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Messenger Kids ideal application for overly protective parents to let kids have fun being safe. Do check it out when you buy Choice mobile phone plans.


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5 Lesser Known Android Apps You Should Use What are the lesser-known apps that are worthy of your time Let’s start the list 1. Messenger Kids Messenger Kids is the go-to application for watchful parents. A fun-filled and interactive version of the popular Facebook Messenger it is a messenger especially designed for kids. Children can tweak the interface by downloading their favorite themes and edit as they wish. They can edit their photos and also chat voice call and enjoy the standard features of a Facebook Messenger. The catch here is the parental control. Parents can keep a check on their children’s activities their new friends and their ongoing chats as well as files shared. It compromises the privacy of children completely.

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Thus Messenger Kids is the ideal application for overly protective parents to let their kids have fun while being safe. Do check it out when you buy Choice mobile phone plans. 2. Ringo While the arena of international calling is heavily dominated by WhatsApp Viber and Skype they also have a slight disadvantage. These apps require an internet connection at both ends. Thus in case of disconnection at either end a call is temporarily disrupted. Ringo is an underrated app that allows international calls in the absence of an internet connection. It is packed with spectacular features some of which are mentioned below which you can check out after buying Choice mobile phone plans.  The Ringo app must be installed by one user the call receiver doesn’t necessarily need to have Ringo installed  First call is free of charge  Earn free airtime each month  It tells the local time of the other caller’s location

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3. Field Trip Field Trip has been developed by a sub-team at Google called Niantic Labs. It is a virtual guide to all of the happening and cool stuff that you might be passing along the way. It keeps you up to speed on the stuff happening right now. It is much more than that operating in the background it also flashes new bits of information about landmarks as you pass them by giving you a crash course on your city’s history or any other city for that matter. It relays information on dining out best places for shopping and guides you through interesting things around you. 4. Google Classroom

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The teachers can now enter into a paperless era with Google Classroom. It is a tool for the educators. The teachers can easily assign their students the day’s assignments and students can receive them remotely. Thus it is a social network of sorts but purely for educational purposes. More so it has a highly professionalized interface in comparison to WhatsApp. Lastly you will need G Suite for Education account to activate Google Classroom. 5. JustWatch Another underrated app is JustWatch which promises a tremendous potential in itself. If you are browsing for particular TV shows and movies JustWatch can direct you to a legal source with immediate effect. The best option is that also outlines the free movies and TV shows as well. just watch still needs time to take off as it is widely unknown to the global audience. However it quickly outlines the high-quality movies/TV shows along with current sales across the internet landscape. So choose best value mobile plans and open the world of Android apps.

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