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Location-Centric Solutions for Local Government City Manager’s Breakfast University of La Verne January 18, 2007

Citizen Service: 

'I could use an electronic 24/7 assistant city manager/ administrator!' – Jose Pulido, City Administrator, City of San Fernando Citizen Service Know why and why not in a timely manner. Measurement andamp; Accountability Know how much, how many, how often, what happened and what’s next. Omnipresence Know everything going on in your City including the who, what, when, where, and how. Communication Know all the details of a project at once, no matter where it originates.

“Location is everything.”: 

'Location is everything.' All activities can be related to a specific location within the City A location-centric system arranges information for maximum productivity

Enterprise Land Management System™: 

Developed shoulder-to-shoulder with City staff Built upon a unique four-dimensional Land, Structure, Occupancy (LSO) addressing model Enterprise Land Management System™

A natural bridge between GIS and day-to-day data: 

A natural bridge between GIS and day-to-day data The 4th Dimension is that of TIME: you can historically tell what has happened to a piece of land. 4D Addressing is based on an LSO hierarchy. LAND STRUCTURE OCCUPANCY

An information conduit for City activity: 

An information conduit for City activity eLMS™ is a web-enabled software product that streamlines the application and approval process for patrons across all regulatory activities including: Building andamp; Safety Planning Code Enforcement Transportation Engineering Public Works Special Events Citizen-Requested Services eLMS™ also provides access to other systems for Locational Sciences, Financials, Business Tax Data, Assessor Data, and Historical Permit Data, etc.


'There is nothing I can think of that this solution cannot handle.' – Tom Sloan, Deputy Building Official Enterprise Permitting and Licensing System (ePALS) 'ePALS' intuitive interface provides the power and flexibility we need to best serve our community.' – Peter Tooch, ePALS Project Manager Local Success Stories: CITY OF BURBANK

Local Success Stories:: 

Local Success Stories: CITY OF BEVERLY HILLS 'OBC transformed the City of Beverly Hills to become the Beverly Hills of Technology and Customer Service.' – Keone Kali, Information Technology Director Online Business Center (OBC)

How eLMS™ benefited Burbank and Beverly Hills: 

How eLMS™ benefited Burbank and Beverly Hills Unintentional consequences: Cost efficiency Generating and mining revenue System ties in every dept. Promotes teamwork and camaraderie

Thank You: 

Thank You Edgesoft appreciates the opportunity to work with the University of La Verne to help provide answers and resources for local City governments.


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