The 10 Best Institutions for Higher Education in Australia 2018

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we have come with an issue of “The 10 Best Institutions for Higher Education in Australia 2018” which are known for their industry-ready academia, adept faculty, and awesome placement services. These colleges have built a niche in Australia as an exemplary education provider by transforming lives of thousands their graduates.


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Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E 10 BEST Institutions Higher Education 2018 for Australia in MAY 2018 The University of Wollongong Providing Quality Education with Diverse Learning Environment

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Editorial ampus life is a vital part of student’s life. In this very spell C most of the students experience the real taste of their freedom for the very first time and an unfiltered view of the real world as well. Students find new friends mentors and environment that are completely new and diverse for them. Many students find it difficult to be in the company of diverse individuals while others find it enthralling to be in the company of the same but diversity at campus has the potential to boost the thought process and personality of every individual to a great level. Diversity in colleges spurs creativity and makes student more diligent. According to research study done by many eminent organizational scientists economists demographers psychologists and sociologists diversity in terms of ethnicity race gender sexual orientation beliefs religion food habits and more nurtures more innovative thoughts among individuals as compared to people living in homogeneous groups. And this innovative bent of mind subsequently breeds business success. Engaging with others whose opinions customs and personal lifestyles differ sharply from your own increases your self-insight and give you the vibrant exposure needed to make informed decisions about career direction. Company of diverse individuals increases student’s capacity for exploring ideas and solutions based on different vantage points and often create much better ideas’ in terms of feasibility and effectiveness. As a result single-focus perspective is transformed into multi-focus and one can become capable of viewing issues and problems from different angles. Diversity encourages the search for unique information as well that help students in expanding the social circle. It ultimately assists in sharpening socializing skills that can be beneficial for maintaining robust relationships which is a dire need to succeed in the corporate world. It is thus the responsibility of college administration to foster the active participation of much diverse students into college in order to shape the better destiny of their students. As someone rightly said “Diversity of thought is the greatest need this world demand for tackling new challenges.” And if we can embrace diversity at the college level what else could be better to promote innovation harmony and peace in the world. T R Embrace Diversity Ashwini Deshmukh

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The University of Wollongong Providing Quality Education with Diverse Learning Environment Contents Articles Cover Story Beating Nerve-rackingSituations Is A Vital Necessity For Preserving A Healthy Mind EDITORS-TAKE Scholarships that are Propelling Dreams and Providing Wings to y FIN-AID The Overall Assessment of Grade Ination PERFORMANCE METER Procrastination: The Science behind this Time-Killing Act and the Techniques to stop it TIME-KILLING ACT 22 38 16 32 08

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Academy of Information Technology Transforming Creative Minds into the Industry’s Most Sought-After Graduates Morling College Cultivating Spiritual Growth among Students Top Education Institute Delivering teaching from leading professionals and preparing students to become job ready Torrens University Australia Australia’s global university nurturing future leaders Sydney Film School Nurturing the Artistic Skills by Providing Practical Filmmaking Experience 20 26 30 36 42

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uture ready student are in a great demand these days. Gone are those days when a corporate house F hired a candidate with a mindset of training the candidate completely after induction. They do train individuals nowadays as well but the expectation level has risen sharply since the last decade. In modern times recruiters want a candidate who knows the nitty-gritty of their domain. Good soft skills presentable personality and good ethics are some of the few qualities which every recruiter wants at the time of hiring. Colleges play an important role in deciding the fate of any students. Students take admission into a college with an aspiration to turn their dream into realities. Moreover there are plenty of academies colleges and institutions that promises big but never fulfill their commitment to the students. Thus being a responsible media house we have come with an issue of “The 10 Best Institutions for Higher Education in Australia 2018” which are known for their industry-ready academia adept faculty and incredible placement services. These colleges have built a niche in Australia as an exemplary education provider by transforming lives of thousands of their graduates On the cover page we have highlighted “The University of Wollongong” which is an innovative institution with a multi-disciplinary approach to research strengthened by strong industry partnerships and a personalized approach to teaching. Torrens University Australia Top Education Institute Sydney Film School The Academy of Information Technology Morling College and many other colleges have also been showcased in this issue which have proved their mettle with innovative teaching methodologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure. These colleges have built a niche in the market for their industry oriented curriculum and remarkable career placements services. Our in-house editors have also created some intriguing articles on various vital topics which you will find captivating. These articles are: The Overall Assessment of Grade Inflation Scholarships that are Propelling Dreams and Providing Wings to fly and Beating Nerve-racking Situations is a Vital Necessity for Preserving a Healthy Mind. So do flip the pages and enjoy reading Realizing the Dreams with the Power of Education T R

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A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.

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Cover Story Cover Story T R

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UNIVERSITY Providing Quality Education with Diverse Learning Environment Wollongong The UNIVERSITY Wollongong of

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T o provide knowledge through ground-breaking research innovative degree programs inspirational teaching industry collaboration and enable students to meet their personal educational and career goals. Situated in the Illawarra region on the east coast of Australia the University of Wollongong UOW is only an hour south of Sydney with the Pacific Ocean to the east and stunning mountains to the west. It is a perfect place for those who want the university experience enriched with beaches a relaxed lifestyle and surrounding natural beauty. It has become a benchmark for Australia’s new generation of universities. The University was founded in 1951 as a Division of the New South Wales University of Technology and became an independent institution in 1975. The University of Wollongong is an innovative institution with a multi-disciplinary approach to research strengthened by strong industry partnerships and a personalized approach to teaching. With connections to more than 200 universities in 35 countries UOW is truly an international university. They have students from more than 160 nationalities and have nurtured a welcoming multi-ethnic community. More than 23000 students are gaining a world-class education at UOW’s Wollongong campus. International students make up about 6300 of those enrolments. About Courses Teaching Methods and Other Facilities UOW offers over 400 undergraduate Bachelor and postgraduate coursework and research degrees in the areas of Business Science Social Sciences Law Humanities Art Engineering Information Sciences Medicine and Health. UOW’s personalized approach ensures students make a smooth transition into university life while real-world experience is incorporated into every degree. The passionate lecturers and supportive industry leaders take the time to get to know the students so that they can understand them. For overall development of the students several facilities are provided which includes extensive teaching research and administration buildings student residences library conference rooms food halls cafes supermarket restaurant and bar retail outlets indoor sports centers and gymnasium Olympic-standard swimming pool and sports fields. Professor Paul Wellings joined the University of Wollongong as Vice-Chancellor in January 2012. Formerly he worked as a Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University from 2002 to 2011. He began his career as a NERC Research Fellow before working as a research scientist at the Commonwealth Scientic and Industrial Research Organization CSIRO becoming Chief of the Entomology Division in 1995. From 1997 to 1999 he was Head of the Innovation and Science Division Department of Industry Science and Resources Canberra. In 1999 he returned to CSIRO as Deputy Chief Executive. A Message from the Vice-Chancellor: “People are drawn to the University of Wollongong for many reasons: to pursue accredited qualications gain employment experience build global perspectives and access world- class research. Every one of them is assured of receiving the support they need to do their very best. We pride ourselves on preparing people for emerging industries and future jobs – people who are ready to succeed in their careers and make a positive contribution to their communities.” About the Vice-Chancellor Paul Wellings Vice-Chancellor

