The 10 Best Institutes for Engineering in UAE 2019

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The 10 Best Institutes for Engineering in UAE, 2019, we bring forth few elite institutions offering a world-class engineering which nurtures individuals into professionals, Taking into consideration that there is an increased demand of engineers in UAE


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VOL 07 JULY - 2019 ISSUE - 09 in UAE 2019 Institutes for Engineering 10 The BEST Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai Always on to Something Amazing

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From the EDITOR Value Engineering is not Equal to Cost-Cutting with the Middle East an extreme climate meaning high salinity humidity and seasonal sandstorms. So a team there will consider risk factors alongside identifying alternatives for valued engineering. T o accomplish such engineering you will need an organized effort from a comprehensive team to achieve a definitive goal of the project. It should include value specialist design team cost estimates and construction manpower. Therefore ‘value engineering’ is a function of several standpoints ranging from society economics and the environment. Further each of these viewpoints has a function of time throughout the life cycle of the project. It even becomes more complex when relating to its cost- benefits notably when trying to link investor stakeholders to benefit stakeholders. Moreover structurally the definition of value engineering becomes more compound with a combination of diverse parameters. Therefore a brilliant way of approaching it is to take a logical reasonable and pursuable view of the value of particular stages of a project life cycle by allocating the right value to the right stakeholder at the right time. nnecessary cost is not what is saved at the U beginning of the project through value engineering but rather what is spent in excess of the initial bid price to fix it later.” - John Murray What are the essential goals of an engineering project Well it should create high quality reliable and durable products or services. But another question that accompanies this is how we can make that process more efficient Misconceptions around this ‘efficiency’ part have given birth to the perception of cost-cutting regarding value engineering. Hence over the years the concept of value engineering has been symbolized as a cost-cutting in capital expenditure. However one must understand that it is not about cost-cutting but also about optimizing the design and identifying alternatives which results in a product being more valuable to all the stakeholders. As different engineering approaches need to align with the project thus the project’s goal needs to define the values. Also the value can mean different to different stakeholders influenced by their own concerns and circumstances. For example from a sustainability point of view the function of environmental impact or influences. And T R “ Crescent CU Crescent CU

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CONTENTS Rochester Institute of T echnology Dubai Always on to Something Amazing COVER STORY Now Trending Emerging Trends in Engineering Education ARTICLE 18 08

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CONTENTS Birla Institute of T echnology and Science Pilani Dubai Home to Future-Leaders 22 26 University of Wollongong Dubai The Creators of Sculptures of World 32 College of Engineering- United Arab Emirates University Building the Future on a Foundation of Excellence

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eing one of the most profitable and popular college major engineering and engineers B are included in mostly all technology-led industries like medicine transportation and energy. Upon completion of graduation in any of the engineering subjects an individual is introduced into a world of countless opportunities. Starting from civil engineering chemical engineering mechanical engineering consulting technical writing banking manufacturing and production supply chain and logistics almost all the industries has something or the other tooffer. Keeping aside the fact that engineering is one of the most respected and highly paid job profiles a graduation in engineering opens doors for professional advancement. The skills set instilled in an engineer opens doors to his or her personal development and growth. They learn how to analyze solve problems working in a team working under high pressure meeting deadlines and other skills needed in life as well. However in our issue The 10 Best Institutes for Engineering in UAE 2019 we bring forth few elite institutions offering a world-class engineering which nurtures individuals into professionals Taking into consideration that there is an increased demand of engineers in UAE we believe that this issue will give you a head start. Featured on the cover is Rochester Institute of Technology an institute that hones the skills of aspiring engineers while nurturing them with all the future-needed skills. The other cherry picked colleges by us include Birla Institute of Technology Science Pilani - Dubai Campus University of Wollongong in Dubai College of Engineering Haward Technology Arabian Infotech Training Institute Manipal Academy of Higher Education Abu Dhabi University and Ajman University of Science and Technology. Also while flipping make it a note to read the articles penned down by our in-house editors. We believe that this issue of ours will give you a detailed insight about the educational scenario in UAE and the emerging trends. T R Engineering: An Integral Part of Life

