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Kotlin is a revolutionary technology for developing mobile applications on Android. Techtic Solutions prepared PPT of Kotlin 1.3.60 version new features; New features like IntelliJ IDEA, Java-to-Kotlin converter, Kotlin/Native etc. Techtic Solutions is a leading kotlin app development company whose highly experienced resources are proficient at Kotlin along with JAVA for developing mobile apps. For more info call us +1 201.793.8324 or visit at https://www.techtic.com/kotlin-app-development


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www.techtic.com | infotechtic.com Kotlin 1.3.60 The Kotlin latest version 1.3.60 introduced a vast range of new features and improvements to improve the quality of work of app developers. In addition to the quality improvements Kotlin 1.3.60 version focuses on: New Java-to-Kotlin Converter Robust Support for IntelliJ IDEA Kotlin/Native Kotlin/JS.

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www.techtic.com | infotechtic.com Kotlin 1.3.60 The tool for converting Java codes to Kotlin was somewhat complicated. There were various corner-case issues that app development agencies were required to overcome while creating a Kotlin-based solution. the converter will be used by default cutting down the hassles of developers. 1. New Java-to-Kotlin Converter For example if you pass null as a String argument to a foo function in Java. On converting the function and its usage together the covered Kotlin function will accept a nullable String as an argument:- Visit: https://d3nmt5vlzunoa1.cloudfront.net/kotlin/files/2019/11/j2k.gif

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www.techtic.com | infotechtic.com Kotlin 1.3.60 Scratches and Worksheets 2. Robust Support for IntelliJ IDEA Visit: https://d3nmt5vlzunoa1.cloudfront.net/kotlin/files/2022/11/Scratches.gif redesigned and improved Scratch files which let you perform small experiments with your codebase. Now it’s easier to see the results which are shown in a different window. The multiline output is wrapped and the output for the given line is highlighted:

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www.techtic.com | infotechtic.com Kotlin 1.3.60 Debugging Improvements 2. Robust Support for IntelliJ IDEA Visit: https://d3nmt5vlzunoa1.cloudfront.net/kotlin/files/2019/11/functionBreakpoints1.gif You can now set function breakpoints in the Kotlin code. The debugger will then stop execution on entering or exiting the corresponding function.

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www.techtic.com | infotechtic.com Kotlin 1.3.60 Better Performance 3. Kotlin/Native Kotlin version 1.3.60 has also come up with several improvements in terms of code optimization. A result of which is that interface calls will be 5x times and type checks will be 50x times faster than before. Source Maps 4. Kotlin/JS In the world of Kotlin/JS new changes are landing that focus on your quality of life and simplifying working with the new org.jetbrains.kotlin.js plugin most notably support for source maps and improvements for test runners.

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www.techtic.com | infotechtic.com Kotlin 1.3.60 5. Kotlin/Multiplatform Lot of focus to MPP tooling so if anything didn’t quite work the way you expected in the past please give it another try This one comes with a lot of improvements/fixes to the usability within the IDE. In particular we’ve significantly enhanced some “create expect” quick-fixes. 6. Eclipse IDE plugin Kotlin-eclipse plugin now supports experimentally incremental compilation for single modules. To try it select the “incremental compilation” checkbox in the Kotlin | Building section of Eclipse properties. It’s still an experimental feature so we will be happy to hear any feedback you may have

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www.techtic.com | infotechtic.com Kotlin 1.3.60 6. Eclipse IDE plugin

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www.techtic.com | infotechtic.com Techtic Solutions Inc. as a progressive kotlin app development company unleashes power of Kotlin a revolutionising app development technology to give a far better alternative than the traditional JAVA coding for the app developers. The technology is used to build Android applications and has been formally accepted by Google as a perfectly compatible programming framework for Android app development. Kotlin is concise safe interoperable tool-friendly.  Nulls in Kotlin don’t exist until you say otherwise.  Interoperability with JAVA is a major plus  Google official declared the Android Studio Support  Great community of developers who are supportive  String Templates and Data Classes  Say hello to Synthetic binding  Drastically reduces the amount of boilerplate code  You can choose any JAVA IDE or build through command line  Co-routines Data Serialization  Kotlin is to rescue for many limitations of current JAVA coders Benefits of Kotlin for App Development

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www.techtic.com | infotechtic.com Techtic Solutions is a 9+ years young IT firm offering solutions to various verticals for branding online marketing web and mobile applications design development. With the vast experience of designing developing 3000+ web projects 150+ mobile app development projects 200+ digital marketing projects. Our efficient team of 50+ engineers marketers designers business analysts have track record of offering the most intuitive efficient winning solutions to the small medium and large businesses corporates to successfully address their business models accuracy enhancements. Enabling businesses with technological advancements to improve the business model increase sales channels is the vision of Techtic Solutions. Our professionals work in some of the most innovative areas like Ionic Swift iOS Android Magento 2.X Laravel Yii AngularJS CodeIgniter WordPress and many other open source technologies. Our efficient team management quality control and willingness to deliver the most innovative solutions to our customers are what set us apart from other I.T. vendors. About Techtic Solutions Continued on Next Page

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www.techtic.com | infotechtic.com Techtic is an innovative technology agency with a cavalry of multi-talented and pulsating professionals in quest of challenges to deliver quality digital products. We use leading project development methodology super efficient process and most advanced tool chain. About Techtic Solutions Mobile App Development React Native Development Full Stack Development Laravel Development Node.JS Development Angular Development React JS Development WorkPress Development Magento Development IOT Development Digital Marketing Travel Social Networking Life Style Health Fitness Productivity Business Navigation Entertainment Advertising Real Estate Services Industries we serve

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