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Achievements and Acknowledgements According to Quacquarelli Symonds QS World University Rankings UOW is globally ranked as the 17th best modern university in the world in the QS Top 50 under 50 Rankings 2018. The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching QILT has ranked UOW as the number one university in New South Wales. The 2018 Good Universities Guide rated UOW as Australia’s leading public university for student experience and it’s the only publicly funded Australian university to achieve 5-stars in all student experience measures: overall experience skills development student support teaching quality learning resources and learner engagement. UOW is known for producing some the most employable graduates in the world and is ranked in the top 1 of universities in the world for the quality of its graduates in the 2018 QS Graduate Employability Rankings. In 2018 UOW was the only Australian university to be listed as a finalist for the prestigious Global Teaching Excellence Award GTEA for two consecutive years. The award recognizes and celebrates institution-wide commitment to the pursuit of teaching excellence. Career Development Services UOW Careers Central provides support and opportunities that help students gain practical workplace experience and the skills employers want. Careers Central helps students set and achieve career goals clarify and guide career direction and to develop their employability so they can enter their career of choice. The University offers individual career consultations workshops ideas to enhance employability job search support resume advice assistance with interview preparation and more. Scholarships UOW offers a range of scholarships that help students with the costs of study. Their scholarships offer a tuition fee reduction of up to 30 percent and the students are automatically considered for a scholarship program while they submit the application. Believe in Holistic Development of Students UOW is a truly student-centered university with individual attention available staff dedicated research supervisors and

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a personal approach. From the day students join UOW they can expect guidance and support. It has a unique program that connects students with valuable co-curricular activities that are offered at the University of Wollongong campus. Students can select from more than 150 mentoring leadership community creative and ambassador roles. The personal and professional development that a student gains through these activities assists them in their holistic development for facing any challenging roles in future. With more than 130 active clubs on campus UOW makes it easy to build friendships learn skills or develop professional networks.

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“There is a huge advantage in the amount of clinical work that was set aside for us. This is the kind of practical experience and knowledge that make you valuable to employers.” - Nicole Humble Bachelor of Medical Radiation Physics Honors “I love the campus it’s very green. I also love the balance between getting an education but also the social side and all the clubs you can get involved with. There are so many opportunities.” - Sam Houston Bachelor of Geography “My degree contained a diverse range of practical experiences and there were always opportunities to be involved and become engaged beyond the theory and assignments.” – Toby Dawson Bachelor of Social Science Public Health “I was involved with the International Peer Mentoring Network. We organized events that helped international students with their transition to university and helped them adapt. We matched them with another student to help them out.” – Loan Kien International student Bachelor of Commerce Marketing T R “Words of Trusts”

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URL Name of the Institution Location of the Institution Avondale College Curtin University Jabin Hopkins Institute of Technology Morling College The Academy of Information Technology The University of Wollongong Top Education Institute The University of Western Australia 582 Freemans Dr Cooranbong NSW 2265 Australia 135 Pirie St Adelaide SA 5000 Australia Morling College 120 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Australia 7 Kelly St Ultimo NSW 2007 Australia 35 Stirling Hwy Crawley WA 6009 Australia Northelds Ave Wollongong NSW 2522 Australia Biomedical 1/1 Central Ave Eveleigh NSW 2015 Australia Torrens University Australia 220 Victoria Square Adelaide SA 5000 Australia Kent St Bentley WA 6102 Australia Sydney Film School sydney 242 Young St Waterloo NSW 2017 Australia

