Totally absurd inventions by sepand z

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Totally absurd inventions :

Totally absurd inventions by sepand Z Music by kevin macleod

Diaper alarm:

Diaper alarm If you had the detachable Diaper Alarm you would be alerted when new wetness dampens baby's butt and keep your fingers dry in the process!

Baby cage:

Baby cage The Baby Cage is an oval shaped domed structure featuring curved crossbars that are strong enough to support an adult's weight, keeping baby safe.

Baby patter:

Baby patter With the motorized Baby Patter, parents can go back to sleep and let the mechanized robot arm comfort Junior back to sleep with a periodic patting on the rump.

Big balls:

Big balls ballsare placed between a limb and another body surface to restrict movement of said limb, wherein specific muscle groups are stretched and trained while imitating swing motion to induce muscle memory."

Milk gun:

Milk gun The accurate yet insane Milk Gun, designed to feed your baby milk and flowable foods at the touch of a trigger!

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