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The Inventor Walter Hunt Invented in 1849

Date of birth/death:

Date of birth/death July 29,1796- June 8, 1859 Walter died of pneumonia aged 63

Early life and education:

Early life and education Walter Hunt was born in Martinsburg, New York. He was the first child of thirteen children and born to Sherman and Rachel Hunt. He was educated in a one room school house like most people in those days. In 1817 Hunt earned a degree in masonry.

What is Walter Hunt’s most important work and invention? :

What is Walter Hunt’s most important work and invention? Walter hunt wanted to didn’t necessarily want to create the safety pin he wanted to invent something to pay of his $15 debt to his friend and just gave him the safety pin but it became very successful.

Fun Facts:

Fun Facts Walter Hunt married Polly Loucks and had 4 children. First U.S patent for Safety pin. Walter Hunt invented The sewing machine And fountain pen.

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