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BEATING NERVE-RACKING situations is a VITAL NECESSITY for preserving a HEALTHY MIND 16 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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tress is the body’s natural defense against danger and S predators. When people are in stress their bodies produce larger quantities of the chemicals cortisol adrenaline and noradrenaline. But increased level of stress can lead into depression lack of concentration and in- effectiveness at work. Thus to combat stress and make your distinct presence felt in this hypercompetitive world is a vital necessity to stay relevant and dominant. Thus there are many widely popular techniques that are effective to beat the stress which one can find useful in dealing with nerve-racking situations. This Art of Twist Turn and Stretch can give Feeling of Transcendence Although any physical exercise is good to fight stress but yoga is among one of the best. Yoga is the platform which unites individual consciousness with the universal consciousness or spirit. This 10000 years old practice has very profound effect on human’s physical and mental well-being and provides infinite possibilities on a human mind and soul. Almost everyone knows about the physical benefits derived from yoga but in reality its practice can also give psychological benefits such as reducing stress and developing a sense of well-being. It also provides spiritual benefits such as a feeling of connectedness with god or spirit or a feeling of transcendence. Many studies have proved that performing little yoga a day can reduce stress and enhance productivity. Yoga also brings and encourages a good mood an increase in mindfulness and a healthy dose of self-compassion. Balance the Consumption of Caffeine Caffeine is the world’s most extensively consumed psychoactive drug which acts as a stimulant which alerts brain and also temporarily relieve drowsiness and fatigue. But too much consumption of caffeine can lead to negative health effects like insomnia nervousness an upset stomach restlessness heartburn jitters irritability a fast heartbeat and ultimately stress. According to Mayo Clinic consumption of more than 500-600 mg of caffeine can lead towards adverse health effect. Although caffeine rich food and beverages are scrumptious which can lift your mood and give you a refreshing boost but its consumption in excess quantities can elevate cortisol levels. Cortisol plays an important role in controlling blood sugar levels metabolism reducing inflammation and sharpening memory formulation. Increase in cortisol level can result further into muscle weakness high blood pressure mood swings anxiety etc. which ultimately cause deep stress. Foods which contain caffeine include dark chocolate sweet chocolates energy drinks coffee liquors American style Editors-Take 17 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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brewed coffee Americano black tea soft drinks especially colas instant tea and coffee powders espresso and baked goods containing chocolate. Too much consumption of sugary products alcohol and nicotine also invites stress. Learn the Art of Saying ‘No’ Sometimes By portraying oneself superior in front of manager employees sometime say ‘Yes’ to some tasks which they aren’t proficient at. Sometimes people accept promotion when they know they are not yet ready to take upon the new challenges marrying to someone about whom they feel unsecure about having children when not financially or emotionally ready and more. The list is endless but the symptoms are same the hesitation to say ‘No’. “Sometimes we need to say no so that we have more time to say yes”- Suzette Hinton Author. There are tasks in life which you cannot avoid but there are plenty in which you want to say ‘No’ but ultimately end up by saying ‘Yes’ and thus invite lot of trouble and even stress as well sometime due to the un-preparedness or in-competency for that task. Thus saying ‘No’ when you genuinely mean ‘No’ is a life skill. For many people it comes naturally but for some it is like a mission impossible. At first glance saying ‘No’ to the other person may not feel right or pleasant but in the longer run it can foster better emotional and mental health outcomes. Thus saying ‘Yes’ all the time thus ultimately invites stress which could be avoided just by saying a polite ‘No’. Beat the Stress with Effective Breathing Exercises The main role of breathing exercise is to inhale oxygen and exhale CO2 through the movements of lungs. Muscles that control the movement of the lungs are the diaphragm and the muscles between the ribs. Breathing pattern of an anxious person is quite different from a non-anxious person. A stressed person takes very small and shallow breaths using their shoulders instead of diaphragm to move air in and out of their lungs. This form of in taking oxygen disrupts the balance of gases in the body. Thus to maintain the balances it is vital to take deep breaths to feel relaxed and relieved. Scientific studies have shown that controlling your breath can help to manage stress and stress-related conditions like lowering blood pressure and heart rate reducing levels of stress hormones in the blood and in balancing levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. Many effective breath control exercises are used in some form of yoga tai chi and meditation which gives huge boost to the mental well-being of a stressed person. Skull Shining Breath Alternate Nostril Breathing Abdominal Breathing Technique and Equal Breathing are some of the popular breathing techniques which are very effective to beat stress. Apart from these vital aspects leisure activities be it any like giving time to act on hobbies watching movie playing music or doing anything creative etc. also does provide a great relief to cope up with stress. Fun activities can lift up the mood and can translate into a decrease in stress levels as well. So beat the stress whenever it comes and stay calm positive and encouraged. As someone rightly said nothing is permanent so don’t stress yourself too much because no matter how bad the situation is…it will change. T R 18 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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The Academy of Information Technology AIT was established in 1999. They offer higher education bachelors and diploma courses in 2D Animation 3D Design Digital Design Film and Video Mobile App Development and Games Programming/Design. Their courses are created to ensure that the students graduate with skills to help them land their dream job. They also host multiple industry events throughout the year that provide a great networking platform for students and industry to connect and interact. AIT was the first in Australia to offer courses in motion capture technology and has the latest marker less motion capture system installed in its Sydney campus. State-of-the-art Campus AIT has a vibrant learning environment both inside and outside the campus that is centered on creativity and open space. They have a friendly and multicultural environment that make the students feel at home on campus and gives them the freedom to develop their creative