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Mike: What is new with your life? Peter: Nothing, working the same old job for the past 5 years Mike: Wow, do you like your job? Peter: No, I have no choice. School takes too long and I am sick of this job. Peter: I want out but I don’t know what to do….. ………………………………………………………….. ???: Are you Peter? Peter: Yes, who is this? ???: I can show you how far the rabbit hole goes? Peter: Who are you? ???: If you want, take the red pill and continue living the life that you know of..…. ???: Take the blue pill and I will show you the way to a better life…… 10/2/2008 1 Team Kaizen

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10/2/2008 2 Team Kaizen

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10/2/2008 3 Team Kaizen WHY BCIT?

Marketing Management First Year : 

Marketing Management First Year You will develop solid understanding of the following: Core business concepts Integrated marketing and communications for global and local markets Computer skills Business communications Technical sales Presentation skills Communication skills Time management Team work 10/2/2008 4 Team Kaizen

Marketing Management Second Year : 

Marketing Management Second Year Offers specialization in a specific marketing field Entrepreneurship Tourism Professional Real Estate Communications Professional Sales 10/2/2008 5 Team Kaizen

Entrepreneurship : 

Entrepreneurship Acquire skills that you can apply in starting your own business Build a career in a growing company Skills learned in this program are vital for success of any business whether large or small, or local or global 10/2/2008 6 Team Kaizen

Tourism : 

Tourism Find employment in the hotel industry, event management, destination marketing, and other related fields Education and skills learned will allow you to apply your knowledge locally or to capitalize on the international scope of the tourism business 10/2/2008 7 Team Kaizen

Professional Real Estate : 

Professional Real Estate Strong emphasis on real estate industry application Be fully prepared to enter the world of commercial, residential, or recreational real estate. 10/2/2008 8 Team Kaizen

Communications : 

Communications Develop creative communication skills, and integrated campaign planning. Gain a high level of understanding of all tactics, and the ability to develop and implement marketing campaign 10/2/2008 9 Team Kaizen

Professional Sales : 

Professional Sales Strong emphasis on issues in sales and sales management Develop business connections and an understanding that leads to the right solution 10/2/2008 10 Team Kaizen

Program Effectiveness : 

Program Effectiveness Program Length Two Years No Wasted Time Usefulness Get A Career, Not Just A Diploma Opportunities Keep Opening Up 10/2/2008 11 Team Kaizen

The Facilities : 

The Facilities The Student Activities Centre (SAC) Climbing Wall Racquetball Court Squash Court Multi Purpose Gym The Fit Pit The Library Cafeteria Good Eats Ample Seating Daily Specials Classrooms Comfortable Seats Adequate Legroom Great Acoustics 10/2/2008 12 Team Kaizen

Accessibility : 

Accessibility Transit Bus Stops Surrounding Campus Convenient Bus Schedule Safe Proximity To Campus Driving Reasonable Parking Rates Ample Parking Security Escort Available 10/2/2008 13 Team Kaizen

Credits : 

Credits Produced for a BSYS 1000 assignment in the Marketing Program at BCIT Can be viewed on www.youtube.com at: Creative Commons licenses: http://www.flickr.com/photos/soodi/582718036/ Team Kaizen: Kelvin, Kailyn, Dave, Daylan 10/2/2008 14 Team Kaizen

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???:Do you have what it takes??? ???:The door is in front of you….. ???:You just have to walk through it…….. BCIT 10/2/2008 15 Team Kaizen

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