The 10 Best Service Providers in India 2019

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Recognizing this eminent growth, The Knowledge Review presents, “The 10 Best Service Providers in India, 2019”, which are contributing to the service sector and are taking the country’s economy to great heights.


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VOL 7 JULY - 2019 ISSUE-8 INDIA Service Providers in india 2019 BEST t H E A Renowned Packaging Hub ADITYA TIMPACK Pursottam Patel Founder and CEO

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k n s b b u u p k p q z x c v k a j e s d y b k b b u d k p e q a z x c v b j i b x b u d k p e q a z x c i b d k e z v b j i b x b u d k p e q a z x c v b j i b x u d k p e q z x v b j i b x p j k b b u d k p e q a z x c v b j i b x From the EDITOR On Top of Cloud he Indian public cloud services market is expected to accelerate by 38 percent T from a total of 1.81 billion in 2017 to 4.1 billion in 2020. This growth will be powered by IaaS which is predicted to expand at 49.2 percent in 2017 followed by 33 percent in SaaS and 32.1 percent in PaaS. The increased usage of SaaS and PaaS are indicators that the migration of application and workloads from on-site data centers to the cloud as well as the development of cloud-ready and cloud-native applications are fueling growth in cloud space. Indian companies are beginning to comprehend the complexities of the information and are prepared to embrace the cloud. The Thought Arbitrage Research Institute TARI demonstrates that small and medium-sized businesses can enhance cash flows by up to 308 percent due to the flexibility offered by cloud alternatives and 96 percent of SMBs will have a beneficial effect on their operating expenses within two years of cloud use. The transition from ‘cloud-first’ to a ‘cloud-only’ model is pushing India’s organizations to boost their expenditure on public cloud facilities to promote their digital company projects. To use and harness the advantages of cloud computing the Indian government has embarked on an ambitious project “GI Cloud” called “MeghRaj”. The aim of this initiative is to accelerate the country’s delivery of e-services while optimizing government ICT expenditure. This will guarantee optimum use of the infrastructure and speed up the creation and implementation of eGov apps. According to IDC the implementation of government cloud technology will create one million fresh employment in India by 2022. IT giants such as TCS Infosys and Cognizant are already building cloud solutions and products. To summarize exponential growth is right around the corner in the public sector and India is ready to reap the results. T R Anmol Preet Singh

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C O V E R S T O R Y Aditya Timpack A Renowned Packaging Hub 08 C O N T E N T S 16 18 Auuro Educational Services Pioneering Services that Empower Schools T eachers and Organizations to Reach the Zenith of their Endeavors Burosys Furniture Furnishing Offices Furnishing Lives

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24 26 30 36 Ebix Smartclass Educational Services Redefining Education with Excellence and Innovation Kira Automation Your Friendly Neighbourhood Retail Powerhouse LeakSeal Mastering the Art and Craft of the Profession Lingel Opening Gateways to the Future Centerpiece The Rise of Digital Payments in India 38 Sharda Stationery A One-Stop Shop to Meet your Stationary Needs 20 Inception Saga The Rise of the Indian Service Sector 32 A r t i c l e s

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ndian services sector encompasses a broad range of operations such as businesses hotels and I dining transportation stocking and communications finance healthcare property business services community facilities social and personal facilities and building facilities. It is not only the dominant industry in India’s GDP but has also drawn important foreign investment streams leading to imports and offering large-scale jobs. Growth in the services sector is controlled by both national and international variables. The Indian facility management industry is anticipated to expand at 17 percent CAGR by 2020 surpassing the US 19 billion figure backed by booming real estate retail and hospitality industries. Recognizing this eminent growth The Knowledge Review presents “The 10 Best Service Providers in India 2019” which are contributing to the service sector and are taking the country’s economy to great heights. On the cover we have Aditya Timpack Pvt. Ltd a leading manufacturer of flexible intermediate bulk container FIBC bags. The firm is dominating the packaging industry with the mission and vision to deliver the most cost-effective and best-in-class packaging alternatives. Other than that we have included Burosys Furniture Sharda Stationary LeakSeal Ebix Smartclass Educational Services Auuro Educational Services. Lingel Kira Automations Private Limited Zeroinfy and last but not the least WizIQ. While learning about these esteemed organizations do not forget the industry articles masterly crafted by our in-house editors centered around the Indian service sector. Well its time to flip the pages. Happy Reading Becoming a Force to Reckon with T R

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Aditya Timpack A Renowned Packaging Hub T he packaging industry is an integrated marketing strategy which is used to glamorize a product in order to attract the right consumer’s attention. Many consumers will judge a product by its packaging before buying it so creating compelling and alluring wrapping will intrigue first- time buyers. Due to evolving consumerism and globalization this packaging sector is adjusting by adopting technology to meet the market’s strong demands. The supply in the packaging industry is difficult as it has to preserve the knowledge of the environment and various consumer mindsets. There are also latest trends in the packaging industry which are focused on green and corrugated packaging. Consequently this makes the packaging industry in India a rapidly growing one with thriving momentum in the manufacturing sectors of e-commerce processed COVER STORY