skills. Accomplished Alumni AIT has produced many graduates who have been very successful in different walks of life. Some of the notable alumni include Alex Holder who is a 2017 graduate. He is now working as a teacher’s assistant and has formed his own business BigFoot DS and launched his very own VR games into the market. Joshua Dickinson who graduated in 2014 is now a full-time graphic designer working for AIT as part of the design and marketing team. Roan Sajko is a 2017 graduate. He has been working with the University of Notre Dame on a documentary about its immersive learning program and their collaboration with a local school and the young students. Promoting a Hands-on Environment From the very beginning the students work in a practical environment. Regardless of the course they’re studying – from coding to filming designing to animating – they are exposed to the industry-standard software and programs. This is to help them establish and develop the skills throughout the course of their study. During their final semester the students work on their final major projects. Throughout the course of the semester they present their work and campaigns to teachers/mentors before eventually presenting a panel of industry specialists who assess their work and provide valuable feedback to the students. Providing Practical Business Experiences The institute imparts knowledge to the students related to essential project management methods marketing skills and business frameworks to ensure they know how to prepare and present their portfolio of works to the market. AIT aims Academy of Information Technology – Transforming Creative Minds into the Industry’s Most Sought-After Graduates The instute aims to train and educate students to be leaders of the future in the digital creave and innovave technology industries 20 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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for all students to be job ready through professional development workshops and industry networking opportunities. Financial Assistance and Scholarships AIT provides two types scholarships to its students: initiAIT Scholarship – This scholarship is for new undergraduate domestic students. They receive 50 off their tuition fees for the first term and last term of their 3-year bachelor’s degree. Creative Minds Scholarship – This scholarship is provided to existing domestic and international students. Under this scholarship the students have to pay 50 less in their next term’s tuition fees. Career Opportunities and Exposures The institute has a very successful industry internship program – activAIT – where their dedicated industry liaison manager assists the talented students with internships and job placement over the course of their studies. “Words of Trust” “During this time I’ve been able to learn so much from the teachers and mentors here. My greatest achievement to date was being part of the 2017 AIT Oscars where my project won the Best Documentary. I love filmmaking and the art of cinematography itself. AIT has helped me a lot during my studies in filmmaking.” - Tonia Rifanni Bachelor of Interactive Media – Film Video “Entering AIT to study the Bachelor of Digital Design was the best choice I made towards my career development. Every semester is full of creative subjects and excellent mentors.” - Louise Casagrande Bachelor of Digital Design “What I enjoyed most about my time at AIT is the close-knit community range of different classes and friendly teachers. Everyone’ s always helping each other out on their creative projects and being supportive of each other comes naturally to most of the students. I’ve met friends at the school who I know I will definitely work with me in the future.”- Nicole Louise Bachelor of Interactive Media – 2D Animation Peter Cameron is the Academic Dean of Studies of the institute. He has multiple years of experience in education and the creative technology space. He is also the Divisional Dean of Studies in Redhill Education. Prior he has also worked as a Program Director and IT Manager at Raffles College of Design and Commerce. About the Dean of AIT T R 21 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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SCHOLARSHIPS THAT ARE PROPELLING Providing WINGS TO FLY SCHOLARSHIPS Dreams Help indeed is what I need From you My Lord to do good deeds Help me succeed End caste and creeds And all to be freed – Reshi Ambreen Poet 22 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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Scholarships program. This scholarship program is established with the bilateral and regional agreement by various countries with the Australian government. Students from Indo-Pacific region can utilize this scholarship to study undergraduate and post graduate courses at various Australian universities. This grant program provides various benefits to the applicant like: disbursement of full tuition fees return air travel allowance of A5000 for accommodation text book purchase study material and more. This program also provides basic living expense of about A30000 per year to the eligible students. To avail this scholarship applicants need to sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia. All the eligible students need to leave Australia for minimum a period of two years after completion of their course failure in doing so results in paying the total cost of scholarships to the governing body. T his beautiful poem reflects the true anxiety of a person who want to make big in life but faces the dearth of resources to do so. There are plenty of students around the world who have their own passions and areas of interest which they like to explore and excel at. But many of them do not have the privilege to turn their dream into a reality since they face the dearth of the most vital resource- Money. Lack of money kills dreams and makes people suffer it forces them to live in penury whole life. Scholarships thus provide a ray of hope for those who come from an underprivileged background and give them the much needed wings to fly high. These are some of the best scholarships for the International students to study in Australia. Australia Awards Scholarships Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade oversees Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships This is a merit based scholarship program of the Australian government. Through this program Australians can study or research overseas and Internationals students can also do the same in Australia. The aim of this grant is to create a robust image of Australian education system on the international stage as the liberal and superior provider of education and research. This program aims to pull talents from all across the globe to provide them an opportunity to increase their productivity and expertise in their field. The awardee of this grant program gains invaluable international experience in terms of study research and professional career development. The department takes care of many important things which concern a student while travelling abroad and thus provides various services that includes: a dedicated case manager 23 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW Fin-Aid

