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PERMITTING ISSUES Presented by Fred Dunham Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries

Who owns Fish & Wildlife Resources ?: 

Who owns Fish & Wildlife Resources ? Landowner ? Taxpayer ? Citizen ?

What most reduces Fish & Wildlife Resources? : 

What most reduces Fish & Wildlife Resources? Recreation Users Commercial Users Habitat Destruction

Oysters Producing Areas: 

Oysters Producing Areas Authorization to lease water bottoms for oyster production - R.S. 56:425 Regulation of oyster production began in 1870 Oyster fishing began with the occurrence of settlers Oyster fisherman from all over world immigrate to Louisiana

Oyster Producing Areas cont.: 

Oyster Producing Areas cont. Water bottom leased for oyster production Leasing of water bottom for oyster production began 1886 Currently 419,091 acres under lease Currently 8,767 leases Currently 1,458 lease holder entities

Public Oyster Grounds: 

Public Oyster Grounds 1,600,000 acres of protected oyster grounds Public Oyster Seed Grounds Oyster Seed Reservations Public Oyster Harvesting Grounds

Oyster Production in USA: 

Oyster Production in USA 26 Million Pounds of Meat Produced Other Molluscan Production Clams - 111 Million Pounds Scallops - 26 Million Pounds Mussels - 2 Million Pounds

Oyster Production in Gulf States: 

Oyster Production in Gulf States The Gulf States contributed about 76 % of the total USA Oyster Production

Oyster Production by Gulf States: 

Oyster Production by Gulf States Texas & Florida each contributed 18% to total Gulf production, while Mississippi and Alabama produced 4% and 8% respectively. LOUISIANA PRODUCED 52% OF PRODUCTION!!!

What Agencies Expect: 

What Agencies Expect Honesty Complete Information Follow the Plans Non-compliance is unacceptable

Best Plans Go Wrong: 

Best Plans Go Wrong It is better to call us when the unforeseen happens than for us to find out on our own.

What can I do to expedite my permit application?: 

What can I do to expedite my permit application? Fred Dunham (225) 765-2367 (225) 324-6858 cell (225) 765-2452 fax

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