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T he importance of technical education has risen to a whole new level. The dynamic environment in tech-enabled industries has paved the way for technical expertise across different segments of technology. It has been identified that there is a dire need of technical experts in the field of STEM. Particularly in the engineering sector engineers with good skill set are required worldwide. Tomorrow’s engineers are expected to have abstract and experimental learning with the ability to ascertain certainty handle ambiguity formulate and solve problems work independently and in teams as well. Their aim needs to be towards maintaining a balance between correspondence of engineering science and engineering practice. With the context of engineering education the emphasis should shift from course content to a more vivid view and at-hand practical approach. The focus on the development of human resources is paramount along with vast educational experience. Such experiences can be helpful if the individual courses are connected and integrated with overall development spectrum. A vision for st the 21 century engineering education can be narrowed down to developing in as much individualized manner as possible. Recently it has been observed that there is a growing consensus with respect to professional engineers’ need for an integrative master’s degree. The universities are required to offer more practice-oriented master’s programs consisting of stronger connections to the industry. As one independent report suggests “Technical education is a world of work that has become more interdisciplinary collaborative and global which requires that we produce young people who are adaptable and flexible as well as technically proficient.” It would be an understatement to say that the word ‘potential’ has never been as lucid as it is today. Potential describes capability possibility and opportunity – all of which exist in abundance in this era of knowledge and distributed intelligence. It just needs to be cultivated and flourished in a distinctive form reaching anyone and everyone who seeks it. There are only a few educational campuses that provide such kind of vibrant and vivid ecosystem for learning and producing resources which benefit the society on a global level. A certain conviction is required for serving in the field of teaching and education to surpass the normality of study and research. With a similar conviction to deliver excellence in education Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai a satellite campus of Rochester Institute of Technology – New York USA has emerged out as the front runner in delivering quality education. This highly technologically focused American University is located in Dubai Silicon Oasis – Dubai United Arab Emirates. RIT Dubai was established in 2008 and is accredited by both the United States and the UAE Ministry of Education-Higher Education Affairs. Academic Opportunities The university offers internationally recognized undergraduate American degrees in Business Engineering and Computing for bachelor’s as well as master’s programs. Students can also study at RIT’s global campuses located in New York Croatia China and Kosovo. The university provides them with the opportunity to earn relevant work experience while studying through RIT’s nationally-unique and equipped CO-OP program. A graduate from RIT Dubai has benefits equivalent to graduates of RIT New York and the graduates’ degrees come from the main campus at Rochester NY . All business degrees at RIT University in Dubai are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International AACSB. Also the engineering degrees are accredited by the Accreditation

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Board of Engineering and Technology ABET. Additionally RIT is licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority KHDA in the UAE. RIT Dubai offers master’s degrees that caters to the future needs of the UAE. It has recently developed new master’s programs in Data Analytics and City Science in collaboration with Smart Dubai. RIT also provides diplomas in Corporate Happiness and Innovation. RIT Dubai is an educational partner of Dubai Police FAZAA DAFZA DEWA RTA Dubai Government Workshop DGWorld Smart Dubai and Silicon Oasis Authority. The university in Dubai welcomes more than 70 nationalities on campus and graduates of the institute are currently working in leading organizations like Siemens OTIS Carrier General Motors Dubai Police Fractal Systems Ministry of Defence Musanada Dubai Health Authority and Etisalat. RIT Dubai’s Legacy: Imparting Knowledge Vibrantly “Cultures you are seeking don’t get created. You need to plan and push for a collection of certain habits in the environment that establishes it” says the Dr. Khalid Khawaja Provost of RIT Dubai. At the university creation of proficient learning culture starts with additional effort in hiring best faculty and staff along with utmost qualifications and right attitude. Retaining the good staff We oer market driven student-centered programs and initiatives for personal and professional development ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

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RIT University in Dubai is led by Dr . Y ousef Al Assaf. Dr. Assaf acquired his Bachelor of Science’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Sussex University UK in 1984 and his PhD from Oxford University in 1988. He got his leadership training from Cornell University in the US. Dr. Assaf was a founding member and chairperson of the industrial engineering department at the University of Jordan where he also worked as the outreach manager. He was also one of the founding members of the electrical engineering and computer engineering programs at American University of Sharjah. Dr. Assaf was appointed as the Dean of the College of Engineering CEN at American University of Sharjah from 2005. Later he was appointed as the President of RIT Dubai in 2013. He has led the institute with dedication. Advicing the aspiring students and the prospective alumnus Dr. Assaf says “I am confident that you will find your experience at RIT Dubai enriching exciting and productive through having access to leading faculty innovative degree programs extensive resources and the latest learning technology. RIT Dubai students will be well prepared to enter into their chosen professions to compete and lead in the global market.” MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT