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pre-departure briefings health-advisory travel insurance security accommodation and many others. Overall this grant provides a student full financial support to pursue a post-graduation or PhD either by coursework or research in any field of study in Australia. Research Training Program Scheme This scholarship is exclusively designed for students who are deeply focused on research area. This scholarship is available to both the native Australians and overseas students who applied for Research Doctorate and Research Masters degrees known as higher degrees by research HDRs. To apply for this scheme students need to directly co-ordinate with participating universities since each university has its own selection process. This scholarship generally covers tuition fees some financial help for general living allowance needed to complete research degree and more. The aim of this grant is to assist students to make their dream come true by acquiring skills required to build careers in academia and other sectors of the labor market. Each year RTP stipend rates get revised in the month of October and come into effect from 1 January. For this current year the RTP stipend range is set from A27082 to A42307. IWC Scholarships International Water Centre IWC Scholarships offer full and partial scholarships to students who want to pursue Masters of Integrated Water Management. In order to prepare experts in the field of water management IWC offers partial scholarships of A7500 for domestic students and A9000 for international students along with return flight to Australia of up to A2250. This partial scholarship covers a part of tuition fees. This scholarship student can avail for full time 1.5 years or in part time extend to a period of 3 years. To get this assistance a student has to receive an unconditional offer from Griffith University into the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management or Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma course. The Northcote Graduate Scholarship This scholarship is specially crafted for UK residents who want to pursue postgraduate degree in Australia. This grant program is governed by Britain-Australia Society on behalf of the Northcote Trust. This assistance program allows students to pursue any course at an Australian university for up to three years. Although students have to arrange their health cover and insurance on their own this scholarship is still a great boon for those who come from underprivileged backgrounds as this scholarship provides students a return flight to Australia academic fees or tuition fees and substantial quarterly living expenses during their learning journey. The application gets available for this grant from April to August. Although the list is endless but it does help students to choose a scholarship programs which they may fit into. Ultimately kindness in the form of scholarship is the best nourishment for humanity since people needs assistance not advice in the time of crisis. And if it is coming to transform someone’s life then it is truly considered as a greatest medium to propel humanity. T R 24 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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Morling College is the Theological College of pastoral and related ministries for accreditation in NSW and ACT Baptist Churches. Being the largest provider of theological online education in Australia Morling College is committed to train people for ministry to quality education and the personal formation of our students. Morling shares five core values established by Baptist Churches. These core values are: Christ-centered mission- shaped relationally-committed people-empowering and partnership-orientated. Affiliated with the Australian College of Theology Morling is also a college of the University of Divinity. Morling Counseling Education and Chaplaincy awards are accredited through the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency TEQSA. Courses offered by Morling with Flexible Study Options Morling provides flexible study options that enable students to study on campus or online. Other options like part-time or full time and intensive or semi-intensive are available. The college offers from V ocational courses to undergraduate diplomas through to doctoral degrees like Diploma Advanced Diploma Associate degrees Bachelor’s degree Graduate Certificate courses and Postgraduate course in Ministry Theology Divinity Christian studies Counseling Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care degree Plunge gap-year program and Education courses. Teaching with an Aim to Improve Students Engagement Morling College utilizes a wide range of learning and teaching methods to enable students to engage effectively with their studies. These include flipped classrooms independent projects collaborative learning multimedia presentations off-site learning endeavors as well as the more traditional lecture models. Morling’s teaching staff welcomes student feedback. Students provide this by formal means such as detailed evaluation for each unit at the end of semester student surveys and student focus groups. Informal means are also used such as interaction in-out of class discussions sharing lunchtime meals and mission trips to churches and other service providers. Morling Alumni: Stories of Success The achievement of Morling’s alumni is a reminder of the important work that the college does. Among many stories of success are Marc McCrinddle and Bruce Burges. Mark McCrindle is a Morling College alumni who graduated with a Master of Arts degree in 2005. He is a social researcher with an international following. As an award-winning social researcher and an engaging speaker Mark has appeared across many television networks and other media. He is a best-selling author an influential thought leader TEDx speaker and Principal of McCrindle research. Morling College: Cultivating Spiritual Growth among Students The college provides quality biblically-grounded educaon and training with the aim of equipping the whole believer to take the whole gospel to the whole world. 26 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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Bruce Burges who studied Diploma in Christian Studies Master of Arts Christian Studies and Master of Theology at Morling College is a National Director of PeaceWise and is Australia’s first certified Christian conciliator. Bruce’s peacemaking work has led him to become involved in teaching and working with schools workplace disputes church and para- church based conflict and victim- offender cases. Scholarships Opportunities Economic needs of the student are a vital concern for many under- privileged but talented minds to carry forward their dreams. To fulfill student’s aspiration Toga Scholarships is designed to give financial support to current full-time students or accepted as a Morling College full-time student who represents the Morling values in a constructive and empowering way in the community. Australian or oversees student both can avail the benefits of Toga Scholarships. Church Planting Scholarships: These two scholarships known as the ‘Liam McHenry’ and ‘The Refuge Church Planters’ scholarships are offered to new or continuing students who are completing the SENT Church Planting Certificate. “Words of Trust” “What I like the most about Morling is forming relationships with other people. I am better equipped to serve God wherever He calls me to serve because of Morling” -Rob French – Master of Arts Theology “I am more equipped to lead my youth ministry because I studied at Morling” - Kiran Shariah – Bachelor of Ministry “Being able to study online while working full time was quite appealing. Morling brings a biblical and theological perspective to education and leadership. I am a better teacher and a better leader because I have studied at Morling.” - Tom Anderson: Master of Divinity and Master of Education Leadership Website: Prior to entering the Baptist Ministry Ross Clifford Principal of Morling College was a lawyer practiced law in Sydney and the Northern Territory. He is an active radio personality who has worked in radio as a host for more than 12 years. He is still doing weekly spots with radio stations such as Sonshine Radio Perth. In 2010 he was made a member of the Order of Australia AM for his Christian service and service to the media. He is the author of a number of books including The Cross is Not Enough: Living as Witnesses to the Resurrection and Taboo Or To Do Is Christianity Complementary with Yoga Martial Arts Hallowe’en Mindfulness and Other Alternative Practices About The Principal T R 27 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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Encouraging an Artist’s Creative Expression Filmmaking is a unique art-form involving a number of discrete stages. Cinema gives an understanding and expression to what is precious and fragile in the world. The spark that leads from appreciation to creation involves the culmination of creative prowess and technical expertise. Sydney Film School is a paragon on providing filmmaking courses of the highest calibre within a busy production- based studio environment. The School produces graduates who are industry ready have real film credits and are able to access the network of teaching staff alumni and industry partners to secure work in the film and screen industries. The School authorities wish to build a spirit of encouragement and support through a network that extends to an international community of students graduates teachers filmmakers distributors festivals audiences and friends. They believe in encouraging the student’s creative expression and giving them real filmmaking experience. SFS is located alongside International Screen Academy in Waterloo with a purpose built facility and world-class equipment available to students. The school is set up as a working film production house that makes more than 100 films every year. It is an intense learning experience but one that results in SFS graduates leaving with up to 20 film credits at the end of their time at film school. Academic Programs Sydney Film School offers two one-year courses: a Diploma of Screen and Media and an Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media. The Diploma provides a working knowledge of all the fundamental disciplines of filmmaking including storytelling content creation and teamwork. The Advanced Diploma takes that knowledge and allows the aspirant to apply to it to a chosen area of specialisation producing films of greater depth and technique. Specialisation in the second year includes: Writing Directing Producing Cinematography Production Design Editing and Sound. The foundation of SFS is built on three core values: Courage Curiosity and Compassion. The field-ready courses the core values and a united passion for filmmaking at SFS establish a very unique foundation for a film career. The SFS community is bound together in their project through shared love for stories their desire to understand and celebrate their place in the human experiment and the planet they share. Sydney Film School: Nurturing Artistic Skills by Providing Practical Filmmaking Experience Sydney Film School aims to develop well-rounded people courageous in their endeavours curious and open to life’s marvels and compassionate in their dealings with one another and the greater world. 