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Pursottam Patel Founder CEO

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food FMCG and FIBC Bag. One such firm which is dominating the said industry with the mission and vision to deliver the most cost-effective and best-in-class packaging alternatives is Aditya Timpack Pvt. Ltd a leading manufacturer of flexible intermediate bulk container FIBC bags. It is an export house acknowledged by ISO 9001–2015 HACCP accredited firm and private sector. It was founded in 2015 and is located in Bilimora Gujarat. The name Aditya Group is a family business that has been involved for many years in the wooden pallets plywood real estate and chemical industries. Aditya Group has extended its company in the FIBC bag manufacturing sector as Aditya Timpack supplying a wide variety of packaging alternatives including laminated bags polypropylene bags PP woven FIBC and more. Its FIBC and PP woven sacks and palates serve multiple sectors including fertilizer cement sand food grains sugar minerals resin polymers rubber and many more. The business seeks to achieve customer satisfaction quality assurance and an adaptable operating atmosphere. It sells FIBC packages to different nations and due to its quality it has reached success heights in no time. An Adroit CEO A diligent and talented personality and a visionary figure Pursottam Patel is the Founder and CEO of Aditya Timpack. He was born in 1976 in the rural area of Kutch. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and after continuing his education he began researching the universe of entrepreneurship as he joined his family business in 1999. His family has always been very supportive and has played a major role in fulfilling his dreams. Embarking on a journey in his career with this first move Aditya Timbers he has participated actively towards the growth of the firm. Under his leadership the business is burgeoning and is attaining fresh objectives effectively. Aditya Timbers is currently on the path of its success and growth. Pursottam Patels aspirations and hardworking nature from his adolescence have led him to join the fresh business sector which is the fresh Jumbo Bags plant. In 2015 he launched a fresh Jumbo Bag Export Unit “Aditya Timpack Private Limited ATPL” in Bilimora. The aspiring and meticulous personality of Pursottam Patel has helped him to achieve his dreams. It has led his way into a fresh company sector by taking tiny measures and having qualities of patience challenging work and dedication. Over the years Pursottam Patel has learned that nothing works better than honesty in providing superior value and gaining consumer confidence.

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Customer-Oriented Services Aditya Timpack operates with a powerful motto of meeting global norms in order to maintain business situations and grow above all rivals. It has an ideal mix of technology and skilled manpower that provides a wide variety of FIBC packages. Some of these pockets are 2- loop conical baffled liner cross-corner stabilized shapes tunnel loop ventilated and U+ 2 boards. The firm can be called out as an outstanding service provider in its industry as it has been counting on the export item with outstanding performance since its inception. It has the utmost knowledge and persistence when it comes to operating its products in order to increase its reach in the global industry. The business has successfully evolved over a previous couple of years. It has accomplished tremendous documents in the transaction unit over the years. It had revenues of that of the graph. With such huge figures it has laid a goal for the year 2019-2020 for about 100 crores rupees. The firm follows the old saying in Hindi “Jo Dikhta Hai WohBikta Hai” and believes that the 1st impression of any product is packaging. The firms have the following core values through which it delivers robust packaging solutions:  Supplying the best quality product at reasonable rates  Providing product of zero defect with full effect  Providing on-time delivery/fast delivery to the clients  Prompt response support team The Sound Infrastructure With state-of-the-art infrastructure at Valoti Gandevi Billimora Gujarat India the firm is located in a developed area with all the facilities like easy access to raw materials labors and transportation system. The manufacturing unit is well-equipped with latest machinery and a laboratory to perform the test on raw

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materials. Sound infrastructural facilities enable the corporation to meet orders promptly without any delays. Some of the distinct highlights of the firms’ infrastructure are: Extrustion Production of 10000 kgs per day of Polypropylene tapes of various weights and strengths. Lifting Belt Webbing Production of 1.5 cms to 10 cms width and 30000 meters of webbing/day. PE Liner Co-Extruder Liner Production of 25000 meters of liners per day. 4-Color Printing A flexographic printing facility where printing takes place up to four colors on all four sides of the bag. The firm also provides BOPP printing on FIBCs as per customer requirement. Circular Looms Circular loom from 6-shuttle to 8-shuttle looms which produces 48 cms tube to 210 cms tube and 15000 Meter per day. Lamination A lamination plan which can produce from 2 meters to 4 meters and thickness based on customer’s requirements. Lamination up to 50000 meters per day. Preparatory / Cutting Diverse types of cutting like heat cutting cold cutting heat seal cutting and ultrasonic cutting. Bag Finishing Production of 7000 bags per day with stitching patterns like Heracle plus safety chain stitch and lock stitch. Clean Room Facility Aditya Timpack produces FIBCs from its state-of-the-art cleanroom facility to fulfill stringent customer requirements. The facility is well integrated from fabric stage to packing with highly maintained hygienic conditions which adheres to global standards such as AIB BRC-IOP ISO 22000 etc.

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Awards Accolades and Recognitions For its excellent contribution to the packaging sector the firm has been bestowed with the following recognitions:  ISO 9001:2015 certificate  H.A.C.C.P certificate  All India Achievers Foundation Award  International Achievers Conference Award  One Star Export House  Gujarat Laboratory Certified  Cotecna Test Certificate of FIBC  Nominated for Vivrant Gujrat 2015 The business plays a crucial role in the sector by procuring a bulk quantity of raw material and generating high rates of employment in rural areas. It is helping the industry with an environment-friendly product easy to handle movement foreign revenue and pollution control. The firm revealed its secret mantra by stating “We help the small clients by accepting their orders in small quantities as small seeds grow to become a huge tree”. Future Aperture Within the evolving packaging industry Aditya Timpack has grown extremely and has placed a benchmark on the worldwide industry. The group is very faithful and dedicated to its clients and can go lengthy ways in maintaining its standards in the international business environment. The company’s future seems bright as it seeks to accomplish its upcoming objectives with exceptional approaches. The firm states “ATPL believes in continual development and exploration of new FIBC product category as exploration of new markets is must to sustain. So we see our future very bright in this sector”. T R

