The Hiroshima Miracle


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This children's story was shared to teach the Bible scripture: "Ye shall keep My Sabbaths and reverence My sanctuary; I am the Lord" (Leviticus 26:2)


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The Hiroshima Miracle

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Our Story tonight takes place in: It is a story about our Adventist church there

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Asako Furunaka was a newspaper reporter who was really feeling down when a friend invited her to attend the Adventist church She had gone through a bad divorce and was struggling with anger and depression

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Attending the Adventist church she found hope in messages of Jesus’ forgiveness and rest from worldly cares But at the time she couldn’t make a commitment to get baptized

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After she had faithfully attended for some time, Asako was asked to teach the children’s Sabbath school class She eagerly accepted and really enjoyed teaching the children

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One sabbath one of the lessons was on the three hebrew boy who were thrown into the fiery furnace and survived! After the lesson was over, one little boy said: “I can’t believe that!!!”

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Asako was shocked. She had never heard this story before...! But one little girl then said: “I can believe it, because my grandmother always tells us of how not one member of the Hiroshima Adventist church was killed when the Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima

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When she heard that Asako realized that even though she taught the lesson, she didn’t believe the Bible story either… She also didn’t believe the little girl’s story…

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Since she was professional reporter Asako felt very confident tha t she could find out if the girl’s story was true or not This was important enough for her thoroughly investigate! This is an actual picture of the Hiroshima Adventist church as it stood before 1945

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On August 6 th , 1945 the world’s very first Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan This was a day to live in infamy, but this action did end WWII

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The Atomic bomb wrough t unimaginable destruction to the people and city of Hiroshima Since that time, all the world has feared the use of these weapons

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This is why Asako found the story hard to believe, because the city of Hiroshima was completely destroyed And some of the church members lived near where the bomb landed

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Asako began by interviewing the Adventist survivors who were still alive... And she discovered the truth of the amazing story

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One survivor, Mrs. Hiroko Kainou , told of how she dropped to her knees and prayed when she felt the a s udden fierce wind blow against her house Every windo w of her house was blow out, but she survived without being hurt!

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The most amazing story Asako found out was about Iwa Kuwamoto She was actually less than one mile away from the place where the bomb hit

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But unfortunately, she was not able to save her husband who was not a church member, but as he told her to run, he promised he had accepted Jesus and will see her and the kids again

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Another story Asako found out was that of Tomiko Kihara . She was a doctor and was fast alsleep when the bomb hit because she had been doing night duty t ill 2:00am She was also within a mile from the blast but she was also unharmed

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When she went outside, all she could see was burned and blackened ground… It is a story about our Adventist church there She realized that something very serious had happened

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So Tomiko ran to the hospital near the edge of town and began to work treating the victims who were already streaming into the ER. She worke d for an entire week without rest or sleep because there were only a few doctors in the city who survived.

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As a result of hearing these amazing testimonies and about God’s protective care Asako believed more fully and became a baptized member of the Seventh Day Adventist church Later, she answered the call to full-time ministry and worked for many years as a Bible Instructor

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God has some very specific promises for His people who keep His Sabbaths and reverence His sanctuary: Leviticus chapter 26: “ Ye shall keep my sabbaths , and reverence my sanctuary: I  am  the LORD.  If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them - ye shall lie down, and none shall make  you afraid : For I will have respect unto you and will bless you”

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And our God still keeps those same Promises to His people today! The Adventist church is strong in Japan and helped many people after the tsunami there…

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Ye shall keep my sabbaths , and reverence my sanctuary: I  am  the LORD. Leviticus 26:2 너희는 나의 안식일을 지키며 나의 성소를 공경하라 나는 여호와니라 레위기 26:2

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