Multiple Address for Woocommerce

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Multiple Addresses for WooCommerce plugin helps the shoppers to save multiple customer addresses to My Account page, and choose from one of them while placing the next order. The plugin comes with Google’s Autocomplete feature for auto-filling the address fields. See plugin here:


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Multiple Address for Woocommerce

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Necessity of Enhancing the Checkout Experience In today’s world where online shopping is the rule rather than the exception the necessity of storing multiple addresses in a profile/account is becoming more and more the norm. The WooCommerce Multiple Addresses Pro plugin helps you achieve this by allowing your shoppers to save multiple customer addresses to their My Account page. Made to be highly integrated with WordPress WooCommerce and other development best practices the WooCommerce Multiple Addresses Pro for multiple billing and shipping addresses is one of ThemeHigh’s highly robust and flexible plugins.

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Why our Multiple Address for Woocommerce Plugin

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1. Let Shoppers Choose from Saved Addresses Save every new address at checkout and allow to choose from one of them while placing the order next time.

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2. Manage All Addresses from My Account Page Shopper can add edit or remove addresses and set billing and shipping address separately.

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3. Save Time with Google Autocomplete Feature Bring the addresses to the checkout form directly from Google Places.

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4. Custom Address Formats through Overriding Add or rearrange woocommerce address formats with address overriding optionc

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5. Display Your Multiple Address Layouts in Style Style the address form at the checkout and display the addresses as pop-up or drop-down.

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6. Highly Compatible with WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Built to perfectly integrate with our pride plugin “The WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor” which will supercharge the checkout experience.

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