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Education on the LAM: Or Educating the Trapeze Artist Wendy Duff FIS, University of Toronto


Overview Role of Libraries, Archives, Museum: Education in Libraries, Archives and Museums in North America Convergence Education

The current situation: 

The current situation

Our institutions and educational systems: 

Our institutions and educational systems Museums and Museum studies Archives and Archival studies Libraries and Library science

Role of Museums: 

Role of Museums Support education, scholarship, interpretation, communication, entertainment and social interactions. Foster a greater understanding of the complex relationships among individuals and groups and the social and physical environments in which they exist. Facilitate exploration, interaction, learning, socialization and scholarship.

Role of Archives: 

Role of Archives Preserve records with legal, historical and evidential value. Supports cultural, national and societal memory Fosters scholarship, education, interpretation, leisure activities, accountability, and social justice.

Role of Libraries: 

Role of Libraries Scholarship, education, entertainment, leisure activities. Literacy, small business Access to information

Education for each Profession: 

Education for each Profession Curators – PhDs Museum studies degree or specialization in museum studies with other degree Libraries – MLS, or MLIS Archives, MAS, or MLS with specialization in archives, History degree with specialization in archives, public history

Drivers leading to Convergence: 

Drivers leading to Convergence Institutional amalgamations of libraries, archives, museums. E.g., Library and Archives Canada, funding agencies, e.g. IMLS, MLA Distinctions are irrelevant to users especially when they search the Web Technological change Move to digital networks that support all media and changes the economic, institutional, and social infrastructures build around materiality

Convergence – a multi-colored cloth : 

Convergence – a multi-colored cloth Children services Preservation Reference services Representation and classification


Convergence does not mean Homogeneity!!!!!

Education and the Netgeneration: 

Education and the Netgeneration Interdisciplinarity Collaboration programs Experimental Group work, teams, and interactivity Case-based learning

A Possible Future Curriculum : 

A Possible Future Curriculum LAM courses Specialization courses LAM courses Social Systems and Collections Knowledge Representation Research Methods Design and Evaluation Information Systems, Networking and Architectures Curation and Stewardship

A Current Reality: 

A Current Reality Erpanet workshops Attracted librarians, archivists, museum and IT professionals Participants appreciated the interdisciplinary nature of the events Noted that they learnt from each other


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