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Zeus was the most powerful god. He married his sister Hera, who was the queen of the gods. He was quite a lady’s man and would often change shape in order to deceive Hera while he pursued them. His scepter was lightning, and his footfalls were thunder. His will was mans law.


Hera was the wife and sister of Zeus. She was also known to be very jealous. Her most famous grudge was against Alcmene. She was the beautiful mother of Hercules. Zeus had an affair with her, and Hera has hated her and Hercules ever since. In fact she did everything she could to make their lives miserable.


He was the eldest brother of Zeus. He hated change and was very jealous. Once angered he gave in to black rage. Tartarus was the name of his kingdom. The gates were guarded by a three headed dog named Cerberus, which was trained to keep the living out and the dead in.


He was the favorite son of Zeus, and the most famous of the legendary heroes. He was also the strongest man who ever lived. Zeus took special measures to make sure that Hercules would have godlike powers, and use them to help the mortals on earth.


Her only duty was to incite desire. Love was her profession. She didn’t have any parents. She married Pantheon who was the ugliest of the gods.


He was the son of Zeus and Hera. He was also the god of war. The other gods disliked Ares, whom they regarded as a bloody minded butcher. He killed for the fun of it, and he incited men to warfare.


He was also the god of medicine, music, poetry, mathematics, and prophecy. He was the son of Zeus and Leto. Every morning he rides his golden chariot of the sun across the eastern sky, and descends beneath the western horizons.


She was the daughter of Zeus. She was the protector of Athens, which was named after her. She is shown always with a helmet and breastplate, and carrying lance and shield. The olive tree and the owl were sacred to her.

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