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Off. No. 22 510 Rainbow Plaza Shivar Chowk Pimple Saudagar Pune Maharashtra 411017 Phone - India: +91 7410079881/ 82/ 83/ 84/ 85 Email: For Subscription:

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T he pace of development is mandating that we produce a faster smarter and better grade human being. And to do so we need service providers like Auuro Educational Services which is one of India’s pioneers in the field of educational consulting. The firm was set up with clear-set and well-defined objective-to work with individuals and institutions that aspire to offer a futuristic education in their K-12 initiatives. Auuro Educational Services is one of the first companies in Southern India to foray into niche services such as school- set up consultancy and MA’s of educational institutions. Over the past decade the firm has branched into diverse service areas but has kept its roots in the K-12 educational domain. Currently the firm is associated with over 300 schools across India the Middle-East Zambia and the UK. Auuro Educational Services has grown into one of the most trusted brands amongst educationalists in the K-12 sector largely because the company understands that education is a nation-building journey. The Robust Services Auuro’s services can be summed up in 3C’s- Consulting Curriculum and Coaching. Consulting Services are offered in the areas of school-set up school management and also buying/selling of existing schools. Curriculum ‘Happy Tots’-one of India’s futuristic early years learning program is a brainchild of Dr. Maalathi. Currently over 200 schools in India and Qatar have espoused the Happy Tots curriculum and transformed their kindergarten sections. Auuro Edu also has a publishing wing that develops and designs progressive academic books for pre-primary primary. Coaching Coaching includes training and professional development services offered for teachers and school leaders. Auuro Edu believes transforming professional learning increases the educator’s ability and thereby improves student achievement. The organization designs a learning plan and enables teacher training to happen not only through workshops but in other indirect ways that have an everyday impact. In this regard an Educators Exchange Program was recently launched to enable Indian teachers to get global exposure in the UK and Europe. A Dynamic and Diverse Team Auuro Edu’s service offerings extend from consulting to curriculum and coaching based on the ever-dynamic needs of the clients. Around 80 of the services are customized to meet each clients’ unique needs. With its vast experience the firm can set up both schools which are commercially as well as academically successful. Aurro understands that each client is unique therefore it offers them specialty July | 2019 16|

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services through its dedicated team. In the CEO’s words “no significant growth can happen without significant relationship’ hence the relationship that we have built with our clients over the years is certainly our USP”. Contribution to the sector Auuro Edu is playing a vital role in the school education sector through its unique solutions. The firm has built exceptional schools over the years by integrating world teacher training contemporary pedagogy new age technology and by instilling children- centered learning. This contribution to the growth and development of schools and learning and children in rural India has been tremendous and well appreciated by its clients and other stalwarts in the industry too. For its contribution to the educational sector the firm has been bestowed with: • Leading Educational Service providing Company in India by BERG Singapore at Icons of the learning summit Singapore 2017 • Modern Architect of New Age Schools by Education Today Magazine 2015 • Dr. Maalathi being invited to the British parliament on behalf of UKTNCC to deliver a keynote on perspectives of educational collaboration at the school level between India and UK 2017 Talking about the future and their role in it the CEO states “We need new age schools in India which offer futuristic and holistic education keeping the challenges of the 21st century in mind with an excellent set of teachers and dynamic leaders and this can be done only by us”. T R July | 2019 |17

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O ne of the primary factors to select the right furniture in your office is to create the best accommodation for business partners and clients. In addition it is essential and important to welcome these people in a professional manner and to sit in comfortable attractive and professional-looking furniture. The nature of your business should also reflect the furnishings of the office. It is also important to have a warm and inviting atmosphere but your furniture should also combine design and business purpose. Above all renewable fabrics and eco-friendly goods should also be used for the right furniture in your office. The furnishings should also have pleasant room temperature hanging robes cooling facilities and space for staff to take brakes where they can sit and relax several times throughout the day. For big companies there is also a corporate space with a big table cozy chairs and lights. Recognizing this significance of furniture in the human and corporate life is Burosys Furniture a leading design house and manufacturer of high-quality commercial office furniture with its Head Office in Mumbai. The firm considers itself as a dimension of workspaces aiming to represent the company’s vision and values through material and products. The firm quotes “Our prime motive is to provide the best possible furniture for the desk and seating system we have created amazing products with phenomenally engineered components”. The firm owns its patented fabrications and aims to stay vested in its client’s vision for their new offices. With these creations the firm works with companies and individuals on a personal level. It even caters from a small family owned office to a 20000 seater for huge conglomerates. The firm has successfully exceeded reputed client’s expectations including HSBC Reliance Industries Mahindra Ltd UBER Sun Pharma and many more. The Inception Saga With the third generation involved in the furniture business the inception story of Burosys dates back to 1940s. At that time the proud family business was known as Pitroda Furniture. Burosys was formed where it bloomed and became the backbone of the decades’ legacy from this seed. Pitroda Furniture Pvt Ltd July | 2019 18|

