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Climate Change Authentic Learning :

Climate Change Authentic Learning By Taylah Holsgrove, Jacey Long, Sofiya Sam and Lauren Treloar.


Introduction Outline of what is going to be covered in this Wiki: Project Plan: What the teacher is going to be teaching his/her students. Authentic Learning Elements: is an approach to the education that has been based on the authentic tasks and contexts to engage students. Teacher Resources: Resources to help aid teacher’s in conducting a project plan. Student Resources: Similar to teacher resources, yet, for student purposes.

What is it? :

What is it? Our wiki page is about Climate Change Authentic Learning. This site is for both students and teachers with resources and videos that relate to the topic of climate change. Our group members include: Sofiya Sam, Lauren Treloar, Taylah Holsgrove and Jacey Long. Why we decided to create a wiki about climate change? The environment is incredibly important to us, because its our only home and non of us are too keen to live on mars. /

What is Climate Change?:

What is Climate Change? Climate change is known as the increase of average temperature. It is a global issue that affects us all. It has the potential to adversely affect our environment, our communities and economy. To help reduce climate change, we need to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the impacts. Climate change will alter global and local climates.

What is Authentic Teaching?:

What is Authentic Teaching? Authentic learning is real life learning. It is a style of learning that encourages students to create a tangible, useful product to be shared with their world. They’re tasks that provide the learner with opportunities with the real world. It is to help students understand and learn about real life issues that not only affect them, but other people too.

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan The Australian Curriculum states that Year 7 students are required to have an understanding of the subjects science, society and environment and English. Science- Understanding about how the earth works and how it can be affected by human activity. Students are required to have an understanding of the http:// Society and environment- environmental factors that have affected all parts of the world, from past to present. http:// English- students need to be able to use language, literacy and literature when doing their assignments on climate change, including verbal and written language. http :// Our lesson plan is aimed at Year 7 students, who will be learning about climate change over a three to four week period with an assessment at the end to see whether on not the student/s have achieved the learning goals required of the Australian curriculum of Education. /

Teacher Resources:

Teacher Resources The teaching resources that are included in our wiki are: Jan Herrington’s Authentic Learning Resource, a webpage dedicated to enhancing a teacher’s ability to facilitate effective learning. The Australian Curriculum Council, who shall provide the achievement standards that are required for each year level. This will also outline the required goals in which the teacher must provide for her students. This page is dedicated to teachers who need to collect more resources about climate change, so that they have an understanding of what they are going to teach their students. However, the AITSL (teacher’s standards) states in standard 2.1, teachers must know the content and how to teach it. http :// This is a vital resource for all teachers. If you want to teach a topic, you must know what you are teaching and most importantly have conducted in depth research on the particular topic. Teachers will also be provide students with an assessment at the end of the topic to see as to whether or not the students have reached their learning goals. /

Student Resources :

Student Resources Student resources include a wide range of online activities such as, YouTube videos, online activities (games and quizzes) and links to help students gather information for their 4 week research group assignment. This is a good way to get children to be more aware of what's going on in the world and to understand the impacts of climate change and therefore, be able to take action! /

Have fun exploring our Wiki!!!:

Have fun exploring our Wiki!!!

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