30 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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Words of Trust “SFS has helped in moulding the story- teller in me and has given me the confidence to pursue this exciting medium of art as a profession.” Anagha Unni Diploma “I have always wanted to bring about a revolution in the film industry so I pursued my career to become the change. SFS provided me with that platform and gave me that opportunity to develop the skills that I needed to be the change.” Afreenish Shahid Advanced Diploma “I get to make some awesome films with a group of talented and energetic peers. I love it here” Jamie Murray Diploma Scholarship and Employment Assistance Scholarships provide support to students who have the aspirations and talents to grow and need assistance with financial resources. At SFS International students are eligible for scholarships through the Endeavour Awards for participating countries. The Endeavour Awards is the Australian Government’s internationally competitive merit-based scholarship program providing opportunities for citizens of the Asia Pacific the Middle East Europe and the Americas to undertake study research and professional development in Australia. SFS graduates have an 85 success rate for employment in the industry or in further related studies. As a result of the production house model all SFS Graduates leave with their extensive show reel of films. These are their gateway into the industry. To boost the graduates’ profile in the industry SFS awards distribution grants to the best of their films each semester to represent the School in a number of the key global film festivals. Ben Ferris Artistic Director of the Sydney Film School is one of Australia’s most respected experts in education for the screen and media sector. He founded the UBS Film School at the University of Sydney in 2001 and the world-renowned Sydney Film School in 2004. Being the Director of the institution for over fourteen years Ben has produced 1000+ alumni who work in the film industry in more than 40 countries worldwide and 1000+ student short films that have been screened in hundreds of film festivals worldwide. He has built study exchange programs into leading film institutes around the world including into Paris New York Madrid and Moscow. Ben is also a critically acclaimed international filmmaker. His films have been screened and won numerous awards in Paris New York Croatia Italy Tokyo Singapore Greece Switzerland and Amsterdam including the prestigious Akira Kurosawa Grand Prix in Japan. Ben’s first feature film “Penelope” an Australia-Croatian co-production had a worldwide release in 2011 to critical acclaim. In 2017 Ben was the Power Institute Fellow at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris where he produced the 6-screen video installation “Indivisible”. His feature film “57 Lawson” is being released this year. Mentor of SFS T R 31 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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Assessment Overall Assessment Grade Inflation 32 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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I n the era of rapidly growing population the competition to become successful is very fierce and tough. This competition starts at school and stays till the person gets his/her job even then the competition doesn’t end there. The grades of a student are the first member of competition the student gets familiar with. Some students achieve grades that they deserve and some get good grades through inflation. Such grading leniency occurs and the students attain higher academic grade which would have received a lower grade in the past. Canada Australia New Zealand France Germany South Korea and India are the nations which have faced such issues. Former Duke University professor Stuart Rojstaczer researched college grades and find out that “A” has been the most common grade at Harvard University for twenty years. This has been the most common grade nationwide since 1998. His studies further revealed that between 1983 and 2013 grade point averages rose from an average of 2.8 to 3.1 with 2.9 to 3.4 in private schools. Similar studies and researches illustrated that even the Ivy League schools like Harvard who are known for their traditional rigorous grading practice have experienced grade inflation. They also claim that this inflation is three times more in private school than the public schools. Some critics argue that the students are earning higher grades because they are working harder than previous generations. But studies have shown that standardized test scores have remained constant while grades Performance Meter 33 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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increased. The conclusion to draw from these studies is that the students are only getting good grades instead of getting smarter over time. The Benefits Periodic grading over a term and frequent test papers aids in getting feedback and students can motivate themselves to do better next time. The students are in perception that good grades mean better job and a better employer. Generally these grades carry prizes certificates and class ranking alongside with them which always looks good on resumes. A healthy competition is necessary for succeeding. The Impact The human mind is built in a way that it starts taking things for granted if they come easily to it. The same happens with the grade inflation. Lenient grading reduces student effort. Such inflation will create a perception in the mind of student that he/she will get good grades no matter how much they study. Further this reduces their capability of not pushing themselves hard. Grade inflation in high schools can lead to improper placements of students. Students displaying mediocre ability can end up in difficult classes whereas if they had been place in suitable level they would have learned more. On the other hand the deserving student will get a lower grade and reduces their chance to excel. The students changing school mid-term has to undergo adjustments because different schools can have a different grading system. Changing of the schools mid-term often breaks the continuous learning method of student’s mind. Further this complicates the procedure of ranking students across different universities and institutes. Also the students are at a disadvantage if their new school does not participate in grade inflation. Learned helplessness can also be seen in schools because of grading system. Poor grades forces students to check their work and raise their standard. Students can lose enthusiasm and confidence in such scenarios. Constant academic insufficiency can create insecurities among students that they are powerless to control their environment. Such conundrums can arise again if student felt tribulation in assignments homework and projects. Arguments against Grade Inflation The main argument lies in comparisons of grades as there is no national standard for grades. In simple terms higher the grades better the school. Also the interdepartmental grading practices can’t be compared in the first place. For example “A” grade in English can’t be compared to “A” in physics. Some teachers imply that such inflations provide a way for the students to invest their abilities in additional programs alongside their current studies. Some schools allow the brilliant students the chance to excel by offering the honors option as well awarding valedictorians. Further the general thinking of students is that the grading at college or post-college will carry the weight of future employment. However studies have revealed that the relation between grades and their relevant job performance is very low. The Faculty Dilemma Evaluating a student’s work is a serious job as students always nudge their teachers for higher grades. These grades affect the future of students but the professors have to deal with their own problems too. By handing a low grade the teacher puts the student at disadvantage in comparison to his/her peers. Any type of insecurities can affect a student life especially at a young age. If a class gets bad grades in the majority it affects the instructor’s teaching ability and it can affect their careers also. Sometimes the teachers in order to save some time on grading grade papers quickly so that they can focus on other projects related to their job. The Remedy If grade inflation is bad then fighting with it is much worse. In this grade-inflated world using grades to motivate and getting feedback to prepare our