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cushioned Burosys in its early days benefited from the legacy reputation and the promise that it stood for. The firm states “It wasn’t planned like that but there is some magnetic element once it’s in the gene pool”. Today with this legacy the firm is a leading design house and manufacturer of high-quality commercial office furniture. Customer Satisfied Services The firm offers a range of products that evolves endlessly in collaboration with the client’s needs. It strives to incorporate the best in its international product design. It arranges customized office solutions formulated for the local lead times and at local pricing. Burosys’s experienced team works meticulously with many leading architects interior design and building companies. Its client list includes many blue-chip companies in finance insurance marketing media legal and government as well as a large number of smaller businesses. The Knowledge Review team find out that in all stages from briefing design space planning to manufacture and fit-out are carefully handled to meet the client needs and expectations and then the final product is produced. Burosys offers a wide range of products and services like- • Desking- Workstation cabins conference and meetings room café etc. • Seating- Task chairs executives conference meetings café and training • Partitions- Slim line and double • Storage- Table storage Lockers hanging storage access drawers etc. • Accessories- Umbrella stand Magazine holder Podium Shelves and many more • Smart furniture- Coffee table Bluetooth and IOT connected furniture Beds Tables etc. Design that Astonishes People Burosys stays ahead of time by Design Thinking. Whenever the firm designs a new product it envisions all the possibilities problems and combinations permutations that the intended creation could run into during the lifetime of its existence and usage. ‘Every single component in our Furniture is thought through to be able to handle scale’. Being Ready for the Future The firm perceives that in the future there will be easy availability of furniture in various regions through online and offline platforms. Consequently there will also be an influence on the sales of domestic furniture products. While talking about the future the firm says that it is constantly upgrading with the trends of the furniture industry. It is offering bouquets of all things from Furniture to Acoustic Wall solutions to fit into a given space and the firm labels it as Ready Solutions. The firm is also keeping its keen eyes on smart technologies such as Smart Furniture with IoT integration Wellness at the Workplace program and many more. T R July | 2019 |19

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The of the Rise Indian Service Sector he services sector is a big part of the Indian economy both in aspects of jobs opportunies and its T connecon to naonal income. The sector includes a broad variety of operaons from the most advanced in the field of informaon and communicaon technology to easy facilies undertaken by informal sector employees such as vegetable vendors hawkers rickshaw pullers etc. The business industry is ascribed to be of more than half of Rs.45 lakh crore GDP . The service sector also recognized as the terary sector is increasing at 10 percent per year involving more than a third of the workforce. It accounts for a sizeable percentage of foreign direct investment FDI inflows and more than one-third of full producon Services included in the trade tourism communicaon shipping informaon technology IT and informaon technology industries allowed companies ITeS society and private facilies financial services entertainment industry etc. The very essence of these facilies promotes the development of other industries including and agriculture. Trade is a significant part of Indias GDP among ulies. Trade GDP including wholesale and retail in structured and unorganized industries risen by 9.1 third in 2009-10. The retail business also received a rise with development in revenue and increasing consuming populaon. However due to greater development experienced by other industries the proporon of trade in general GDP stayed steady at around 15 over the past four years. Trade and Communicaon July | 2019 20|

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Tourism is one of the control surfaces of economic growth in most areas of the globe including India. According to the UN World Tourism Organizaon travel effecvely offers 6 to 7 of the worlds complete employment and millions more indirectly in this industry. Tourism also performs a significant part in the countrys foreign exchange earnings as its stake in Indias service export accounted for 13 percent of complete service exports in 2009-10. Medical tourism and rural tourism are some fresh sources that boost tourism development. The hotel and restaurant industry are a significant sub- component of the tourism industry. The availability of excellent quality and accessible hotel accommodaon performs a significant part in boosng the countrys tourism development. There are currently 1593 classified hotels in the country with a capacity of 95087 rooms. The hotel industry includes mulple types of housing namely restaurants in the star classificaon restaurants in the legacy group meshare resorts apartment buildings guest houses bed and breakfast establishments. Hotels and resorts recorded an 8.5 percent fold increase in 2004-09. Travel and Tourism he telecom sector has grown from 22.8 million telephone users in 1999 to 54.6 million in 2003 and to 764.77 million by the middle of November 2010. Wireless telephone connecons contributed to this growth as the number of wireless connecons increased from 3.57 million in March 2001 to 729.58 million by the middle of November 2010. In November 2010 teledensity which was 2.32 percent increased to 64.34 percent. However there is a broad difference between rural teledensity 30.18 in November 2010 and metropolitan teledensity 143.95 in November 2010. This demonstrates that the industry sll has the great untapped capacity. Broadband is oen referred to as the high- speed Internet because it has a heavy data transmission rate. Broadband users rose from 0.18 million in 2005 to 10.71 million at the beginning of November 2010. Telecom Sector Inception Saga July | 2019 |21

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India has acquired a brand identy as a knowledge economy at IT and ITeS facilies. The IT-ITeS sector has four main parts: IT departments Business Process Outsourcing BPO Engineering and RD facilies and soware applicaons. Growth in the service sector in India has been resulted by the IT-ITeS industry which has become a development engine for the economy adding significantly to GDP development jobs and imports. This industry strengthened its input to Indias GDP from 4.1 percent in 2004-05 to 6.1 percent in 2009-10 and an approximately 6.4 percent in 2010-11. The sector has also considerably helped to grow terary educaon. It saw solid development of an approximately 19.5 percent in 2010-11 relave to mild development of 6.2 percent in 2009-10. IT and ITeS sales rose by a whopping 22.2 percent fold between 2004-09. Addionally there are also other organizaons with enormous development opportunies such as legal facilies consultancies real estate facilies society and private facilies social facilies research and development inspecon and credit facilies etc. Because of the varied operaons sustaining its development needs cauous and disnguished approaches. IT Sector Although the ulity industry is deemed to be an extensive industry of jobs it is sll looking in India for the shi of the workers from the main industry which harbors more than 55 of the workers to the academic industry. The main cause given for this phenomenon is the countrys absence of qualified labor. The only recourse accessible to recfy this anomaly is to implement ability improvement through coaching in the workplace. If the service sector fails in offering jobs as it offers development in GDP inequalies in the naon can be decreased to a significant level. India has undoubtedly witnessed a solid ulity driven development in the post-liberalizaon period but maintaining such development is similarly essenal and in order to aain sustainable growth India needs to significantly enhance its infrastructure and human capital. Where infrastructure development is vital to the growth of facilies such as travel communicaon tourism etc. the provision of skilled labor is crucial for facilies such as IT and ITeS communicaon BPO accounng facilies legal facilies financial services etc. India has already developed a niche in the term for its facilies and now it must strive to use the service sector as an instrument for achieving objecves such as poverty eradicaon job creaon earning and naonal equality etc. The Hurdles July | 2019 22| T R

