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This powerpoint is about the wonders of technoloy and some examples of them.


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Technology :

Technology 2 nd period Brett S.

About me :

About me My name is Brett and I am from New York city, New York. I have one brother, my mom and dad, and my parrot Jean who is a green macaw from South America. I moved to Boca when I was six and have lived across from the town center mall ever since. I play soccer and I am starting baseball in February. I also play airsoft and paintball on the weekends when I can. My favorite food is pizza and my favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan.

The difference between the natural and technological world:

The difference between the natural and technological world In the natural world everything is made by nature like trees, animals, the oceans, rocks, etc. In the technological world everything is made by humans, if its made by us its part of the technological world. In technology, we use things from the natural world to make things that make our life more comfortable. Like using trees to make paper or pencils, Or using fossil fuels to make our cars go forwards. The natural world may come to a stop but technology will always keep changing.

Definitions :

Definitions Technology-using knowledge to develop products and systems that satisfy needs or wants, solve problems, and increase our capabilities. Technologically literate- being comfortable with the use of technology and making informed decisions about it. System- an organized way of achieving a goal. Input, process, output, feedback- input is what is put into the system, process is the action of a system, output is the result of a system’s process, and feedback tells whether the system is on track.

The name game :

The name game The name game is a quick way to learn the names of students in a class. It works by one side of the class sitting and the other moving to each person and asking three simple questions about them. This way everyone can learn each others name and maybe find some common ground. The problem was the moving part of the class can’t interview each other. It could be improved by everyone going to every person they don’t know and ask them one simple question.




TIMELINE OF TECH Toyota's Hybrid Car -cut down on gas demand(2003) The chariot invented in Egypt in-this invention made traveling much quicker than on foot.(1400b.c.) 1710) The rifle invented by German settlers in America-made muskets extremely accurate, used for hunting and fighting. (1886) Coca Cola, invented in the USA by John Pemberton, revolutionized the refreshment business and became America’s favorite drink. (1928) Antibiotics invented in England by Alexander Fleming-made people less likely to catch a disease and if so, treated quickly .

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Credit Line Made by: Brett S. Music: Kevin Mcleod

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