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or team is necessary and for that a trust system is established with accountability that nurtures qualities like proactive caring and helping. This is topped with extra effort to bring in the required resources to invest in education and research initiatives. To continuously keep the students updated about the progress and new discoveries in the engineering disciplines RIT Dubai takes some quintessential steps. There is a multi-fold effort which starts from day one. All engineering students at the university get involved with discovery modules to explore the basics of their discipline. Every student is prepared for co-operative education internship and one must complete blocks of these within certain time-frame. The engineering programs are connected to the RIT global campuses’ network with different opportunities for interaction connection and exchange. RIT Dubai’s engineering curriculum is constantly supervised and is reviewed for updates and upgrades. One of the prominent examples of it is the Electrical Engineering program which has recently added an energy alternative and is now under the process of adding artificial intelligence and robotics options. The Mechanical Engineering program has also recently started aerospace option and is on the track of adding an automotive option. Opportunities and Exposures RIT Dubai is a pioneer at developing talent for the future and works closely with the industry partners to ensure that the graduates’ skill-set meet the industry needs. Increasing students’ employment opportunities and career development is an important facet of the student experience at the university. The co-operative education program CO- OP is an intensive internship experience which varies from 4-12 months. CO-OP is a relevant work experience and thorough immersion into industry-based activities which allow students to exercise their classroom knowledge in a professional and practical environment. As a result students graduate with solid Cover Story

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work experience of blending theoretical knowledge and practical applications. Every student needs to complete the 12-week CO-OP internship course as preparation. The course covers more than the traditional job searching tools it incorporates elements of continuous career development work ethics and professional communication in an experiential manner. Besides the CO-OP program RIT offers several opportunities for students to interact and perform networking activities with the recruiters or employers on and beyond campus. Through interactive career sessions competitions and traditional career fairs students meet renowned experts from the leading companies in the industry such as Google Siemens CISCO KPMG Huawei and General Motors. Some of the notable employers at RIT Dubai are OTIS Carrier Aramex Emerson Nestle Smart4Power Halliburton Fractal Systems Total Fujitsu FedEx and Emirates Airlines. Outlook on Technological Advancement Technology is ever-changing at a faster pace. Such advancement is affecting both the technical and non-technical disciplines. Hence the engineering sector is under a lot of pressure to keep up with the dynamics. Initially practical skills and tools associated with this sector should be seamlessly integrated into the technical delivery mechanisms. Students nowadays require to graduate with enough tools and technical know-how to secure their first job or start their own business. Graduates are in no position to rely on the companies to hire them with complete intent of training them on all aspects of a tech-job. Secondly development of soft skills and attitude towards critical thinking innovation and entrepreneurship in students should be a priority and must be included as a part of the program. Finally while there is an inclination for specific skills in specific areas RIT Dubai always strives to establish a strong foundation for any of the programs. Notable Alumni RIT Dubai is proud of its diverse alumni who excel in various industries and change the future for the better with

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their activities. One notable example is Ms. Mashal Waqar who has been listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2019. Mashal is the Co-founder and COO of The Tempest an award-winning digital media portal covering topics of interest for millennial women. Today The Tempest has reached over 10.3 million subscribers and spread across 90 countries. Mashal is a TedX speaker and she gave an inspiring speech at the acclaimed Stanford MENA Forum. She has been quoted and published in over twenty national and international media outlets. Currently she is working on a scholarship fund that will empower underprivileged female students through undergraduate scholarships in STEM and media fields. Mashal graduated in 2017 with Computing Security Bachelor’s degree and well illustrates the diversity and talent that RIT nurtures. Sketching the Future Road map RIT Dubai aspires to be an institute of choice for the students in the engineering domain. For that it is building a new campus for which it received the funding of 200 million dirhams. The first phase of this new establishment will be completed by 2020. It is designed to be a working lab with defined themes that make it Smart Sustainable Connected and Innovative. Also there will be the opening of an innovation hub for public and private industries to use for creating and developing solutions to problems in an innovative way. Currently RIT Dubai is also involved in building the smart city accelerator with Dubai Silicon Oasis. It’s in collaboration with DU Orange Visa Smart Dubai Dubai Silicon Oasis and Chamber of Commerce. The idea behind this accelerator is for students to be the members of the accelerator and provide support to new technical solutions from all over the globe. T R

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Emerging Trends in ENGINEERING EDUCATION 18 | JUL Y 2019 NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM

