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Preparing the meals :

Preparing the meals A common presentation created as a result of project work done by all partners This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This material reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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Jaslo Poland Publiczna Szkoła Podstawowa nr 2 im . Marii Konopnickiej w Jaśle

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Let’s cook – how Polish students prepared dishes from the partner countries .

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Panagurishte poached eggs - a dish from Bulgaria .

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We crush the garlic , mix it with yoghurt and salt.

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Boil water , add salt and vinegar .

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Cook eggs in the water for three minutes and mix them in serving plate with yoghurt .

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We heat the butter and add paprika and chili powder .

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Add it to the eggs together with freshly chopped dill .

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The dish is finally ready . Yummy !!!

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Eggs with tomatoes- a dish from Portugal.

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We chop the onion and fry it with garlic .

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In the meantime , we peel the tomatoes and slice them .

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Add them to the fried onion and fry until they are s mashed.

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Finally , we add the eggs …

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… and stir until they get solid.

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The dish is ready ;)

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Aubergine salad with mayonnaise - a dish from Romania.

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We grill aubergine …

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… peel and chop it .

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Mix with mayonnaise , add s a lt and onion.

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We decorate it with tomatoes and start drooling from looking at it ;)

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Melomakarona – honey cookies . A dish from Greece.

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We mix the margarine , oil and sugar .

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Add orange juice , baking soda, baking powder, vanilla and flour .

Slide 26:

Mix it all together .

Slide 27:

We form cookies …

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… and cook them in the oven .

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They are finally ready . What about the syrup ? Forget it . Quickly , before the teacher comes back.

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Manti a dish from Turkey.

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We mix together minced meat , chopped onion , parsley , red and black pepper .

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Now we prepare the sauce adding red pepper , tomato paste and water into melted butter . We fry it for 2 minutes .

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Then we prepare the dough , roll and slice it into small pieces .

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Put the minced meat on each piece and seal it inside .

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Then , we boil it for 10 minutes , add the sauce and the dish is ready .

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Stara Zagora Bulgaria SOU Zheleznik

Romania – The Bean Stew:

Romania – The Bean Stew First we cut the vegetables .

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We cooked the been stew with a sausage .

The Vegetable salad - Poland:

The Vegetable salad - Poland Meanwhile we cut the vegetables for the Poland salad.

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Next we boiled vegetables and eggs.

The finish:

The finish After a while everything was ready and we enjoyed the food 

The Içli Köfte -Turkey:

The I çli K öfte -Turkey The ingredients of the cover must be mixed.

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Let’s prepare the inner part.

Slide 45:

There is a lot of work to be done.

Melomakarona - Greece:

Melomakarona - Greece

WoW! It was hard, but the cakes are delicious.:

WoW! It was hard, but the cakes are delicious.

Eggs with tomatoes - Portugal:

Eggs with tomatoes - Portugal


Finally… But after all we must wash the dishes...

This presentation was made by::

This presentation was made by: Victor and Tsvetelin – 5 th grade With the help of the other students from 5 th grades who cooked and enjoyed the food ;-)

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Scoala cu clasele I-VIII Petresti Petresti Romania

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When in need, we learn to do things that , until then, we didn’t know we could do…

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Slide 60:

You need so many things to cook !!!!!!!!

Slide 61:

I didn't even get dirty under the nails !!!!

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Slide 63:

I’m doing such an excellent job !!!!!!

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Slide 65:

A man’s touch can do wonders !

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Slide 67:

I wonder what will come of this… I’m more attracted by what’s on their table...

Slide 68:

I’m doing a better job than at Math!!!!

Slide 69:

To taste or not to taste….That is the question…

Slide 70:

I’ve already shown you how to do it. You’re on your own!!!

Slide 71:

What did I forget to add????

Slide 73:

We were still the best !!!!!!!!!

Slide 74:

If only mom could se me now!!!

Slide 75:

Is it ready yet? I’m starving!!!!

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Diet?!? What diet???

Slide 81:

You caught me!!!

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1 st primary school of Platykampos Platykampos Greece

Our kitchen is ready!!!:

Our kitchen is ready!!!

We are ready to cook!!! Let’s do it! :

We are ready to cook!!! Let’s do it!

TURKEY-ZEYTİNYAĞLI YAPRAK SARMA, a delicious food that we also cook in Greece…:

TURKEY-ZEYTİNYAĞLI YAPRAK SARMA , a delicious food that we also cook in Greece…

Sarma is ready!:

S arma is ready!



POLAND- Rosół :


ROMANIA -Aubergine salad with mayonnaise :

ROMANIA -Aubergine salad with mayonnaise

The salad is ready!!:

The salad is ready!!

PORTUGAL- EGGS WITH TOMATOES We also cook it in Greece… :

PORTUGAL- EGGS WITH TOMATOES We also cook it in Greece …

We enjoy our cooking! Do you? Bon appetite!!! :

We enjoy our cooking! Do you? Bon appetite!!!

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Arpaseki İlköğretim Okulu Arpaseki Turkey

Hi, let’s cook the dishes from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Portugal and Poland !!!:

Hi , let’s cook the dishes from Bulgaria , Greece , Romania , Portugal and Poland !!!

Here are our cooks!:

Here are our cooks!

First, we cooked the Rice Pudding from Portugal !!! :

First, we cooked the Rice Pudding from Portuga l !!!  We put 5 glass of water in a pot and add some lemon peel in it, we let it boil for some time.

Then we add some butter in it and one cup of rice. We let it cook for 20 minutes. Then we added hot milk and some sugar in it.:

Then we add some butter in it and one cup of rice. We let it cook for 20 minutes. Then we added hot milk and some sugar in it.

Slide 103:

After 20 minutes, we put the pudding into small plates and add some cinnamon in it. ıt is ready. Good Appetite!



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We wash the aubergines and cut them into small slices. We immersed them in salted water for some time then we fry them in vegetable oil. We sauteed the meat with sliced onions and added tomato paste, salt, spices, parsley and the cheese. At the end we prepaed the bachemel sauce.

Slide 106:

We put the fried aubergines in to a flat bowl, spread the meat on it and spread the bechamel sauce on the top. Then we sprinkle the grated cheese.



And the Shopska Salad:

And the Shopska Salad

Slide 109:

We grilled two big green peppers, and then removed the skins and cut them into pieces. In the meantime, we cut the onions, parsley, tomatoes and cucumbers. We mixed them together with the olive oil. Lastly we added some cheese in the mixture.

Ready !!:

Ready !!

Let’s cook Bean Stew with Sausages:

Let’s cook Bean Stew with Sausages First of all, we get our one of the largest pressesure cookers. We begin our cooking by putting some water and beans in to the cooker. We boiled them and added chopped onions and the vegetable oil. We let it cook for some time and lastly we added tomato paste and a pepper. After cooking again, it is ready!

Time for the Rosot- Chicken Broth:

Time for the Rosot- Chicken Broth First, we wash and cut the meat into small portions. We put the meat into a pot full of water and let it boil for some time. While it is boiling, we added some leek and celery and parsley into it. at the end we added some pasta in it and cook it for more time.

It is ready!:

It is ready!

Let’s eat all of them !:

Let’s eat all of them !

Slide 117:

Escola Básica Integrada de Martinlongo Martinlongo Portugal

Slide 122:

Poland Vegetable salad

Slide 123:

Bulgaria Panagurishte poached eggs

Slide 124:

Greece Fasolada-bean soup

Slide 125:

Romania Mamaliga with cheese and sour cream

Slide 126:

Manti Turkey

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