Mgt 201 Personality Differences


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Personality Differences: 

Personality Differences Stuart A. Umpleby The George Washington University Washington, DC

Myers-Briggs personality test: 

Myers-Briggs personality test Thinking -- Feeling Sensate -- Intuitive Judging -- Perceiving Extraversion -- Introversion

Personality test websites: 

Personality test websites

FIRO-B personality test: 

FIRO-B personality test Useful in studying interpersonal compatibility Express and want Inclusion, control, and affection

Content vs. process: 

Content vs. process Content is what is being said; Process is how it is said 'Listen to the music of the group' Types of dependencies – Wilfred Bion Fight or flight Pairing Dominance

Comment on the process: 

Comment on the process 'A few people are doing most of the talking. I would like to hear from others.' 'Perhaps this conversation could be conducted after the meeting.' 'This is an interesting discussion, but I would like to end the meeting on time.'

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