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T hroughout history humankind has constantly striven to improve their lives. With our unquenchable thirst our endless curiosity and our desire for perfection has led us today where we are. With so many disadvantages physiologically we’ve striven to make our lives better with our guts faith and endless imagination. We’ve played different roles throughout the course of time but there’s no match for the contribution of engineers which has made this world truly livable. We are constantly evolving and are equipping ourselves with better technology. But Engineering institutions across the globe are not falling behind either. Conventional ways of training engineering students are found to be less effective. Hence to combat such difficulties new ways of training are being introduced to our world sculptures. Each year institutions are attempting to make their classrooms a better place for their students. Let’s look at the emerging trends that are currently changing the face of education in the discipline of Engineering: Industry-oriented curriculum As the industry is changing rapidly engineering institutes are having a hard time to keep their students updated. To combat the unavailability of newfangled content engineering institutions have made an attempt to tie-up with relevant organizations and introduce industry-specific curriculum. This curriculum allows students to have exposure about real-world problems and what attempts are being made to address those problems effectively. This exposure ignites curiosity in students’ minds and influences them to delve into the core of the subject. The collaboration between Now Trending 19 JUL Y 2019 | NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM

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educational institutions and enterprises has given rise to various events such as Industry Partner summit where industry experts and professors come together to discuss cutting-edge technology innovation emerging tools and trends in engineering. Such summits open the gateway for discoveries for both students and professionals and help our society to thrive with breakthrough technology. E-learning E-learning is the buzzword that has been thrown around lately. After its first introduction there were many speculations that it won’t last long or such a platform would decrease the significance of teachers and instructors would be expensive unsustainable and non-collaborative. Breaking through such barriers E-learning software has stood out as a new way of learning. Learning from textbooks isn’t for everyone and for engineers it poses a great challenge to understand the intricacies while learning concepts that are hard to fathom. As the human brain is more stimulated by images than plain text many engineering institutions have already started to incorporate E-learning in their daily curriculum. There are also adaptive software programs that provide information about the latest scientific discoveries and the new advancements that are being unraveled. Since its introduction many engineering students have inculcated a spark to research on new topics develop interesting things and make products that will benefit the society. Hands-on training in labs E-learning is a platform where the engineering students understand the subject of study. To extend the ability of learning deeply and engagingly students need to actually apply what they’ve learned in theory. Instilling these concepts in platforms such as 3D simulation environment is exemplary. This way of training the students have essentially forged them to be industry-ready and made them critical thinkers in terms of solving complex problems. Use of such technologies allows educators to better understand the ideas of their students and assist them to reach the ultimate solutions they are striving to achieve. These training labs and the emerging educational Augmented RealityAR apps will allow the students to continue their learning in diverse environments according to their flexibility. Learning about Soft Skills There is no denying that technical knowledge is a vital part of being an engineer. Technical knowledge lays the foundation for students to perform their duties at the workplace. But often there are times when only having technical skills is not enough. To collaborate with one another in the workplace employees need to develop strong work ethics being effective communicators attitude of being team players and so much more. These shortcomings of soft skills have impacted organizations’ overall work environment. To remove such hassles and make the graduates workplace-ready there is great emphasis being implied on to interpersonal skills. Engineering institutions around the world are actively creating curriculum which involves activities such as public speaking professional writing building students organizations and clubs etc These involvements in extracurricular activities fosters students’ leadership qualities make them self-aware about the advantages of being a team player develop effective communication skills to resolve conflicts and pave the path for them to succeed in the professional world. Innovation and Entrepreneurship The ultimate goal of any Engineering educational organization in its essence is to make its graduates ready for real-world challenges. As the industries are evolving continuously they are inevitably facing challenges to have minds who will take-on risky challenges embracing the constant uncertainty and having strategies that will survive in tough times. Holding events such as tech summits bring students closer to innovation industrial visits of esteemed organization and association can create opportunities for students. Various competitions organized in institutions ignite students’ minds and serves them to take on different roles while managing creating innovating products. This excitement within students builds a strong foundation and the inception of their entrepreneurial journey. Engineering institutions have seen a massive transformation. Continuously evolving and adapting to changes is the way for engineers to develop essential skills and make our world truly a better place to live. T R 20 NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM | JUL Y 2019