young generation for future is problematic. The consequence for a poor performance should not be a bad grade and a student must redo it until he/she achieves mastery in it. Schools are already revising their existing grading policies and some are eliminating them entirely. New schools are looking to create alternative methods of grade evaluation. The solution can be applied at the university level. Universities and large institutions can help in setting a stance against such grading practices. Employers are also boycotting the grades and are hiring students on the basis of their internships work experience major volunteering activities the relevance of coursework and reputation of the college. Recent studies show that the grade comes last in hiring order. Good grades definitely aid students to shine in someone’s books but they will hardly assist them in the competitive job market. It’s their work attitude behavior mentality and intelligence that will help them in the upcoming strong competitive markets. T R 34 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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Incepted in 2001 Top Education Institute TOP has built an impressive reputation in the educational sector. The institute is known for its specialization in business and accounting degrees through the Sydney City School of Business and law degrees through the Sydney City School of Law. Students not only from Australia but from across the oceans come to TOP to pursue their higher education studies thus making TOP a diverse student community. Faculties of TOP are its real strength who possesses strong academics from renowned Australian and international universities. The two schools of Business and Law encourage and nurture independent and critical thought. Their advanced curriculum integrated classroom learning and interaction with industry specialists offer students a course of international repute preparing them for future challenging roles. Advanced Academic Programs The institute offers wide range of advanced academic programs to students for their career enhancements. Some of the notable undergraduate programs are: Bachelor of Laws Diploma of Business Diploma of Applied Finance and Accounting Bachelor of International Business Bachelor of Applied Finance and Accounting. Postgraduate programs are: Graduate Certificate in Accounting Graduate Certificate in Business Management Graduate Certificate in Business Research Graduate Diploma of Accounting Graduate Diploma of International Business Graduate Diploma of Marketing and Public Relations Master of Professional Accounting Master of Professional Accounting and Business Master of International Business Master of Marketing and Public Relations Master of Accounting Practice Master of Business Research Master of Business Administration and more. Notable Tie-up and Accreditations of TOP TOP is registered with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Authority TEQSA Australia’s higher education regulator. Additionally TOP has received Self-Accrediting Authority Status from TEQSA within the Broad Field of Education BOE 08 Management and Commerce AQF levels 5 to 9. Top Education Group has been listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since May 2018 as an Australian public company. The Group is committed to invest significantly on projects to upgrade campus infrastructure to keep up with the demands of new tertiary education models striving to reach to the top of Australian private higher education. Based on Australian educational development trends and TOP’s improvement schedule students will benefit from the improved quality of education facilities and career development initiatives allowing TOP students to increase their competitiveness comparatively. In May 2016 the Institute entered into an Alliance with PwC Australia. This collaboration assists TOP in student career development initiatives crafting executive education programs designing ‘smart campus’ and digital education solutions. TOP has also become a strategic partner with the Higher Education Academy UK HEA UK. The HEA is a UK based body that prides itself on promoting teaching Top Education Institute: Delivering Teaching from Leading Professionals and Preparing Students to Become Job Ready The instute is commied to delivering quality higher educaon in internaonal business and law studies leading to careers in law accounng business and other professional areas in the public and private domesc and internaonal sectors. 36 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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Dr. Minshen Zhu is the Founder CEO and Principal of TOP. He has completed a Bachelor’s degree from Fudan University China and Doctor of Philosophy from the Australian National University Australia. He has successfully given various services to the Australian multi-cultural society and has served as a member of NSW Asia Business Council for over ten years. Dr. Zhu also served in the Chinese Ministerial Consultative Committee of the Australian Federal Government from 2012-2013. His sharp administrative skills and astuteness led him to win various notable recognitions in the industry The Australian Chinese award is one among them. Guiding Personality of TOP excellence in higher education around the globe. All of TOP’s academic offerings are recognized by premier governing bodies in Australia: CPA Australia Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and the Institute of Public Accountants. Their Bachelor of Laws LLB degree is accredited by the Legal Profession Admission Board which allows TOP graduates to perform legal practice in Australia. Benefits of Studying at TOP • TOP’s teaching methodology is based on practical learning which ensures its graduates inculcate the skills which make them market ready on completion of their degrees. • Small sized classrooms ensure better individualized attention class participation and student interaction. • Option to fast-track a course by taking trimester units. • Skilled professors who are known for their innovative student-friendly teaching methods and techniques. • 15 types of scholarships to support those who perform well academically and those that may be disadvantaged. • Unique location in the Australian Technology Park with easy access to transport in the heart of Sydney city. Career Edge - getting student’s business ready TOP’s Career Edge program is a collection of initiatives which help students to transition into the workforce confidently after graduation. Career Edge consists of: CareerFit - a one-week program run by TOP in conjunction with PwC Australia. Students will learn and practice effective ‘business ready’ skills and apply those skills to business case studies to improve their learning. Students also experience a tour of the workplace and work with smart technology tools during the program. Workshops - experts from industry deliver workshops to mentor students on resume writing interview skills and more assisting students to take the first step towards their job seeking path. Work placements - TOP also organizes work placements that encourages students to apply their learnt knowledge to real-world applications. “Words of Trust” “I studied a Bachelor of International Business majoring in Accounting. This course equipped me with a solid foundation of networking skills presentation skills and all necessary business skills. Top Education created a platform to achieve my career goals and ambitions.” - Jing Yang Bachelor of International Business Sydney City School of Business. “I believe Sydney City School of Law will equip me with the knowledge which I need to become a lawyer. It is a great place to be surrounded by a good academic and professional culture.” Andrew Chen Bachelor of Laws LLB Sydney City School of Law. T R 37 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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rocrastination is a common P problem that is found in humans all around the world. Many people delay their activities till the last moment but procrastinators habitually avoid difficult task and consciously look for distractions. Distraction not only does affect the productivity of work but it also has an impact on human’s self- esteem. The more a person is focused on his work dedicatedly and continuously the more will be his chances to get the desired end results which ultimately boost his confidence level and self-esteem. The problem of procrastination has been there since ages and will remain so as it is more like a habit that has linkage with human behavior. To understand this behavior is thus important to further find solution to eliminate or avoid this ‘time-killing’ act. Why do people Procrastinate Ancient Greek philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle had coined a word in the past to describe such type of behavior: Akrasia. It is a condition when a person does one thing even knowing that he has to do something else. Loosely translated one can say that Akrasia is procrastination or a state in which a person lacks self-control. But the real question is: what is going on in the brain that causes humans to avoid the things that they know they should be doing Behavioral psychology research has discovered a phenomenon generally called as “time-inconsistency” which explains why despite having good intentions humans delay their works. “My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time. ” - Charles Dickens Writer Time-Killing Act 39 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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This research found that humans prefer to do that work which provides immediate rewards compared to future ones. The psychology behind this is humans are lazy by nature and they generally want immediate gratification with less effort as compared to much better results in longer duration as it requires more efforts and patience. Most people generally don’t have the patience to wait for a certain period of time to see better results since it requires