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Using Flash AnimationsIn PowerPoint: 

Using Flash Animations In PowerPoint cathleen belleville a bit better corporation Note: This presentation requires the Flash 4 viewer be installed on your system. Available as a free download from:

What the Heck is Flash?: 

What the Heck is Flash? vector based animation product from Macromedia native file format is Flash exports movies to animated gif, quicktime, avi in bitmapped format exports movies to shockwave (swf) in vector format, excellent compression with antialiasing hard to learn, but not as bad as Director good on-line tutorial andamp; good help street price: $280 new/$120 upgrade mac and windows versions, shared file format

Why use Flash & Shockwave?: 

Why use Flash andamp; Shockwave? Vector-based animation: looks good at any size much smaller files than gifs powerpoint loops all animated gifs very precise controls, including buttons, starts andamp; stops gif files aliased to specific background color--easy to change in flash

Adding Shockwave Animation: 

Adding Shockwave Animation view/toolbars/visual basic click on control toolbox button (hammer andamp; wrench) click on more controls button (hammer andamp; wrench) drag out placeholder for animation right-click to bring up properties of animation: movie: enter full path: c:\windows\desktop\foo.swf height: enter in pixels width: enter in pixels embed movie: true if you want movie to stay with pres. loop: set to true or false, true is default

Problems & Issues: 

Problems andamp; Issues must have flash 4 player installed free download from powerpoint plays all flash animations on top layer no full page animations if you want text too! important to set size in vba object properties resizing can cause strange things to happen, or not! slides with swf files display as all black when saved to web click 'true' to embed movie setting if you want the animations to travel with the presentation

Problems & Issues, cont.: 

Problems andamp; Issues, cont. files placed on master will play continuously from slide to slide powerpoint can’t recognize any mouse clicks made while mouse is on top of flash object looped files do no reset themselves back to frame one workaround: in flash, set movie as not looping at last frame, insert an action that goes to frame 2 in powerpoint, set loop to false

thank you: 

thank you cathy belleville andamp; the screenbeans a bit better corporation

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