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BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE PILANI DUBAI Home to Future-Leaders B ITS Pilani Dubai Campus is among the top and pioneering institutions in Dubai and successfully serving the student community from UAE GCC Countries India and other countries since the year 2000. It is a campus of BITS Pilani that offers Bachelor’s Master’s and Doctoral programmes in Engineering and Technology. Dedicated to the field of engineering education it is one of the largest educational institutions in Dubai International Academic City DIAC. The institute has achieved great prominence among the region’s educational institutions by adapting itself to the diverse milieu the use of technology and modern facilities. With the long history of establishment from 1964 the parent institute of the Dubai campus Birla Institute of Technology and Science at Pilani BITS Pilani is the top private technological Indian Institution at Pilani Rajasthan declared as a deemed university. The founder of BITS Pilani is the greatest visionary Late Mr. G.D. Birla. The institute offers degrees at all levels in Engineering Sciences Management and Pharmacy accredited with Grade A by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council NAAC India in recognition of its excellent quality profile. Aspiring to provide best-in-class higher education facility for a greater number of promising students in science and technology under the patronage of Dr. K.K Birla BITS Pilani extended its campuses geographically BITS Pilani Hyderabad campus in 2008 BITS Pilani Goa campus in 2004 and BITS Pilani Dubai in 2000. After his demise in 2008 Dr. Kumar Mangalam Birla took over as the Chancellor and Smt. Shobhana Bhartia as the Pro-Chancellor. Under the leadership of a young and dynamic Chancellor BITS is taking steps to scale greater heights. Dr. Souvik Bhattacharyya is the Vice Chancellor of the Institute. Edifice of the Institute BITS Pilani Dubai Campus is a leading-edge smart centre of education with a highly impressive campus consisting of multiple academic blocks separate hostels for men and women very good sports facility around more than 30 modern scientific and engineering laboratories smart classrooms etc. It also has a Cisco Telepresence Conference Room and Classroom which has the state-of-the- art high-definition video conferencing facilities encompassing large multi screen displays and high-fidelity multichannel. A Creative Lab has been set up for encouraging students to realize their innovative ideas with a 24x7 working opportunity. Along with 22 NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM | JUL Y 2019

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BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE PILANI DUBAI Home to Future-Leaders the infrastructural benefits BITS Pilani Dubai Campus offers the knowledge skills and instructional expertize of the faculty and professionals from other universities and industries across the globe. Follower of the Footsteps The institute’s policy was dedicated to educate and train students for the economic development of themselves their family and society. It takes special care to prepare its students according to the needs of the professional world waiting outside of the campus for them. Their mission is carried forward by the most charismatic and renaissance personality Director of the institute Dr. Ranendra N. Saha. He has a rich experience of over38 years in teaching research and administration. He has profound experience in the field of Pharmacy especially in Pharmaceutics novel drug delivery systems and Pharmacokinetics. Dr. Saha has worked for 33 years 28 years in India five in the UAE in BITS Pilani as the Director Dean of Faculty Dean of Educational Development Division Deputy Director Administration of BITS Pilani Deputy Director Research and Educational Development of BITS Pilani university. He has been driving research agendas for all 4 campuses of BITS Pilani and contributed impressively to the growth of the institute. The contributions of Dr. Saha in teaching and research have earned him the Shri B. K. Birla and Shrimati Sarala Birla Chair Professorship at BITS Pilani in 2011. He has been honoured with several awards for his vast contributions in the field of technologies and pharmacy including “Pharmacy Professional of the Year 2013” given by Indian Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and Technologists and “The Best Pharmacy Teacher Award” for the year 2005 by Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India APTI. He also visited the USA UK Canada Sweden Syria Nepal and other countries on several occasions on invitation from universities and associations to deliver lectures and organized several national and international conferences. He is in the advisory board and selection committee of a number of universities in India and abroad. Due to his contribution in accordance with the institute’s mission the ‘BITSians’ are now successful entrepreneurs administrators or government officers. The Course Directory BITS Pilani started off with a collaboration with the Massachusetts 23 NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM JUL Y 2019 |

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Institute of Technology MIT during its formative years to help create a well-rounded curriculum. Various programmes are offered by BITS Pilani Dubai in Bachelor’s Master’s and Doctoral programmes in Engineering and Technology. Bachelor’s Degree Programmes: B.E. in Biotechnology B.E. in Chemical Engineering B.E. in Civil Engineering B.E. in Computer Science B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering B.E. in Mechanical Engineering 24 NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM | JUL Y 2019

