PR For Venture Capitalists

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PR For Venture Capitalists:

PR For Venture Capitalists PR is a powerful way for finance companies to raise their profile. As financial PR specialists, we are adept at identifying story ideas to generate coverage and used to dealing with compliance and confidentiality issues. Mergers, acquisitions and investment deals Deals stories consistently make headlines in the media and using a professional financial PR service will allow you to maximise publicity from your corporate transactions. We have extensive experience announcing deals such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) including management buy-outs and buy-ins, private equity and venture capital investments and corporate refinancing deals, and have advised banks and other investors, lawyers, corporate finance advisers and companies making acquisitions.

PR For Finance Companies:

PR For Finance Companies If you are a finance provider investing six-figure sums and not using a PR service, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to raise your profile. If you are an adviser, you will want to achieve recognition for your role wherever possible. We can manage the entire PR process – drafting press releases and statements, liaising with other stakeholders to gain approvals, making announcements to the media once the deal is complete, drafting announcements to staff and spreading the news through social media channels. Turquoise PR advised on 20 deals in 2015. Our financial PR experience covers banks, VCs and alternative finance providers, accountants, corporate finance and M&A, insolvency, insurance and financial services. Find out more about the areas in which we operate below.

PR Property:

PR Property As the property market springs back into life, now is the time to raise your profile. We have years of experience in handling PR for the property sector. We have worked with clients including commercial property agents, architects, surveyors, developers and house builders, social housing providers, local authorities, funders, regeneration companies and property law and insurance firms. We have advised on almost every area of the built environment – retail and leisure, offices and industrial, residential, planning, investment, rating and valuations. We have supported planning applications and public consultations as well as promoting property developments.

Tech PR Agency:

Tech PR Agency PR is one of the most cost-effective ways for tech companies to build their brand. We use news stories, articles, case studies, white papers and other techniques to generate media coverage and boost traffic to your website. We tailor our services to suit companies at different stages – whether you are a start-up preparing to launch or a more established firm aiming to build profile, seeking further investment or preparing for a sale or an IPO. Our experience covers sectors ranging from IT, software, hardware and cloud computing to security tech, 3D printing and ultrasonics . With an in-depth knowledge of finance, we are specialists in fintech and paytech .

PR For Venture Capitalists

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