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E stablished in the year 2014 Ebix Smartclass Educational Services Private Limited is a smart education company involved in the business of developing education products and providing end-to-end solutions to K-12 Schools. Recognizing the learning styles of new-age learners the firm benefits new modes of learning for the digital natives and develops path-breaking products and solutions. The company understands that education is the most potent force for social change and is endeavoring towards making it more effective with innovative use of new-age education solutions. It provides far and wide services by catering to 70000 classrooms 7000 schools 3 million students and 3.5 smart-class sessions everyday while impacting the schooling outcomes and needs of over three million K-12 students. Plethora of Excellent Services The enterprise intends to implement the best possible educational services to the consumers. Its offerings are classified into four portions including Assessments Virtual Labs STEM Robotics Language Lab and Digital Content. Assessments: The company designs its products to enhance the learning outcomes and grades of students. The digital and paper-based assessments assist students in concentrating on the concepts that they lack. It has brought in n-CAT a futuristic assessment solution in partnership with Edulabs Kyoshi of Japan a leading provider of diagnostic assessments. The adaptive assessment solution support students in analyzing their focus areas by providing them a list of concepts where they did not score well in the n-CAT assessment test. Virtual Labs: The company’s virtual labs offers a real-life experience to the students. Its partner products Yenka and Crocodile provide simulations and activities that serve students in understanding concepts and their application in real-life. Teachers utilize the 3D visualization capabilities of these products to explain abstract concepts to students and bring them to life. Digital Content: The company also offers a digital content stock house of rich-media content throughout Kindergarten th to 12 standards. The content is designed as per the requirements of various central and state boards across the nation. The company provides rich media content developed by its RD team along with aggregated content from other partners including Educomp Bodhaguru and Designmate. STEM Robotics Language Lab: The product segment of STEM Robotics and Language Lab—smartstem Computational Thinking Innovation Lab smartCTILab and English Forever—provide an environment to students where they can learn by experimenting discovering July | 2019 24|

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thinking and collaborating. ‘smartstem’ in partnership with Designmate brings joy and interest in Math and Science classrooms with its engaging videos and simulations. The smartCTILab is a futuristic curriculum designed to bring innovation creativity and problem-solving skills into computer labs and classrooms by engaging and involving the student at every step. Additionally English Forever is designed for improving language skills of students keeping in mind the education requirements of learners from every grade. This product marries sound pedagogy with smart technology to bridge the need gap between learning requirements and resources at hand. The Hall of Fame Ebix Smartclass has gathered numerous landmarks throughout its dedicated journey of imparting brilliant educational facilities to its consumers. It has received many awards and accolades for its commitment towards academic excellence. The company has swept the CII Award for Customer Obsession 2018 award due to its active customer engagement in the services sector under large organization category. It secured the Digital Learning Company of the Year at Edtech Review Awards 2018. Scoonews Awards 2018 recognized the company as the Best E-Learning Solution and the Best Interactive Solution provider. Transforming Education into an Engaging Experience Ebix Smartclass provides advanced facilities like smartclass avatar and smartclassPro which can help educators and institutions in planning their classroom and lab sessions. Additionally it offers the FlipLearn platform which provides access to the educational content even outside the classroom. It assists teachers to prepare lesson plans from any place and at any time. They can use this platform to manage attendance students’ performance and health records. It further provides the scope of conducting flipped classroom sessions by assigning videos to students to view at home followed by an analysis in the classroom. Consequently this renders classroom sessions to be more engaging and interactive. Future Proceedings The company is of the opinion that when it comes to quality education materials for teachers and students digital classroom solutions hold a bright future both in rural and urban areas. Currently it feels that all the other players in the marketplace are providing digital education to around 40000 schools. However Ebix Smartclass believes that there’s an enormous addressable market which is still left to be tapped. T R July | 2019 |25

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I ndia is the world’s fifth-largest global destination in the retail space. The Indian retail industry accounts for over 10 of the country’s GDP and about 8 of jobs. However it is currently unorganized and less connected due to the slow spread and adoption of new technology. This segment has been overlooked for ages and retailers are in critical need of real fighting power that only technology can give to compete with broader outfits. These merchants have been withdrawn for a while owing to the cost of technology adoption. Coming to help these retailers is KIRA Automation a full- service retail management software that is targeted towards smaller and unorganized segments of the retail industry. KIRA Knowledge Information and Retail Automation is India’s first full-fledged retail management software which executes everything from inventory management billing analytics CRM to other operations within the retail environment. It is a cost-effective software which is mobile-friendly and simple to use. The Need for KIRA The current retail industry is around 600 billion dollars and about 92 of the economy is unorganized. This larger majority of unorganised retailers are the people who deliver to us on a daily basis and they need to be empowered with technology to be able to compete with the giants. These local kiranas have existed in the Tier 12345 6 cities since before modern trade. Their reach and nexus are bigger than all the modern and new-age trade like amazon walmart and future bazaars of the works put together. This is where KIRA comes into the picture and forms a sustainable ecosystem which consists of a hyper-local and hyper-connected economy that enables these local kiranas to take their business online and become a part of the ever- growing digital purchase behavior. Helping people to buy and sustain locally. KIRA has one simple agenda to enable retailers to be able to compete with the large stores help them with basic features like billing stocking to handling complex areas like customer relationship management udhaar advance loyalty points dynamic ecommerce website delivery and Your Friendly Neighbourhood Retail Powerhouse July | 2019 26|

