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Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs By Corey Period 5

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Born on 2/24/1955 Died on 10/5/2011

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Some of Steve Job’s inventions include the company Apple, the ipod , the ipod touch, the iphone 3g, 3gs,4,4s, the ipad , macnitosh , mac book, apple tv , etc..

Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs His parents were University of Wisconsin graduates. But they gave him up for adooption . He died at age 56 on 7:58 pm. There are rumors that Steve Jobs made his company called apple because of in his childhood he spent lots of time outside and there were apple trees there. But that is not true, Steve Jobs made his company apple because all of his company workers did not come up with a name that he liked so he said he would name it A for Apple.

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