Fitness Tips, Chandra Namaskar Will Help You Lose Weight

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Fitness Tips You Must Have Heard About The Classical Surya Namaskar Or Sun Salutation, But Not Many Know About The Other Side Of It The Chandra Namaskar Or The Moon Salutation.


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Chandra Namaskar Will Help You Lose Weight Fitness Tips You must have heard about the classical Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation but not many know about the other side of it the Chandra Namaskar or the Moon salutation. Like the former this too comprises different postures for the right side and left side making a complete cycle. While Surya Namaskar’s 12 Postures Chandra Namaskar has 14 positions correlating to the lunar phases. This set includes the Ardha Chandra Asana as a part of it and involves the ‘Ida nadi’ which is cooling and relaxing. Breathing is more demanding when it comes to performing Chandra Namaskar. This includes puraka inhalation kumbhaka retention and rechaka exhalation. There are some practitioners who also include the Balasana and Urdhva Mukha Svanasana too. We spoke to yoga professionals Dr Amrapali Patil Keya Ray and fitness consultant Asif Shaikh for more… Benefits of the Asana - Channelises your lunar energy - Cools and relaxes you – Strengthens your back - Brings mental clarity by oxygenating the blood more effectively - Benefits all the visceral organs - Just like Surya Namaskar it stretches your spine works on your hamstrings and strengthens your legs arms back and stomach muscles. Fitness Tips Yoga Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

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Points to Ponder - It is essential that you prepare your mind and body before you begin. Stand straight and keep you feet together. Your hands should be by your side and you should breathe gently focusing on your inhalation and exhalation. Bring your awareness to the pattern of your breathing. - All the yoga positions should be in sync with your breath. Avoid any kind of discord between your breathing and the asana. - Gradually bring your awareness to the point between the eyebrows at the level of ajna chakra. Visualise the moon and its soft gentle light there. - Slowly let the awareness fade away and gradually bring your focus to the body. Different Positions of Chandra Namaskara First half of the series: 1 Pranamasana / prayer pose 2 Hasta utthanasana / raised arm posture 3 Padhastasana / hand to foot pose 4 Ashwa sanchalanasana / equestrian pose 5 Ardha chandrasana / half-moon pose 6 Parvatasana / mountain posture 7 Ashtanga Namaskara / salutation with eight parts of the body 8 Bhujangasana / cobra posture 9 Parvatasana / mountain pose 10 Ashwa sanchalanasana / equestrian pose 11 Ardha chandrasana / half-moon pose 12 Padhastasana / hand to foot pose 13 Hasta utthanasana / raised arms pose 14 Pranamasana / prayer pose Fitness Tips Surya Namaskar Is Best Exercise Second half of the series: In this the backward stretched leg positions in Ashwa sanchalanasana are done by reversing the earlier sequence. This means that in the second half instead of stretching the right foot backward stretch the left. And the second time in the sequence bend the right leg and bring the right foot between the hands Exercise Tips. 15 Pranamasana 16 Hasta utthanasana 17 Padhastasana 18 Ashwa sanchalasana 19 Ardha chandrasana 20 Parvatasana 21 Ashtanga namaskara 22 Bhujangasana 23 Parvatasana 24 Ashwa sanchalasana

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25 Ardhachandrasana 26 Padhastana 27 Hasta Utthanasana 28 Pranamasana Keep in mind Consult a qualified doctor and a yoga expert before embarking on any practice Contraindications those with hernia high blood pressure with a history of stroke back problems undiagnosed lumbago sciatica fever heart disease etc. should avoid these Asana Health and Fitness News. When should you do this This asana should preferably be done at night when the moon is visible and like most other asanas should be practiced on an empty stomach After completing the Chandra namaskara do the Shavasana or the corpse posture for some time. Fitness Tips For Men Weight Loss Tips For Women

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