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San Diego Festival Chorus San Diego, CA USA: 

San Diego Festival Chorus San Diego, CA USA Tony Mostardo, Artistic Director

Discovering Central Europe: 

Discovering Central Europe July 5-18, 2005

Pre-Departure Meeting: 

Pre-Departure Meeting Introductions Information Insights Questions & Answers Distribute Materials/Documents

Tour Focus: 

Tour Focus . . . a performance tour to feature the chorus in a range of venues, including churches and public settings where singers can interact with local people, including an exchange/shared concert with an excellent group . . . countries and cultures with rich musical traditions and interesting sites for travelers to have access during free time

Benefits of a group tour: 

Benefits of a group tour Camaraderie of the group Mission & Structure of the tour Opportunities to explore your personal interests

Introductions & Roles: 

Introductions & Roles Conductor Manager Escort National Guides Local Guides/Hosts


Itinerary Croatia Hungary Austria Czech Republic


INFORMATION & INSIGHTS . . . P o c k e t D o c

Performances (Tony): 

Performances (Tony) Concert Attire Music Health Diet Other

Performance Schedule: 

Performance Schedule FORMAL 1 – Dominican Monastery; Dubrovnik 2 – Church of Holy Jacob; Medjugorge 3 – Church of Hearth; Zagreb 4 – Matthias Church; Budapest 5 – Karlschurch; Vienna 6 – Hungarian Village; Exchange Concert INFORMAL Dr Jutta Unkart Seifert Hungarian Wine-Inn Ensemble; Good Morning Croatia Serendipity Venues Local Hang-outs (eve)




Travel SMART/SAFE S – Safety M - Money A - Address R – Rendezvous T - Time S – Schedule A - Allow Yourself F – Friend E - Enjoy

Packing : 

Packing Tips KISS Shoes Electric Appliances Varying Current Plugs/Adaptors Transformers Essential Info Medications Insurance Card Eyeglasses Passport CC/Tvlr Ck/ATM Call to verify int’l Luggage Limits “One is best” Checked 62 lin” (WxHxL) 70lbs MAX Penalties Carry-on One Bag + Purse Flight Comfort DVT Socks H2O

Departure Day: 

Departure Day Airport Arrival Group Assembles Luggage Tags Passport Check Security TSA-luggage Screeners Gate Etiquette Connections Seats on Flights Destination Details Luggage Claim Passport Screen Guides Motorcoach Drivers Seat Rotation WC (emerg use)

Flights to Dubrovnik: 

Flights to Dubrovnik TUTTI San Diego Chicago Frankfurt Dubrovnik Small Airport Small Planes Limited Group Seats Allegro Group Leader: Gerald Via Vienna Arrival 2:45pm Largo Group Leader: TBD Via Zagreb Arrival 3:40pm Group Dinner


Coast of Croatia


Buda Pest


Sweet Music Vienna


City of Spires Golden Prague

Hotel Info: 

Hotel Info Arrival Procedures Wait on bus until instructions for ck-in Luggage Porterage (pre-post) Room Inspection/30 min window ??’s - Cindy Stelmar/Gerald Franti

Typical Touring Day: 

Typical Touring Day Group Activities Times/places will be given @ site Including meals Responsibility to group Options: Gerald or Cindy Free time strategies Guide Book Top-10 Lists Eating! Extra expenses


Communicating Language Courtesies Please, Thank You, Yes, No Phone Calls CAUTION: room charges Pre-paid Int’l Phone Cards Connect with Int’l Operator (local) Just like calling from home Using a Cab Address of Hotel with you


American Embassy ? What to eat. . . What to drink . . .

Shopping Considerations: 

Shopping Considerations Grocery Store Pharmacy CC is King Have a “backup” Exchanging Money Paper –vs- Coin Duty-free Save Receipts (lg) V.A.T.


V.A.T. Value Added Tax Available only on large purchases Export only Unused/unopened items Receipts & Form required Different form @ country Croatia/PDV-P;Hungary/AFA;Austria/MWStU34 % varies in each country Must be credited BEFORE depart that country


Currencies Koruna (CZK)

Please Copy: 

Please Copy Insurance Card CC and/or Debit Card Both front and back sides Passport __________________________ Leave one copy with emerg contact Pack one copy in luggage


Gerald Franti 800-747-2255; ext-146

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