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staff tracking AI based recommendations Analytics financial management GST filing and lots more through one single easy to use interface. It facilitates for multiple billing counters self check-out and an application which manages delivery boys and end-to-end retail management solutions at an affordable price for the retailers.KIRA enables small kiranas or small retail outlets to have the ability to run and manage their entire operation through a platform that gives them an overview and understanding of their inventory their billing adds to their CRM possibilities and even allows them to run a loyalty programme. Unlike other competitors who rely on hefty software sales and bundles as their major source of income KIRA’s revenue stream lies in franchising promotions partnerships and minimal subscription fees. Service Clients and Marketplace KIRA is an ecosystem comprising of multiple apps for each user segment retailers and consumers. The machine learning abilities of the applications offer: • Retailers: insights on consumer’s preferences • Consumers: a simplified and personalized shopping experience In order to complete the aforementioned agenda the firm caters to the retail segment across any sort of vertical starting from ‘kiranas’ to retailers to spas salons restaurants garment outlets or anyone who service through barcode or loose product. Basically the firm has designed a hyper-local and hyper-connected economy where anybody who has a general small business and wants to track their inventory manage their clients understand what other customers are buying and how it is moving. Moreover KIRA is driven through a mobile application which is highly functional and affordable for all types of retailers. It runs across diverse enterprises and aids them in managing their stock inventory and the entire shop via a single application from the palm of their hands. Esteemed Hall of Fame The team behind KIRA believes in figuring out what the industry is missing and tries to understand the problem the root cause and deliver a prompt solution. The ideology of KIRA has brought upon the following awards for Faisal Amin and KIRA: • Top 30 Influential CEOs • Top 50 marketing professionals of the country • 10 Most Mind-Blowing Corporate Media Solution Providers • 25 Fastest-Growing Mobile App Development Companies in India • 10 Best Service Providers in India About the Founder KIRA was founded by a serial media tech entrepreneur Faisal Amin. He pursued a Master’s in Business Administration and then added a specialisation to his portfolio from Harvard. Apart from KIRA he is also the Co-founder of Fruitbowl Media CoLabOratory. Asia and ChalRangDe. The idea for KIRA came to Faisal on a night when he needed groceries and couldn’t nd any online delivery services that would deliver it in an instant. He realized then that there should be a connection between consumers and their local retail vendors. This eventually led to the genesis of KIRA. The core idea was to enable small retailers to be a part of the larger digital ecosystem which would lead to customers driving their day-to-day business in the most effective manner. T R July | 2019 |27

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T hrough its unyielding roots in the industry for over 30 years LeakSeal India is a household name when it comes to the best of restoration and waterproofing companies. LeakSeal stands for excellence in all fields of building activities like Waterproofing Restoration and Finishing Structural Glazing. The quality of work has always been a hallmark for LeakSeal. As a result the firm uses its vast experience expertise and endeavors towards customer satisfaction by delivering the best products services and quality with a professional and systematic approach. The Inception Saga The firm was established in the year 1990. However its roots run deeper than thirty years. It is an offshoot of E.H Hussain Co. a construction company with over two decades of experience in Mumbai and across India. Marching with the first step the business started as waterproofing contractors. Then it followed the step of pioneering the restoration and rehabilitation of deteriorating structures. Consequently this prompted the firm to take on interior finishing work including marble and granite flooring and external finishing work like dry cladding. Now in the fourth decade of operations LeakSeal has earned a reputation i.e. a quality first approach that pays as much attention to modern technology as it does to virtues like integrity and belief in customer satisfaction. With this tremendous growth the firm has taken a small step in extended its activities and is also a planning to become a full-fledged construction company in the near future. Robust Services As aforementioned the firm specializes in innovating effective and durable Waterproofing Restoration solutions. Its strength lies in reputation for perfection which is backed by a proven record of accomplishment proven quality expertise innovation workmanship service competence reliability and most importantly a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. This fulfillment is substantiated by its impressive list of clients and completed projects. These clients speak for the firms’ following services: • Waterproofing • Repairs • Rehabilitation • Restoration • Facade Upliftment • Elevation works July | 2019 30|

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• Painting of Low rise High Rise Structures With its extensively broad range of experience and services in the Commercial Industrial Hotel Institutional Sectors the firm is equipped to handle all sorts of Waterproofing works based on different climatic conditions. LeakSeal has further branched into Structural Repairs Rehabilitation Remodeling Waterproofing etc. of the most difficult structures. Customer Market and Projects Fluidity Today LeakSeal is on par with the best restoration and waterproofing companies in India undertaking contracts for the entire restoration and waterproofing of building projects. In keeping with current trends Structural Glazing has also become part of its fast-expanding business. The firm has handled over 2500 projects from residential and commercial to educational and heritage buildings some of which have won international and national accolades. Maker Chamber VINariman Point Breach Candy Hospital Nuclear Power Corporation Tarapur Gujarat Rajasthan Karnataka Chennai Turbine Reactors Plants Nirmal Lifestyle Residency Complex IMSC Navy Complex State Bank of India IDBI Bank Mumbai District Central Bank Heritage Building Unit Trust of India I.I.T Powai Apeejay House are just some of the major renovation projects the company has taken on. In addition it has successfully executed each project with ingenuity and dedication irrespective of whether it is a high-profile structure like Maker Chamber VI or an unfussy commercial building like Apeejay House. Till now LeakSeal has executed various projects exceeding over 2000 buildings which is a real testament towards its drive for perfection. For the firm’s contribution to society it has been bestowed with: • International Concrete Repair Institute Merit Award in Low Rise Category in the year 2017. • CMD’S KAPS Annual Industrial Safety Award in the year 2006 • Silicon India Top 20 Waterproofing companies in India in the year 2019 Future Brace For the forthcoming years the firm will continue to deliver the best of service in waterproofing and repairs. According to the firm it has a prolonged list of impressive clients and landmark project to which it has served. This positive word of mouth has helped it to grow up to more than 50 in the last 2 years. With such kind of growth the firm now has diversified to become a full-fledged construction company. Consequently the firm is much proud of its success and has started undertaking various construction projects in the city of Rajasthan. T R July | 2019 |31

