Top 5 Bikepacking Must Haves

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Planning a bikepacking trip? Bikepacking is just like backpacking only with a bike. In order to ensure you have a successful trip, you'll need these five bikepacking essentials.


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Top 5 Bikepacking Must Haves:

Top 5 Bikepacking Must Haves Presented By: The House

What is Bikepacking?:

What is Bikepacking ? Backpacking with a twist, or rather, a bike Each bikepacking adventure is unique, exhilarating, and challenging Fat bikes are ideal for bikepacking One of the biggest challenges is the planning process The next few slides will show you the essential items you should pack

#1: The Backpack:

#1: The Backpack Bike bags or “sporty fanny packs” are good for the day or nearby overnight adventures Longer trips require a hardy structured backpack with meshed back support and waist straps This will ease the strain on your shoulders and keep your back cool while also balancing the bag and putting your weight near the seat so you can grip the handlebars without straining your shoulders Choose a bag that is the same or less than the width of your back so it doesn’t stick out of your sides

#2: Navigation Tools:

#2: Navigation Tools A GPS is good to help determine which way to go You should also have a compass and a map Make sure you know how to use these These are important for when your GPS loses power, malfunctions, or if it gets lost

#3: Climate-Versatile Clothing:

#3: Climate-Versatile Clothing Wicking shirts and underwear that serves to regulate body heat can keep you comfortable in both hot and cold climates Long-sleeved wicking shirts are good in cold weather and for protecting your arms from the sun Bunch up the sleeves if you get too warm Other things to pack: UV-protected sunglasses, a cap or bandana, a thin absorbent towel, an all-weather jacket, and light, quick-dry pants

#4: Camping Equipment:

#4: Camping Equipment Some essential camping items include: A tent A sleeping bag A space blanket A flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries A portable stove Waterproof matches Cooking utensils A good utility knife A first aid kit Before packing these practice using them at home or in a park nearby

#5: Food and Water:

#5: Food and Water Food and water are essential even on short day trips Plan and prepare for the unexpected Pack some food that does not require cooking

Other Miscellaneous Items To Pack:

Other Miscellaneous Items To Pack Sunscreen An ID Extra cash for emergencies A bike pump

Are you prepared?:

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