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Make your company big just like Microsoft using some business tools listed here.


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Has Microsoft Custom Made it for You -Chirag Thumar Date: 06-10-2017

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How cool would it be if a company as big as Microsoft designed tools that would be a custom fit and make your routine job easier Just the thought is enough to get you excited. It might sound like too big a dream if you are a small organization or an individual with not enough money. But sometimes a little knowledge and research are all that you need to realize that the tool you would like to get customized is already there and you do not have to spend a lot of money to use it. Life and work would not be the same once you have figured out the Microsoft tools that you would like to use. However the buck does not stop here. You would still be required to make some important decisions regarding the tools. For example deciding on the right time to upgrade or deciding to go manual. These decisions can often shape your business’s success. And these decisions are not easy to take. Let’s evaluate the considerations for each of these business decisions. Business Needs Performance Monitoring  Business Needs: This is the primary reason for companies to look for tools or Software that can help complete the routine work. A company should analyze the needs with respect to the available Microsoft tools that fit the budget. For example a tool that is specialized in doing something versus a tool that can do multiple general things. A decision here should be based on what is more important and beneficial in terms of time and money.

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About Author: Chirag Thumar is a developer and working in Technoligent an ASP.Net Development services providing company. Chirag has also wide knowledge in writing technical content using his skills. Thank you Chirag Thumar. • Performance: Another reason for companies to look for a better tool is to enhance the performance. For example you have a team of developers who are building an app. Extensive effort goes in coordination between team members. So in order to make it easy you might opt for a centralized repository which will keep a record of the work done and work in progress with access and modification rights pre- assigned to team members. • Monitoring: This is also an important aspect in deciding the right tool. As a manager or a client you would like to monitor the progress made on a project. You might want to access the work and analyze the quality that is being delivered. There are tools that allow you access work files from a common web address or cloud. You can check details like when it was last updated who made the update and what was the update. This is a great choice for management. Based on the above parameters you can easily choose the right tool for your business from a list of tools available. You should also remember to update your Software as and when required to avoid glitches that can cause problems at later stages. Sometimes you might be required to migrate from Software to another because of greater benefits. All these are part and parcel of working with Software whose developers are serious about delivering quality and keeping you at par with the technological innovations happening around you.

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