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Enhance your PowerPoint with Narrations : 

Enhance your PowerPoint with Narrations With narrations your presentation plays as if you are live demonstrating the things and you deliver the presentation the way you like!

Record a Voice Narration : 

Record a Voice Narration Play the presentation and keep recording audio on each slide. Also you can take pause and resume recording in-between. It’s as easy. You need a sound card, microphone, and speakers to record a voice narration.

Steps For Recording : 

Steps For Recording 1. Go to Slide Show menu and click Record Narration. 2. Click “Set Microphone Level…”

Best Sound Quality settings : 

Best Sound Quality settings ‘Change Quality’ helps you optimize the audio quality settings for recording narrations. Length Quality(kHz/bits/channels) File Size 8.65 sec CD (44/16/stereo) 1,491 kb 8.65 sec Radio (16/16/mono) 271 kb 8.65 sec Cellphone (8/16/mono) 136 kb Note:- ‘CD Quality’ increases the file size so use it in recordings where it is highly desirable.

Start Recording Narrations : 

Start Recording Narrations To record narration beginning from the first slide of the presentation, click First Slide. Current Slide to record narration from the current slide onwards

Saving PowerPoint file : 

Saving PowerPoint file After you complete recording, the narration gets automatically saved, and a message confirms if you want to save the timings for the show as well. Do one of the following: To save the timings, click Save. Your slides appear in slide sorter view, with the slide timings shown below each one. To cancel the timings, click Don't Save. (You can record the timings separately)

Benefits of using authorPOINT Lite : 

Benefits of using authorPOINT Lite If you embed narrations or link media files with the presentation that increases the file size and a file with more than 30mb can not be directly uploaded on authorSTREAM Why linked or embedded media files are not recommended On authorSTREAM? How aPLite helps you in uploading presentations with recorded narrations? aPLite Converts such big size presentations into small size file (SWF) while maintaining the audio quality (of recorded narrations) and animations in it. Such a presentation or a batch of such presentations can then be easily uploaded on authoSTREAM through aPLite.

How to use authorPOINT Lite? : 

How to use authorPOINT Lite? Import Your Presentation Upload to authorSTREAM All for Free!!! Edit Presentation’s Details

How does authorPOINT Lite work? : 

How does authorPOINT Lite work? Import Your Presentation In File Menu, select ‘Import’ Or Use ‘Import’ option in the toolbar

Slide 10: 

Select a single presentation OR multiple presentations saved in a folder ‘Import Now’ to import the selected file or files Import Your Presentation contd…

Slide 11: 

Use ‘Upload to authorSTREAM’ Enter your authorSTREAM username and password Free and easy upload to authorSTREAM

Slide 12: 

Click on Upload. authorPOINT Lite supports bulk upload Edit Details before upload you can upload multiple presentations in one go

Viewing Presentation : 

Viewing Presentation View the presentation by clicking on the URL

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