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Master’s Degree Programmes: M.E. in Design Engineering M.E. in Electrical with specialization in Power Electronics and Drives. M.E. in Microelectronics M.E. in Software Systems MBA Master of Business Administration Doctoral Programmes: Ph.D. in various engineering and allied disciplines. Augmenting the Learning Aspects BITS Pilani Dubai Campus also believe in creating a proficient learning culture and environment for the students. As today’s technology is prevalent and changing at a very fast pace it is important that universities stay at par with this changing technology and help students stay at pace with the increasingly changing world. According to BITS simulations often precede the implementation of engineering solutions to minimize rework. Additionally the institute also emphasizes upon the non-technical skills such as critical thinking and problem solving collaboration and team work leadership and communication skills. Technology is integrated into the curriculum by BITS through continuous interaction with leading industry personnel open-ended project courses assignments lab work and even capstone projects both in terms of design and presentations. Spectrum of Career Opportunities BITS Pilani is a pioneer in the field of university-industry linkage and its bold and radical innovation in this regard has no parallel. Students enrolled at BITS Pilani have a unique advantage of undergoing a 7½ month Internship programme Practice School in companies as a part of the school curriculum. This provides a great opportunity to them to get hands-on experience and real life professional exposure helping them in a smooth transition from the classroom environment to the professional world. The institute has linkages with nearly 400 reputed industries in the UAE and India to offer an internship to the students. Besides the students are also provided hands-on employability skills workshops and training to enhance their technical know-how further which makes them industry-ready. BITS Pilani Dubai Campus generates over 150 job opportunities for its engineering graduates every year through extensive placement drives. The repeated visits of several organizations to BITS Pilani Dubai Campus to recruit students is an indication of the superior quality of the education and incorporation of valuable skills in the students. T R The Epitome of Success BITS Pilani was recently granted the status of “Institute of Eminence” by Government of India being one among the only two existing private universities selected for this recognition. It is also ranked globally among the top 100 universities in the QS University Rankings BRICS 2019 and the top 200 universities in the QS University Rankings Asia 2019. The institute has student chapters of international professional bodies such as IEEE ASME ACM SAE ASHRAE DotNet and LUG etc. The IEEE Student Branch at the campus has been recognized as the largest Student Branch of IEEE in the UAE. A testimony of excellent co-curricular activities is the creation of highly successful robotics teams IFOR and IORTA and automotive research teams Gear Shifters and Formula 6 Racing by the students who have won awards competing internationally. Conquerors around the Globe Alumni from UAE campus have done exceptionally well in all spheres of life. Other than being the successful entrepreneurs currently they are holding leading positions in diverse fields in UAE and across the world with more than 1000 leading companies such as Microsoft Sony Ericsson Oracle Siemens L T Maersk Petrofac Honeywell ABB Emirates Airlines Tata Consultancy Schlumberger and others. Many graduates from BITS Pilani Dubai Campus have been successful in securing admission in more than 75 globally prestigious universities such as Stanford Harvard MIT Cornell Columbia Johns Hopkins Carnegie Mellon in the USA the University of Toronto Canada University of Manchester the UK Nanyang Technological University Singapore and many others for higher studies and doctoral programmes. Expanding their Horizon In terms of expansion of syllabi the Senate of BITS Pilani has recently approved two new graduate programs Sanitation Science Technology and Management and Liberal Studies. These programmes are already introduced in Indian campuses and will soon be introduced in UAE after obtaining approvals from local authorities. The institute has started offering “Minor Programmes” as an option for meritorious undergraduate students to supplement their learning and to recognize and certify their additional knowledge outside their major area. They also offer the following minor programme in Dubai Campus: Finance Materials Science and Engineering and Data Science which will be of great relevance to UAE. 25 NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM JUL Y 2019 |

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COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES UNIVERSITY Building the Future on a Foundation of Excellence T he United Arab Emirates University’s The College of Engineering COE is differentiated by its wealthy tradition dedication to heritage and innovation and a strong ambition to attain excellence in teaching research and services. Commencing the journey in 1980 the college has continued to develop and thrived to become one of the region’s few most extensive academic and research- intensive engineering colleges. The College aspires to reach the global level among the well-known and top-ranked Engineering Colleges. It continues to improve its current programs and introduces new ones to meet the market demand such as Aerospace Engineering and new Master programs. The Engineering Departments The University itself was set up in 1976 and is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and operates as an independent federal entity. The College began in 1980 with only two academic departments i.e. Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. Later in 1981 three more departments were added Department of Architectural Engineering Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. And currently the College offers seven undergraduate programs at the B.Sc. level namely the B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering Communications Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering. The College also offers a Ph.D. program and eight master programs six in the main disciplinary areas and two programs in the interdisciplinary areas of Water Resources and Engineering Management. All these programs have ABET accreditation since 1998 and all courses offered in the College meets the Ministry of Education and international standards. The state-of-the-art UAEU campus accompanies the above-mentioned robust curriculum. It consists of excellent classrooms library dormitories academic and office space. Both male and female sides 26 NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM | JUL Y 2019

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“To contribute to the development and expansion of knowledge through quality and innovative research in areas strategic to the nation” 27 NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM JUL Y 2019 |

