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Systematic Theology 1:

Systematic Theology 1 Introduction to Theology

Historical Views of Theology and Theological Method:

Historical Views of Theology and Theological Method The Point of Part 1 of the Lecture Survey select theologians and theological schools Survey the development of Christian thinking on how to do theology Introduce some of the major issues involved in theological method

The Alexandrians:

The Alexandrians Positive relationship between the faith and culture Critical adoption and adaptation of pagan philosophy Theology is always situated in a context Culture is not necessarily an enemy, but can be used Justin Martyr c.100-164 Clement of Alexandria c.150-219 Origen of Alexandria c.186-232

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The Westerners Cautious attitude toward the value of culture Scripture is the PRIMARY source for theology Faith and Reason are not competing entities Theology is a spiritual discipline Irenaeus c.130-202 Tertullian c.160-220 Augustine of Hippo 354-430

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Medieval Theology John of Damascus c.674-749 Peter Abelard 1079-1142 Peter Lombard c.1100-1160 Thomas Aquinas c.1225-1274 ? Alain of Lille c.1116-1202 Bonaventure 1221-1274

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First True Systematic Theology Recognized a third source for theology: tradition Introduction of the opposition of faith and reason Theology becomes an academic discipline Medieval Theology John of Damascus Prolegomena Theology (Proper) Anthropology & Soteriology Ecclesiology & Eschatology Havard Systematic 1 Prolegomena, Theology (Proper) Anthropology, Christology Systematic 2 Soteriology, Pneumatology Ecclesiology, Eschatology

Reformation Theology:

Reformation Theology Martin Luther 1483-1546 John Calvin 1509-1564 Emphasis on theology as a spiritual discipline Helps you to grow in the love of God Helps you to grow in sanctification Question raised about role of philosophy and tradition as sources for theology

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Modern Protestant Theology (Enlightenment – Mid-20 th Century) Friedrich Schleiermacher 1768-1834 Charles Hodge 1797-1878 B.B. Warfield 1851-1921 Karl Barth 1886-1968 Paul Tillich 1886-1965

Modern Protestant Theology:

Modern Protestant Theology Rise of Liberal Protestant theology Experience and Emotion become the controlling sources for liberal theology De-emphasis on tradition Science replaces philosophy as the dominant cultural source for theology Danger of other sources eclipsing or replacing Scripture.

Questions and Issues Raised:

Questions and Issues Raised How should we define theology? What is the goal of theology? What are the sources for theology? How do non-Biblical sources relate to Scripture in the doing of theology, if at all? What are the necessary conditions for doing theology? What is the relationship between faith and reason?

A Final Thought:

A Final Thought Ancient Alexandrians Justin Martyr Clement of Alexandria Origin of Alexandria Ancient Westerners Irenaeus Tertullian Augustine of Hippo Reformation Theologians Martin Luther John Calvin Modern Protestant Theologians Friedrich Schleiermacher Charles Hodge B.B. Warfield Karl Barth Paul Tillich Medieval Theologians John of Damascus Peter Abelard Peter Lombard Alain of Lille Thomas Aquinas Bonaventure We’ve met 19 of Christianity’s most famous theologians. 15 of them had something significant in common…

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They were pastors (or had pastoral responsibilities)

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