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Finnish CAF Experience and Preview of the 4th Quality Conference in Tampere: 

Finnish CAF Experience and Preview of the 4th Quality Conference in Tampere CAF Correspondent, Counsellor, Johanna Nurmi Ministry of Finance Finland Vienna 15 March 2006

How many CAF users in Finland?: 

How many CAF users in Finland? We do not know! BECAUSE No systematic follow up on how many organisations use CAF BUT Around 3000 copies of the printed version of CAF 2002 have been sent out since the publishing they are only sent by request of an organisation itself

Who is using CAF in Finland?: 

Who is using CAF in Finland? Everyone who likes to use it not mandatory recommended along with other quality management tools We have examples from almost all sectors and levels of administration it seems the areas of justice and foreign affairs are the only ones still missing examples of CAF implementation

How the CAF is used in Finland? : 

How the CAF is used in Finland? In many different ways For self-assessment to locate main areas of improvement To benchmark results with a pair organisation To facilitate external assessment or auditing To apply for the Best Practice selection for European Quality Conferences every second year

Where is CAF going in Finland?: 

Where is CAF going in Finland? The interest has highly increased during the past 1,5 years – for example: The Ministry of the Interior has decided that all the State Provincial Offices (6) need to do a self-assessment on CAF by the end of year 2006. All the Employment and Economic Development Centres (15) in Finland will from now on use CAF for their annual self-assessments (after a years experience of using EFQM). A Pilot project of City of Turku and its surrounding communities resulted in decision to try to apply CAF to all of their units and departments.

How the implementation of CAF is supported? (1/2) : 

How the implementation of CAF is supported? (1/2) By the Ministry of Finance Finnish translation of the model Handing out printed copies for free Marketing the material on its website Financing some pilot projects Training more people every second year in relation to the Best Practice selection process Helping people to network around CAF by acting as a national contact point for people interested in applying the model Working closely with the Finnish Association for Local and Regional Authorities

How the implementation is of CAF is supported? (2/2) : 

Connecting CAF to the current themes of public management in Finland Productivity More efficient use of e-Government Future challenges of HRM etc. How the implementation is of CAF is supported? (2/2) Example: CAF e-Government checklist

What is the eGov checklist?: 

What is the eGov checklist? A list of 27 questions Questions are divided according to the nine CAF criteria The purpose is to describe how the e-government issues could be assessed as part of the whole quality assessment of an organisation Checklist is not a 'e-government CAF'.

Why the checklist was created?: 

E-government dimensions are superficially dealt with in self-assessment The e-government strategies are often drafted separately from the general strategies To give extra attention to the matters of e-government Computer systems are in the heart of the most improvement initiatives IT can be enabler or destroyer of quality Why the checklist was created?

The results: 

The results Feedback highlights some important issues concretises the content of 9 CAF criteria illustrates the links in between different criteria No systematic follow-up Implemented fractionally Used for drafting the updated version of CAF 2006 Has initiated discussion about the e-government in quality assessment

An Example of CAF implementation: 

An Example of CAF implementation Pirkanmaa Hospital District case to be published in the Austrian CAF publication 'CAF Works'. The District includes Tampere University Hospital, three district hospitals and two local hospitals. The number of personnel of the Hospital District is around 6600. The total number of beds in the hospital district is 1 553 and these produce 78 800 care periods per year. The annual number of outpatient attendances is 374 000.

CAF case:Pirkanmaa Hospital District, main results: 

CAF case: Pirkanmaa Hospital District, main results The customer satisfaction (CAF criterion 6) is measured on scale 4-10. The result is considered to be good if 75% of respondents give a score 9 or 10. Trend has been positive since year 2000 with 5 out of 6 units meeting or exceeding the target of 75% every year. The key performance results (CAF criterion 9) are higher than in compared organisations. Tampere University Hospital is 11 % more productive than the average university hospitals in Finland. The productivity measured in episodes is higher than in other compared hospitals. The health care costs per capita are lower than the average in Finland. The goals set in service agreements with the member communities of the district have been met. The financial development trend is positive.

CAF case:Pirkanmaa Hospital District, the use of CAF: 

CAF case: Pirkanmaa Hospital District, the use of CAF Every operational unit of the hospital district makes the self-evaluation annually so that the results can be used in a planning process for the next year. self-assessment on EFQM since year 2000, CAF introduced in 2003 In every profit area there is a trained member of the personnel who leads the evaluation process. The main aim is to identify the key strengths relative to the units operations and the most important areas for improvement. The main areas of improvements of different units are brought for discussion on the level of profit area. There they are prioritized according to the strategic plans of the whole organisation.

More Questions about CAF in Finland?: 

More Questions about CAF in Finland? Please contact us at the Ministry of Finance by e-mail to

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