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Olympics :

By Alexis, Gareth and Destiny. Olympics

Ancient Olympics:

Ancient Olympics Men did it naked. Lady’s can’t compete or watch the penalty was death!!! People used basketballs for tennis. The second Olympics prizes were Books and Umbrellas. People were awarded with wreaths out of the branches of an olive tree. They still competed jurying war or not. 776bc was the first Olympics. Olympics were band in 393ad because of the Christians.


Same Running. Every four years. Athletes want to win. People still get prizes. Running, Jumping and discuss throw.

New Olympics:

New Olympics Not naked. Receive medals. Compete against others. Included heaps of other sports. People have to Qualify and earn points. Woman are allowed to participate and watch. It’s held in different places. There are people to judge the events. The Olympics is a public event and is world wide.

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Ancient Olympics. Same. New Olympics.

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