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The Rise of Digital Payments in India I ndia’s digital tale is fresh but thrilling from being a cash-obsessed economy. The country’s transaction sector is moving through a transnational stage driven by liberal legislative measures and enhanced use of the portable web. The next few years will see a whole fresh manner of moving cash in the Indian economy. Current Waters Digital payments began to rise with the growth of e-commerce companies followed by the emergence of digital wallet companies. To attract customers the digital wallets used the credit system to do profitable deals and cashback to get customers on track. Thanks to the ease of use attractive offers and increased smartphone penetration digital wallet companies have found their way to both the consumer’s phone and the pocket. The digital wallets began to encourage customers to use them for offline point of sale POS transactions as well as in shopping malls supermarkets grocery stores restaurants and gas/petrol stations to expand their reach. In the coming years these POS transactions are expected to become a major contributor to the digital payment platform. Clearly digital wallets are playing a distinctive part in promoting the development of the electronic banking industry. The other significant part of the electronic deposit tale is internet ticketing tourism and entertainment businesses such as IRCTC Railways MakeMyTrip Yatra Ibibo Cleartrip Airlines and Hotels Trivago restaurants RedBus busses and Bookmyshow film and conventions ticketing. Zooming with the Scope The digital transaction sector is getting popularity and is expected to develop at an exponential rate. Eighty-one percent of current digital card customers love the medium to other non-cash billing techniques such as checks or demand drafts. Online shopping payment of utility bills such as electricity mobile bills water bills etc. and movie tickets are the three things that an Indian user pays primarily through a digital platform. Additionally the Indian digital payment sector is projected to reach 500 billion by 2020 adding 15 percent to the country’s GDP according to a study by Google and Boston Consulting Group BCG. July | 2019 32|

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An interesting angle to India’s digital payment story is that it will be dominated by microtransactions value tractions lower than Rs 100. In practice 50 percent of person-to- commercial operations are to be under Rs.100 claims the Google-BCG study. Alternate digital payment instruments such as digital wallets UPI payment banks and Bharat QR are expected to grow fiercely and are estimated to double their contribution to 30 in the digital payment industry. Electronic billing sector development will be driven by digital/mobile wallets. Mobile wallets will experience a compound annual growth rate CAGR of 148 percent over the next five years and will be 4.4 billion by 2022 according to the World Payment Report of the Capgemini. Key Soldiers This rapid development of the electronic transaction industry is influenced by various variables including the comfort of the transaction ever-growing mobile usage rising non-bank billing agencies transaction banks electronic wallets etc. innovative legislative practices and growing customer willingness for the electronic billing system. The ease of paying along with the accessibility of profitable deals are two main variables influencing the development of digital transfers in India. This coupled with increasing smartphone penetration is proving to be a boon for the digital payment sector. India presently has the world’s fifth-biggest online customer base with 300 million customers. Fifty percent of these consumers are mobile- only linked to the Internet. These 150 million mobile-only internet users play a key role in the growth story of digital payments. The emergence of next-generation billing technologies such as deposit centers electronic wallets and BharatQR is also fueling electronic transactions. According to the IDC Financial Insights study named The Future of Payments in India: More Spectacular Growth Ahead it is expected that electronic transactions in India will replace money by 2022. Another main cause of digital transactions is favorable strategy environment modifications and public efforts such as the introduction of fresh payment schemes such as UPI Aadhar related electronic transfers and digital facilities enhancement. Current Standards When it comes to the electronic payment environment India has the most developed scheme relative to 25 other nations interviewed by FIS a US-based financial engineering firm. This included the United Kingdom China and Japan. The parameters used by FIS to measure digital payments in these 25 countries include service availability adoption and immediate payment. FIS’ Flavors of Fast used the Faster Payments Innovation Index FPII rates of different payment systems across these 25 countries on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest rating. According to FPII India’s IMPS service was the only scheme to get a level 5 score abandoning nations such as UK Singapore Denmark Switzerland China Japan and others. This definitely makes India’s digital money tale an interesting one. Scanning the Future Clearly the electronic billing room is being molded and over the past two years the industry has experienced enormous development innovation and governmental aid. Such has been the changes that India has become the most evolved country in the digital payment ecosystem. The aim should be to maintain the momentum flowing with more public assistance and competitors technologies security and comfort. T R July | 2019 34|

