Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell: 

Alexander Graham Bell By Brittney 8-41

Why he is famous?: 

Why he is famous? World’s greatest inventor Most creative and intelligent invention Changed the life of everyone Telephone


Personal Born in Edinburgh, Scotland Born on March 3, 1847 Immigrated to Canada at age twenty-three Married Eliza Grace and had two children Died August 2,1922


Family Named after his father Mother, Eliza Grace was deaf Alexander’s brothers both died of tuberculosis in Scotland Alexander met his wife Mabel Gardener Hubbard Two children named Elsie May and Marrian Hubbard Elsie May married Gilbert Grosvenor and had nine children Marrian married David Fairchild and had two children


Career First invented a device to clean wheat at eleven years old He was born into a farming family He later invented a speech machine, hd-4, telegraph, telephone, phonautograph, and photophone After his inventing the telephone, became a billionaire


Education Alexander’s first school was in Scotland Later attended London and Boston Universities After university, he attended the Boston School for Deaf Mutes Eventually became a teacher of the deaf

Family Life: 

Family Life His family was very poor After the invention of the telephone, his children grew up wealthy

Main Accomplishments: 

Main Accomplishments Main accomplishments were the telephone and telegraph These inventions changed the world!


Conclusion Alexander is a most interesting man I chose him because I knew that he invented the telephone He was very successful in life He is claimed by Scotland, USA and Canada


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