Which Bike is Right For Your Chosen Trail

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There are countless options available when choosing a bike. There's mountain bikes, fat bikes, city bikes, road bikes, cruiser bikes, and BMX bikes to name just a few. While many of these bikes look alike, they can serve different functions. Some bikes are better suited for smooth pavements while others possess the ability to handle tougher conditions such as dirt, mountains, snow, and more. This presentation will help you to choose the best bike for your chosen trail.


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Which Bike is Right For Your Chosen Trail?:

Which Bike is Right For Your Chosen Trail? Presentation By: The House

What Are The Different Kinds of Bikes?:

What Are The Different Kinds of Bikes? There are several kinds of bikes available Certain bikes are more suitable for certain things Example: some are great for mountains and dirt whereas others are better for smoother pavements like sidewalks or streets A few different types of bikes include: mountain bikes, fat bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, and beach cruisers

Mountain Bikes:

Mountain Bikes Most popular for cyclists to use on trails Perfect for mountain conditions, dirt paths, and other off-road conditions Also frequently used as all-around bikes due to durability and strength Can also handle tough road conditions such as potholes very well

Fat Bikes:

Fat Bikes Similar to mountain bikes, but with more benefits Great for deserts, snow, and other harsh conditions Over-sized tires (3.7” or more with at least 44mm rims) Most recommended bike for bikepacking trips, as explained in this infographic. Image Credits: Hugger Industries

Road Bikes:

Road Bikes Made for competitive bikers Extremely light weight Gives you the ability to bike faster and further Not meant for dirt or unpaved surfaces Best for roads and sidewalks

BMX Bikes:

BMX Bikes Not meant for trails Best for doing bike tricks Designed for only short distances Meant to be used in park settings Smaller and lighter weight allows for easy grinding Perfect for stunts

Beach Cruisers:

Beach Cruisers Aesthetically pleasing Lower capabilities than other bikes Not meant for long distances Very comfortable bikes Best suited for smooth surfaces Usually only capable of going one speed

Which Bike Will Choose?:

Which Bike Will Choose? What trails are you planning to conquer and with what type of bike? You’ll find all of these featured bikes and more at The House! Visit http://www.the-house.com/biking.html for more info.

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