terry has been a frequent speaker at events sponsored by the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries fi360 The Center for Due Diligence the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations Wolters Kluwer Plan Sponsor Magazine and many other prominent industry organizations. He also provided expert testimony before the U.S. Department of Labor ERISA Advisory Council in 2014 on the subject of Outsourcing Employee Benefit Plan Services. Terry is also the founder and owner of The Platinum 401k Inc. As the program’s third party administrator American Pension Services LLC is responsible for retirement plan administration and compliance oversight of the program. Plan 338 Investment Manager Services Provided By Fidelis Fiduciary Management LLC W. Michael Montgomery AIF ® CLU CFS TGPC CkP ® serves as the plan’s ERISA 321 and 338 Investment Manager as the Chief Executive Officer of Fidelis Fiduciary Management LLC. Mike has been in the retirement plan industry since 1977. In 2009 his firm secured the coveted CEFEX Certification for fiduciary excellence. They are one of less than 100 firms nationally to hold this distinguished certification. He was named by the as one of the “100 Most Influential People” in the Defined Contribution Industry in 2010. He was twice named as the 1 Defined Contribution Advisor in the United States in one of four market segments 2010 and 2012. He was also named to the 2015 Financial Times “Top 401k Retirement Plan Advisors” list. The Investment Manager selects and monitors the investment fund lineup for the program and is also responsible for the fiduciary due diligence oversight of the entire program.

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5 What Makes Us So Unique There Are A Lot Of Reasons. The decision to outsource your retirement plan to experienced industry professionals should be pretty straightforward. Either you want to retain total flexibility and responsibility and liability for plan oversight or you’ve decided you would rather hand off almost all of the fiduciary duties and liability to a third party. Once that decision has been made the next decision – who best to take over these duties – is equally important. We think this is where we have a huge advantage over the rest of the industry. We are unique in our ability to have brought the first multi-provider solution to the 401k Outsourcing marketplace. Our annual recurring plan revenue – which is fully disclosed in the personalized proposal we generate for your plan – is identical regardless of which provider is selected. We also rebate back all recurring “revenue sharing” as a credit against our annual asset based compensation fees. This strategy lowers your costs and increases your plan returns. Where it’s contractually possible we will simply “carve out” all revenue sharing fees completely. Your custom plan proposal will provide complete details and additional information that you should read carefully. We were also the first program of our type in the country to utilize a CEFEX- Certified 338 Investment Manager on a multiple employer plan of this type. The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence CEFEX is an independent global assessment and certification organization. They work closely with investment fiduciaries and industry experts to provide comprehensive assessment programs to improve risk management for institutional and retail investors. CEFEX certification helps determine the trustworthiness of investment fiduciaries. This is an important point of differentiation that you and your employees need to fully appreciate. The annual CEFEX audit of fiduciary practices of the Investment Manager provides a high level of confidence and protection for the plan and the participants. Finally we are industry leaders in terms of both experience and expertise in these types of programs. When the U.S. Department of Labor’s ERISA Advisory Council sought input on Outsourcing Employee Benefit Plan Services in 2014 The Platinum 401k CEO Terrance Power was asked to provide expert testimony before the group in Washington D.C. The findings of the Council have already led to several bipartisan legislative proposals in Congress that are expected to greatly expand the availability and benefits of these types of programs across the country. We look forward to continuing to work with our supporters and friends in Washington to help broaden retirement plan coverage for working Americans.

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6 Our Clients Can Tell Our Story Better Than We Can “The Platinum 401k is a first class organization consisting of a great team of subject experts willing to go the extra mile. We are extremely satisfied with their service.” Smokey Bones Restaurants “We have been with The Platinum 401k since 2011 and it has been a great experience” Dytran Instruments Inc. “When it comes to administering retirement plans these days you want The Platinum 401k on your side to help you be fully compliant with all the new 401k plan regulations.” Lanier Upshaw Inc. “The Platinum 401k gives us the ability to focus on running our business rather than our retirement plan.” Freestyle Pools Spas Inc. The Next Steps We’re Going To Need Some Information About Your Current Plan. We will need to gather information about your current retirement plan to help insure that the plan has been operated in accordance with IRS and ERISA regulations. This review takes just a few days once we have received your information. Once the plan has been approved for transfer into The Platinum 401k program we will jointly establish a plan design review and pre-enrollment meeting scheduling with your internal human resources or employee benefits team members. To join The Platinum 401k program as an adopting employer contact your investment advisor or call us at 800.585.7540. You can also email us at

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7 The information included in this summary is provided by The Platinum 401k Inc. They are closely affiliated with American Pension Services LLC. For more information on The Platinum 401k Inc. and American Pension Services LLC please visit their websites at and Investment advice offered through Fidelis Fiduciary Management LLC A Registered Investment Advisor. This information was developed as a general guide to educate plan sponsors but is not intended as authoritative guidance or tax or legal advice. Each plan has unique requirements and you should consult your attorney or tax advisor for guidance on your specific situation. Fidelis also serve as the principal ERISA fiduciary to the plan. They are not affiliated with any other service provider in this program. For more information on Fidelis Fiduciary Management LLC please visit their website at Plan Fiduciary Services Inc. serves as the MEP plan sponsor. They are not affiliated with any of the plan service providers. Complete information on all fees and services will be provided in a formal proposal for your group. Please read it carefully before making any decisions. You may wish to engage your own legal counsel in this process. We do not provide legal or tax advice and we are not responsible for any potential compliance issues pertaining to any current plan that you may be sponsoring or otherwise participating in. Each company associated with the program is solely responsible for their own contractual obligations and financial condition. “The Platinum 401k” and “The Platinum logo” are service marks of The Platinum 401k Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2015 The Platinum 401k Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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The Platinum 401k Inc. 2451 N. McMullen Booth Road Suite 200 Clearwater FL 33759 800.585.7540

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