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Microsoft Law Enforcement Partnership Programs Jason Cooper Program Manager Microsoft Internet Safety Team Microsoft Confidential.

Internet Safety Vision: 

Internet Safety Vision Building a more safe, secure and reliable online experience through: Partnerships with law enforcement and government Strong enforcement Broad education and awareness campaigns Partnering with governments, law enforcement and industry to protect: Consumers Children Legitimate online businesses Government services Critical infrastructure General public interest

Why is Microsoft getting involved ?: 

Why is Microsoft getting involved ? It’s the right thing to do corporate responsibility Private-public partnerships are essential to combat cyber crime Access to resources: technology, people Strongly motivated to be a good corporate citizen Not about Microsoft’s profits Access to technical expertise and information Can generate investigative leads Provide training to LE Assistance with technical problems related to our products and services Develop tools and products Our goal is to support LE with Tools, Training, and Technical Support

Protecting Children Online – Law Enforcement Outreach, Education, and Training: 

Protecting Children Online – Law Enforcement Outreach, Education, and Training Partnership with International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) and Interpol to co-sponsor training on Computer Facilitated Crimes Against Children Result: stronger enforcement and laws in some countries Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography Senator Shelby’s mandated industry initiative led by ICMEC Coalition of ISPs and Financial Services companies Two individuals sentenced to 25 years in August 2006 ICMEC Technology Coalition Sharing of hash files and other technology commitments to filter and refer child porn off major networks Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, United Online, and Earthlink 2004-2005 MSFT donated $1.5 M to ICMEC for joint LE training with Interpol So far more than 1600 officers trained from 97 countries Lyon, France – launched at Interpol, December 03 Costa Rica, Brazil, South Africa, Croatia, Hong Kong, Romania, Spain, Jordan, Argentina, Russia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Bulgaria, Norway, and China Planning for Australia, Panama, Morocco, Lithuania, India, and more in 2006-2007

LE Training & Support: 

LE Training andamp; Support Global Trainings LE Tech 2006: October 16-18 in Redmond. Features MS Developers discussing topics such as: Windows Vista security (including full volume encryption, services hardening and parental controls) Microsoft Office 2007 (including new file formats and metadata) Internet Explorer 7 Security, (including the Phishing Filter) Xbox Live and Xbox 360 forensics New Microsoft Service offerings such as Windows Live, Windows Live email, Xbox Live and Microsoft’s new Law Enforcement Portal Other events being planned and will be announced via LE Portal and e-mail

Regional Training & Support : 

Regional Training andamp; Support We are always looking for LE Training andamp; Support opportunities Microsoft LE Tech – October 2006 Digital Phish Net – September 2006 Counsel of Europe, DOJ, International Prosecutors Association – Spring 2007 State LE Trainings Colorado - October 2006 Utah – October 2006 Georgia – September 2006 International Mexico City – November 2006 Sao Paolo – February 2007 Miami – Spring 2007 Italy – April 2007 Europol – Winter 2007 Australia – October 2006 India – October 2006 Thailand – March 2007 Singapore – Spring 2007 Many more local and regional trainings in the works

Law Enforcement Portal: 

Law Enforcement Portal Centralized location for Microsoft’s law enforcement specific resources and information Targeted technical, investigative support resources Information on specific cyber-crime threats and Microsoft enforcement programs Child online safety Phishing Malicious code andamp; Botnets Spam Spyware Piracy and Counterfeiting Detailed information for service of legal process Hotmail and MSN Latest developments and bulletins Security alerts, bulletins, etc. White papers and product information Case studies of recent cases Press articles Calendar of upcoming trainings and conferences

LE Portal - Technical Support: 

LE Portal - Technical Support Central feature of the portal will be the support resources Frequently asked questions and self-help resources Web form or e-mail request for targeted support from Microsoft specialists Goal is to allow LE to leverage the Microsoft knowledge base Resources from Microsoft investigative teams, product groups, MS Tech Net, and Public Sector consulting division Many new whitepapers, How-to materials, and other resources in the works Training Modules and Investigative Resources Currently 6 self play modules Phishing, Botnets, Windows Forensics Intro, Internet Investigation Basics, Microsoft Online Services, Counterfeit Detection Developing more self play modules right now Windows Vista Xbox Forensics Indexed presentations from LE Tech and other training sessions

LE Portal - Demo: 

LE Portal - Demo https://www.microsoftlawportal.com leportal@microsoft.com


Questions? Comments? Microsoft Confidential.

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