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slide 1: Treasure Most Famous Dishes in India with – Taste of City Indian cuisine consists of multiples of regional cuisines. The dishes of India are characterized by the comprehensive use of various Indian spices herbs vegetables and fruits. Indian cuisine is also known for the epidemic practice of vegetarian in Indian society. Each and every family of Indian cuisine includes a wide miscellany of dishes and cooking techniques. Indian cuisine also varies from region to region and every festival contains its unique variety of dishes. Indian food is famous for its culture and cuisine. The taste of the Indian food is different from other countries because Indian people include spiciness in their food so this attracts the people to the Indian food side. Indian food plays a major role in everyday’s life as well as in festivals. Normally Indian cuisine can be split into four categories north east west south Indian and taste is different for each of the side.

slide 2: Indian Food Nutrition Indian food is very healthy the nutrition on food depends on how it was cooked and the ingredients that put into the dish. Most of the Indian family includes makes healthy food and includes desi ghee in their food. An Indian person has been using ghee in their food because the old people say desi ghee makes you strong.

slide 3: For more about Indian cuisine you can visit: Or You can contact us Taste of City Address: B-19 10-B Scheme Gopalpura Road Jaipur Phone no.: 0141-6622200 Email us:

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