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The Department Council and the Department Chairperson manage the academic and administrative affairs of an academic department. The department council develop the plans for the department in the areas of education scientific research and community service consistency with the College Strategic and Action Plans. It also sets the general systems governing all functions of the department and supervises the implementation of the plans of the department. The Department chairperson leads and coordinates all departmental activities and handles the execution of policies and decisions made by the University administration College and Departments’ Councils. have sports facilities dining mosques meeting spaces shops and adequate space for relevant student life activities. The college’s laboratories are managed and supervised by lab engineers and technicians. The responsible Departments assign a faculty supervisor to each lab who handles the safety rules and preparing any lab material or equipment requirements for proper lab operations. Departments in each College have an annual operating budget for the labs that covers materials components and maintenance work. These new facilities positions serve UAEU as a top-class provider of engineering programs. It has greatly enhanced the teaching learning and research environment for students through smart classroom technologies and curriculum material readily available through the Blackboard course hosting portal. The College programs integrate industry-standard engineering software for analysis and design such as LabView Autocad HYSYS Fluent ABACUS ANSYS etc. and through partnerships with industry students get to use specialized industry packages in their designs and research projects. These tools combined with educational pedagogy emphasizes interactive teaching and learning project-based learning communication and team skills. These methodologies have significantly enhanced the educational experience for UAEU Engineering students. Built for the Students The effectiveness of the College of Engineering is in designing and delivering quality academic programs which has been greatly facilitated by the partnerships forged within the public and private sectors throughout the UAE. Bachelor students conduct their internship training at over 200 firms and organizations throughout the UAE and internationally and industry representatives regularly provide informative seminars to students. Both representatives from the industry and college alumni supply valuable feedback to the Engineering departments to ensure the curricula is updated to meet the industry’s needs and the requirements of accrediting bodies. The College’s Alumni speaks for its reputation. Currently they hold high rank positions in government or private organizations in the country. Moreover several undergraduates have pursued their graduate studies either in UAE or abroad. And most of them are holding key positions in academia or in the industry. Faculty that Facilitate Proficient Learning The College is very much upfronted when it comes to trained and highly educated educators. Its faculty members are continually developing and improving course content and distribution techniques. Students are encouraged to use and are taught on up-to-date software and even embrace improved teaching technology in the delivery of lessons. Scholars are involved in science field visits and hands-on coaching sessions. Further the faculty also create their learning pedagogy by engaging in and joining learning courses training courses seminars and meetings. The College guarantees that class sizes stay low to generate a stronger relationship between the teacher and the learners. Additionally each student has an Academic Advisor appointed when he/she first enters the program. The advisors help students throughout their college education trip. COE has a devoted consultative department to help learners with their About the Department Council 28 NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM | JUL Y 2019

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entry enrollment and other academic matters. In addition the college generates possibilities and promotes learners to take part in research activities. It also promotes the involvement of learners in extra-curricular activities such as sport contest meeting seminar and other events. Career Opportunities and Exposure Students spend a complete semester in industrial practice i.e. internship either in the UAE or overseas as a part of their degree obligation. Students are subjected to real-life work experience and methods during the course of instruction. They have the opportunity to connect the understanding obtained in separate lessons with actual engineering duties and issues. Students acquire knowledge operating in a squad solving problems and operating under real-life circumstances. College of Engineering holds a career fair where learners display their initiatives and businesses have the chance to hire graduate students. Furthermore under the guidance of faculty representatives learners have the chance to work on study initiatives. Engineering graduates have countless possibilities to work in state or private sector organizations. Future Lookout With the assistance of university administration the Departments at the College of Engineering are continually working on upgrading laboratory facilities and capacities with up-to-date machinery to enrich T R the department’s education and study. The departments are continually monitoring curriculum and syllabi enhancement through periodic evaluation and accreditation at domestic CAA and global ABET level. The College is currently involved in the preparation of several fresh master programs in line with the key fields of the nation. 29 NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM JUL Y 2019 |

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University of Wollongong Dubai e Creators of Sculptures of World E ngineers have played an important role throughout the course of time. They have defined generations by making possibilities out of impossibles besides helping us to breakdown misconception made prevalent by our predecessors. In doing so they have helped form our views and visions besides turning our dreams into reality. Such era-defining people can only be moulded in schools which while nurturing the minds of the young encourage learning innovation and collaboration. One such place which has always upheld values and has continuously stimulated in students the spirit of innovation creativity and practical learning while helping them bring their ideas to life is the University of Wollongong in Dubai UOWD. UOWD was established in 1993 by the University of Wollongong Australia. One of Dubai’s oldest privately funded accredited universities it is today regarded as one among the best and most respected educational institutions with a lineage in excellence and unparalleled student experience which besides giving students their attributes also guarantees its graduates meaningful employability. It’s for these reasons that UOWD is held in high esteem by its students alumni the business community and even the public at large. It is located in the heart of Dubai in Dubai Knowledge Park a thriving centre for education and training. Here it has its own specialized labs for security engineering game development and databases to support its progressive skill-based curriculum. Students of this university have the privilege of conducting research which helps build skills that make them workplace-ready. Vision and Mission The presence of UOWD a leading Australian university known for its quality higher education and research programs shall enhance the capacity of the UAE to achieve its goals with the backing of education and all that it entails. Empowering a technology- enriched learning experience backed by research and a thorough knowledge of the needs of industry it is focussed on promoting innovation and developing an educated and empowered community. It aspires to be known as a premium and distinguished university in the UAE with its roots in Australia that excels in teaching research and industry engagement meant to transform people’s lives. As an international teaching and research institution offering high-grade quality driven learning programs the University is committed to: l making a significant contribution to UAE’s educational and professional learning l enabling the creation of a pool of high calibre undergraduate and 32 NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM | JUL Y 2019

