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LOCATION: Albania is located in the heart of the Mediterranean and is gradually finding favor among several tourists who are always exploring some of the most interesting travel destinations. Best part of this country is that it has still managed to distance itself from the ills of globalization thereby preserving its unique culture. Its turquoise seas snow- capped mountains and serene beaches offer enchanting views for its visitors. Read more ALL THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT ALBANIA

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WHEN TO VISIT ALBANIA: Most of the regions in Albania are very cold during winters and unavailability of adequate heating would make things very unpleasant. Coastal areas enjoy a pleasant Mediterranean climate during the summer season and plenty of tourists plan a trip to Albania around this time of the year. Certain inland towns receive plenty of rainfall during winter season while high mountains experience heavy snowing between the months of November and March. The period between April and October is best suited for tourism with the region experiencing longer days between the months of May and September. Read more

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LOCAL TRANSPORT IN ALBANIA: Bus: Public buses or private minibuses are used by most of the people in Albania to their chosen destinations within the country. Train: Travelers would have a wonderful experience traveling in trains of Albania. Other than a few issues surrounding train travel in Albania some marvelous views can be enjoyed during the journey. Car Hire: This is not recommended unless tourists have plenty of experience driving under challenging conditions. Bicycle Hire: Many Albanians use bicycles to travel shorter distances but it is not recommended for tourists to cycle throughout the country. Read more ACCOMMODATION IN ALBANIA: Hotels in Albania are classified into different types by a star-rating system which ranges from one to five stars based on services offered overall quality and prices. Those looking for comforts can choose a hotel in the capital city which is fully-equipped with modern amenities. Read more

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PLACES TO VISIT IN ALBANIA: Vlora: It is a coastal city which is of great historical importance besides being one of the major ports. It was here that an assembly was convened to declare Albania as an independent state in the year 1912. Berat: Also known as city of one thousand windows it has been declared as a museum city. Durres: During 627 BC this city was named Epidamnus after being colonized by colonists from Korkyra and Corinth. Pogradec: A city in south-eastern part of Albania it has become a favorite spot of many tourists due to its location on the shores of Lake Ohrid. Saranda: This southernmost city of Albania located opposite Corfu Island is mostly visited by day trippers. Read more

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MONUMENTS/HISTORICAL PLACES/FORTS IN ALBANIA: Skanderbeg Monument: Located in the capital city on a stone basement this statue was created by Odise Paskali. Mother of Albania Monument: This statue of Mother Albania is 12 meters high and is made of granulated stone. Monument of Independence: This monument at the center of Flags Square is of Ismail Qemali who proclaimed the independence of Albania and headed its first government. Butrint: This is an archaeological national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Albania well-known for its ancient ruins that date back to the 7th century BC. Milot Field: In 1457 the battle of Albulena was fought on this site resulting in the defeat of Turkish army. Drisht Castle: It was constructed in the 13th century as a Byzantine fortress and is situated on a hill at an altitude of 800 meters. Rozafa Castle: One of the major castles in Albania it lies to the west of Shkodra and is surrounded by waters of Buna Kiri and Drini rivers. Rodoni: George Kastrioti Skanderbeg the Albanian national hero built this castle on Cape Rodon for an easy access to the sea. Read more

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WILDLIFE IN ALBANIA: Thethi National Park: Spread over a vast area of more than 2300 hectares Thethi is located in the Shkodra region. Lura National Park: It has an area of about 1280 hectares and the entire region comprises of meadows lakes and rocky areas. Dajti National Park: It is located in Tirana region and is spread over a vast region of 2119 hectares covered by rocky areas meadows shrubs and forest. Bozdoveci National Park: Having an area of 1380 hectares this national park in Korca region is situated at an altitude of about 1790 meters. Llogara National Park: About 38 kilometers to the southeast of Vlora this national park having an area of more than 1010 hectares comprises of grassland and meadows. Divjaka National Park: Its area of more than 1250 comprises of Mediterranean natural coniferous forest having pines that are specific to the Albanian region. Read more

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BEACHES IN ALBANIA: Gjipe Beach: This beach is located in southern Albania and offers a quiet environment for its visitors. Shengijin Beach: Located in northern part of Albania this beach is three kilometers long and is surrounded by mountains. Golemit Beach: Visitors can enjoy fine yellow sand and clear waters on this beach located in the western part of Tirana region. Velipojes Beach: Part of Velipoja municipality in Shkoder district it extends to over fourteen kilometers and has lesser crowds. The sand of Velipojes Beach is rich in iodine thereby having a medicinal value. Read more

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ATTRACTIONS IN ALBANIA: Lake Skadar: Also known as Lake Shkodra it is named after Shkodra a city in northern part of Albania. Ethem Bey Mosque: Construction of this mosque began in the year 1789 and was completed in 1823 by Haxhi Ethem Bey the great grandson of Sulejman Pasha general of the Ottoman Empire. Qemal Stafa Stadium: It is a national stadium which was named after the World War II hero Qemal Stafa. Construction of this stadium began in the year 1939 and was inaugurated for the Balkan Cup in 1946. Read more

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FESTIVALS IN ALBANIA: National Festival of Urban Folk Songs: This festival is held in March every year to pay a tribute to folk songs that are performed in villages and towns of the country. Korca Beer Festival: Believed to be the biggest public festival in Albania large amounts of beer is served for four consecutive nights in the town of Korca. Gjirokaster Folk Festival: It has been described by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage and is celebrated every four years in southern Albania in the month of September. International Festival of Modern and Contemporary Dance: Intended to modernize Albanian folk and cultural scene this festival is celebrated in Durres every October. Tirana International Film Festival: Every year in November Tirana International Film Festival is held in Albania featuring both short and full-length films. New Years Eve: Albanians welcome the New Year with great festivities like fireworks midnight feasts and parties. Read more

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NIGHTLIFE IN ALBANIA: People traveling to Albania can enjoy the best nightlife that it has to offer in its capital city Tirana. Most of the pubs restaurants and cafes are located in Blloku or The Block which is the city center. It got its name from villas belonging to heads of government located in this part of the city during dictatorial period. After the 1990s these villas were transformed into restaurants and pubs. Most of them are often characterized by loud music and plenty of dancing. Tourists exploring nightlife in Albania during their tour who wish to stay away from such noisy environments can have their dinner or enjoy a cocktail in some of the bars outside the block. Read more

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