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I love this powerpoint! My 5th grade is beginning a newspaper writing project this week. Is there anyway I could use this in my classroom? My email is I would appreciate it! Thanks! Love it!

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What Makes a Good Newspaper Article?By Nelle Nesral: 

What Makes a Good Newspaper Article? By Nelle Nesral

Important Elements: 

Important Elements Ask These questions: Is it Informative? Is it Interesting? Is it True? Is a picture needed or available?


Information A newspaper story gives information about: People Places Events


Interest Who will want to read this? Is there a personal connection? Can the reader use the information? Will the reader want to know more?


Truth When writing stories, ask yourself these questions: Is it True? Is it Kind? Is it Necessary?


Pictures Can you find a picture that will talk? It’s been said, 'One picture is worth a thousand words'. Unknown


Edit Proofread. Check spelling. Check capitals and endings. Have stories checked by the teacher. Put pictures with stories. Make stories fit the space. Prepare to publish.


Publish The final draft must be approved by the teacher. The teacher publishes the paper. Students read the final product.

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