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l postgraduate students with a burning desire to pursue their educational goals while also helping them determine the direction of their lives and contribute significantly to the students’ professional community and social identity l providing an international learning experience which enables students to appreciate cultural diversity l recruiting academic and administrative staff of the highest quality who remain committed to integrating the needs of students for high-quality education at all times l promoting innovation and creating an environment of continuous improvement. Dynamic curriculum UOWD’s continuous strive to provide its students world-class education is evident from the high ranking industry affords to its graduates. With over 3600 students and an alumni network exceeding 11000 UOWD has built an enviable reputation for quality integrity research and innovation with programs that are contemporary and industry-related which emphasize on creativity critical thinking problem solving and developing new and unique skill sets. Engineering programs and other notables of UOWD are aligned with national priorities yet are tailored to meet the demands of a global employment market. With the support of industry experts it integrates real- world practices with existing theories thus ensuring its students are equipped to address complex business problems right from the word GO With most of its faculties being research-active UOWD supports their effort to encourage students by funding research grants for research assistance. UOWD’s Bachelor of Engineering program thus prepares students for successful careers in industry particularly the sectors dealing with infrastructures energy information technology and telecommunication. UOWD ensures its students gain beyond mere program-based knowledge and skills to include inter-program and industry-based collaborations. To this end students of computer science and information technology CS IT have collaborated with engineering students on projects dealing with “suitable wearable systems” and undergraduates UG are said to have interacted with post graduates PG on a recent research program on BlockChain. Other notables include UGs participating in industry-based IEEE/ACM research conferences on healthcare which has helped students gain from interactions with industry experts. It has always given priority to learning which combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. This is brought about through a dynamic curriculum which includes a rich bouquet of electives under every topic. Students additionally are made to go through real-life situations by spending 12 weeks within an industry which gives them more so those pursuing engineering invaluable experience of linking theoretical knowledge with real-world situations. Such interactions also give students the opportunity to display their knowledge and skills which if considered exemplary could turn an internship into future employment in the same organization. Esteemed Faculties UOWD’s faculty members have played a prominent role in the journey of its establishment and growth. Consisting 34 NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM | JUL Y 2019

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of highly respected academics from around the world they bring with them extensive teaching research and industry experience. Their presence is aimed at mentoring promising talent and producing outstanding research with outcomes that will benefit the community on a regional and international level. UOW Australia is a member of the Group of Eight Go8 Deans of Engineering and Associates. This is in recognition of its having one of Australia’s best engineering teaching faculty who besides having created a reputation for themselves contribute regularly to international research discussions on the developments and directions of their respective fields. This gives students here the opportunity to engage in real world case studies and research topics enabling them to excel in their careers as also help them with higher studies where they so want to. The staff of this university teach with the philosophy that students ought to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situations thus ensuring the outcome helps them learn better. With the faculty being of engineers computer scientists and information technologists students benefit the most by developing their capability to investigate and create smart systems that can solve society’s challenges among others with respect to new energy resources smart health systems and prosthesis extended water supply and resources and establishing smart cities infrastructure which reflects sustainability trends. Future Prospect The faculty at UOWD has ambitious plans including expansion for both UG and PG programs in Engineering. A new PhD programs in Engineering Computer Science and IT is also on the anvil. Currently plans are afoot to introduce programs such as the Master Programs in Artificial Intelligence Big Data and Advanced Computing for Professional. In 2020 UOWD will be moving into its brand new state-of-the-art and purpose built 200000 sq ft campus in Dubai Knowledge Park. This innovative campus backed by an avant-garde architectural design will be able to enrich the University’s teaching approach with flexible technology-driven systems that shall match the skills of Dubai Expo 2020 and be its legacy. T R 35 NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Education. Innovation. Success TM JUL Y 2019 |

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