continuous effort and results only get visible after a certain amount of time. So basically the brain understands the long-term benefits of a task but it values immediate gratification more when it comes to the present moment today. Techniques to Stop Procrastination Temptation Bundling: If a person finds a way to make the benefits of long-term choices more immediate then it becomes much easier to avoid procrastination. One of the best strategies to bring future rewards into present moment is temptation bundling. This is a concept that has been popularized by Katy Milkman through a research performed at The University of Pennsylvania. In simpler words this strategy suggests that a person needs to bundle a behavior that is good for him in the long-run with a behavior that make him feels good in the short-run. Pay the Price for Missing the Deadline: Human hates penalties be it of any form monetary or related to prestige. Every human values their self-respect and self-esteem more than anything else. And this physiological fear could be utilized with a good intention to avoid procrastination. If a person is really committed towards its goals then that person also should make some form of penalty to be paid when missing on the deadline related to performing some task by doing so in a sincere fashion one can avoid procrastination. Breaking a Bigger task into Smaller One: Humans find larger task cumbersome and boring and thus most of the humans either don’t even try to start such a task or if someone even starts it then most of them don’t reach the finishing line. Since that large task requires continuous effort over longer period of time along with persistent hard- work. But if humans start looking at the task into another way then larger tasks will also get executed with full enthusiasm. The strategy is simple: break larger goals into smaller one or even break a goal which you know that require one month to complete into a 30 days plan. Make some daily smaller task for each day which leads towards those bigger goals. Interestingly humans can make that task even further simpler by dividing a single day task into many pieces. By doing this a person can execute each of the much smaller component with utmost dedication concentration and enthusiasm and can reach to the finishing line in a much smoother fashion with a happier and positive outcome. For example consider the remarkable efficiency of the famous writer Anthony Trollope. Anthony published 47 novels 18 non-fictional work 12 short stories 2 plays and an assortment of articles and letters. How he accomplished this is an answer everyone wants to know. Every day he set a target of writing 250 words per 15 minutes for many times but with a fixed time intervals between each session. This tactic allowed him to enjoy the feelings of satisfaction and success every 15 minutes and ultimately led him to complete a larger pool of his literary work. Although sometimes to achieve perfection also people do procrastinate and delay their pending task for a little while. But most of the people delay their work since they find it difficult boring and cumbersome even knowing though its long term benefits on their lives. According to one prominent research about 95 of persons procrastinate to some extent and thus affect the overall productivity of their work and life. To reduce or avoid procrastination thus these techniques proves to be really helpful. T R 40 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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Torrens University Australia is a private university which was inaugurated by the former U.S. president Bill Clinton in July 2014. It is part of Laureate International Universities a global network with more than 1000000+ students at nearly 60 institutions in more than 20 countries worldwide. Torrens University was founded on the belief that when students succeed countries prosper and society benefits. This commitment is expressed through the company’s philosophy of being ‘Here for Good’ is represented by Laureate’s status as a certified B Corporation® and conversion in 2015 to a U.S. Public Benefit Corporation a new class of corporation committed to creating a positive impact on society. Torrens University brings an innovative disruptive and international approach to higher education aiming to provide graduates with a globally oriented skill set that will make them desirable to employers. It offers a range of career-focused undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Business Education Hospitality Design Health Project Management and Sports Management for study on-campus online or a hybrid of both. Torrens University’s campuses can be found in Sydney Melbourne Adelaide and Brisbane and are led by a team of research and career-oriented academic staff who combined with a carefully selected group of global industry partners help students to bridge the gap between study and work. Torrens University students get direct and personalised access to industry-experienced lecturers and learning facilitators through small class sizes and valuable one-to-one interactions regardless of whether they study online or on-campus. The university’s dynamic online learning mode also means you can achieve success on your own time. On-demand access to course materials and content is provided so students can study when it is convenient for them. At specific campuses hybrid courses are also offered that combine elements of online and face to face learning so students have the option to select a study mode that best suits their needs. Torrens University places special emphasis on industry placements for all of its academic programs. Apart from industry collaborations success coaches play a major role in preparing these students for placements by conducting workshops. Students at Torrens University undertake industry placements with some of the most prestigious organisations in Australia and around the world. Torrens University students regularly work with leading industry partners connect with students from across our global network and thanks to a partnership with Gallup work with dedicated success coaches to identify and make full use of their strengths. In 2017 students partnered with the ABC to create a virtual reality product giving all Australian school students the opportunity to experience the significant history of Kokoda. In April 2018 we launched our first Massive Online Open Course MOOC ‘V oices of Autism’ the first of its type to be co-designed and co-delivered by people living with autism. More than 12000 students from 88 different Torrens University Australia: Australia’s global university nurturing future leaders The university’s mission is to make quality higher educaon accessible and affordable so students from all walks of life can pursue their dreams. 42 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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Linda Brown was appointed President of Torrens University Australia and CEO Laureate Australia and New Zealand in 2014. Linda is a member of Laureate International Universities’ global OPCOM Board with operational responsibility for 78000 employees over 70 universities in 29 countries and a member of the IP board where she is driving the Internationalisation Strategy. Linda has 25 years of management experience in the education sector in Australia and the United Kingdom. Her background is diverse incorporating leadership experience in government the private sector social enterprise and education. President of Torrens University Australia T R countries are currently enrolled. These are two important examples of how Torrens University is combining its knowledge and expertise with a vision to make learning accessible and innovative. More About the Mentor Linda is an acknowledged educational leader in the Asia Pacific region. She has represented Australia for six years at APEC Women Leaders’ Conference in Asia Pacific and was identified by Management Today as one of “25 Australian women to watch”. Prior to joining Laureate Linda was Deputy Vice Chancellor and Director TAFE at Swinburne University Melbourne where she was responsible for maximizing the dual sector advantage driving the sustainability and social inclusion strategies across the University and managing the TAFE Division. She was part of the senior executive team which facilitated a highly successful joint venture between SEEK and Swinburne to create Swinburne Online. Previously Linda held the position of Director of Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE where she amalgamated three TAFEs in Brisbane and was a senior Queensland Government executive with the Department of Education Training and the Arts. Her global business and educational experience includes Corporate CEO Futures Stockbroker Managing Director Dartington UK and Director of Stoke-on-Trent FE College. Linda was also part of the UK Government’s rapid response team for the Further Education Funding Council utilised to turn around failing colleges and was part of the UK’s’think tank’ on education as a global business. Linda’s qualifications include a Postgraduate Diploma in Education management awarded at the Manchester Metropolitan University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education awarded under the Royal Charter of Council for National Academic Awards. Student Testimonials “The reason I chose TUA to study my Masters is that it gave me ultimate flexibility it allowed me to do a conference call in New York and collaborate with colleagues in London and complete an exam in a hotel room in Perth.” - Garreth Hallaran Master of Business Administration “I want to be able to follow my passion and love for design and see what journey this degree may initiate for the rest of my life. I would like to thank Torrens for providing me with a chance for this amazing opportunity.” - Jessica Alexander Bachelor of Media Design 43 | May 2018 | Education. Innovation. Success NOWLEDGEREVIEW T H E NOWLEDGEREVIEW

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