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K arl Lingel Fensterbau GmbH Co. KG came into being in the year 1959 in Ellwangen Germany and is now one of the leading manufacturers of quality doors and windows. Lingel entered the Indian Market and has spread its wings to almost every part of the country. Lingel offers customized Window and door solutions to its customer. The Chronicle Begins Lingel a German-based company and one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality doors and windows which entered Indian Market in the year 2006 with Mario Schmidt at its helm. With a meagre workforce and little experience of the nascent Indian Market in a short span he has helped the company to reach great heights. In 1994 after completing his education in Mechanical Science he realized he had great interest for fenestration and decided to learn more about it. In 2006 he came to India and established the business here. With his perseverance he has expanded the presence of Lingel in practically every major city in India. He strongly believes that time management and goes with the motto ‘On Time Every Time’. Mr Mario Schmidt is the President of uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturers Association UWDMA. Further he is also working hand in hand with UWDMA and the German Government body GIZ with the support of the MSDE to introduce training and skill development programs for the industry. This is with a vision to help the youth and the delivery of skilled people to the industry. This will help ensure the quality growth of the entire business in India. A Plethora of Robust Services Lingel is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality doors and windows made up of uPVC. Having a sound background in building construction projects Lingel also provides cutting edge technology in uPVC production. They also cater widely to customers with our Lingel 6.0 Aluminium windows. Almost 60 years ago Lingel set in motion an individual approach to help build against the challenges of sustainable development and is successfully able to deliver real progress worldwide. In India Lingel remains as one of the pioneering German companies to design customized solutions for windows internal and external doors security and facility needs as per the Indian environment and in tune with the consumer needs of the country. Lingel also has expertise in Residential-Individual -Flats Houses Villas Apartments Duplexes Small medium July | 2019 36|

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Large Housing Projects and also in Commercial- Offices Hotels Hospitals Resorts etc. As all products are customized it ensures the customer gets quality products that are not only durable but also aesthetically appealing. • White and Wooden textured uPVC windows/door • Aluminum windows/doors • Thermal break aluminum windows/doors • All kinds of Window Accessories • Smart Windows that will work on Wi-Fi launching soon Lingel follows the guidelines given by UWDMA and ensure the proper quality check is done from its end. It also provides afte-sales service for its customers. Lingel has a strong mission where they believe that they are ‘Selling Relation first and not just window’. The company has global expertise in providing free consultancy to all its customers. The advice and information given to its customers saves them for making mistakes. For its tremendous contribution to the sector the firm has been bestowed with India’ s Most Promising Brands 2017 Zak Awards for Excellence in Window Execution - 2017 and again in 2018 Magppie Estate Awards 2017 Prestigious Brands Rising 2017 and last but not the least INEX Realty Plus 2018. Future Openings While talking about the future the firm revealed that currently it is one of the leading manufacturers of UPVC and soon launching their new Smart windows. Though it is present in all major cities it is still looking to expand its dealer base. T R July | 2019 |37

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T he stationery industry is a diversified business group allied with schools colleges offices and serves as an influential part of the work in any organization. It consists of a wide range of products such as exercise books notebooks stitch glue tape pads refill pens flaps over brushes topic cards metal cover cards and so on. The huge greeting card market autograph books party invites etc. are also a part of this segment. Supporting the small and medium-sized enterprises in most nations the stationery industry has a lot to give in especially in the aspects of jobs tax revenue a significant supplier of fresh innovative products comprehensive local resource knowledge and a significant business supplier for bigger organizations. Sharda Stationery is one such notable firm which adds to the country’s economy by helping small to medium-sized enterprises. It is the go-to shop for many organizations which has never let down people whose requirement is periodic inventory and regular supply for the office stationery. Consequently it has become a reputed name in the market in the field of supplying a wide range of corporate stationery products and its reputation is spoken by the clients’ word of mouth. Currently leading in BOPP Adhesive Tapes suppliers and dealer in Mumbai Sharda offers complete range in various households schools colleges institutes offices hospitals bank and so on. The Business Methodology The firm has three core values in its business which are: Deep understanding The firm works closely with its clients to gain a deep insight into their businesses. They take time to fully understand the client’s requirements and their vision. This vision is completed through the right assembled team of business drawing on their professional network. Flexibility Today’s business world requires you to balance stability with rapid change. Sharda work around stability and rapid changes alongside responding swiftly to the challenges. The team at Sharda tackles your issues enthusiasm helping you achieve your requirements. Integrity The firm acts with integrity having mutual respect and is open and honest in everything they do. Satisfied Clients Throughout its illustrious journey the firm has now become a home to some major brands such as Cross Faber-Castell July | 2019 38|

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Honeywell Logitech Maped Reynolds Sandisk Seagate Sheaffer Staedtler Western Digital many others. It supplies products such as Pencil Eraser Sharpener Ballpoint Pen Ruler Pencil Box Crayons Glue stick Scissors Notebook Lunch box Backpack such to cater to the clients’ end-to-end demands. “With more than two decades of experience to our credit we have evolved with time and take pride in our commendable customer service that is undertaken by our highly skilled helpful and tactful staff members. Some of them have been with us for almost 10 years now” states Manji. Scaling the Future The firm will continue to deliver the best of stationery products to the education as well as the corporate sector. Interestingly the firm has now forayed into the manufacturing of plastic sacks and is operating on fresh concepts to catapult the business towards a booming route. Sharda Stationary being the inherent component of education is strongly engaged in CSR operations and promotes a plethora of NGOs such as Amol DBM Shankaralayam Pragatee Foundation and Girija Ghar. The shop provides them stationary at the cost price and promotes nearly 10000 kids every year. Sharda Stationary has always been around to give stationary value products and has been keeping the roots for 21 years. So far the firm has sustained a steady growth of 0.9 percent and hopes to surpass this amount for a stronger future. T R July | 2019 |39

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