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Beyond SOA: 

Beyond SOA Geoff Snowman Integration Specialist Microsoft Corporation


Agenda Enterprise Integration Service-Oriented Architecture Microsoft Application Developer Technologies Business Process Demo

Enterprise Integration: 

Enterprise Integration 1980s: Emulators 1990s: Distributed Objects (CORBA/DCOM) 1990s: Enterprise Application Integration 1998: XML 2000: Early Web Services 2003: Business Process Management 2005: GXA Web Services

Services, SO, and SOA: 

Services, SO, and SOA Service – An endpoint that reacts to messages Service Orientation – An architectural paradigm that employs the following four tenets: Boundaries are explicit Services are autonomous Services share schema and contract, not class Service compatibility is determined based on policy Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) – Any architecture the adheres to the Four Tenets of Service Orientation

Cutting through SOA Hype: 

Cutting through SOA Hype

Building Out the Integration Stack: 

Building Out the Integration Stack

“Business Process Server”: 

'Business Process Server'

Microsoft Technologies: 

Microsoft Technologies


A platform for building applications Windows applications Mobile applications Web applications Components XML Web Services OOP API for Windows What is .NET?


Operating System Common Language Runtime Base Class Libraries ADO.NET and XML Common Language Specification Visual Basic C++ C# J# … Visual Studio .NET What is .NET?

Web Services Enhancements: 

Web Services Enhancements WS-Security WS-Routing DIME Turnkey security scenarios MTOM 64-bit support Interop with WCF 2002 2005 WS-Trust WS-SecureConversation Adapter for BizTalk 2003 WSE 1.0 WSE 3.0 WSE 2.0

Expanding Visual Studio: 

Expanding Visual Studio


Visual Studio Team System: 

Visual Studio Team System Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Visual Studio Team Edition Software Architects Visual Studio Team Edition Software Developers Visual Studio Team Edition Software Testers Visual Studio Team Edition Database Professionals

.NET 3.0: 

.NET 3.0 Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) Windows CardSpace Ships with Windows Vista, but available for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Microsoft Ajax Library/ASP.NET 2.0 Ajax Extensions Ships late calendar 2006

User ExperienceThe next step: 

User Experience The next step Hardware advances New form factors Information overload Digital lifestyles Customer experience User expectations Windows Presentation Foundation Windows Vista Office '12' 'Atlas'

Windows Presentation Foundation (“Avalon”): 

Windows Presentation Foundation ('Avalon') Best way to deliver superior user experiences Improve usability, productivity, and satisfaction Increase developer productivity Expand product relevance Sets new bar for a modern client platform Unified developer platform for applications, documents, and graphics Integrated, vector-based composition engine Support for declarative and procedural programming

Ajax Library (“Atlas”): 

Ajax Library ('Atlas') Web client framework for 'AJAX'-style web development Runs on any DHTML compatible browser on any platform with no client install requirement Deeply integrated with ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 Enables rich web experiences without the pain of traditional client script development

Connected Systems: 

Connected Systems Partners Suppliers Businesses Family Friends

Windows Communication Foundation (“Indigo”): 

Windows Communication Foundation ('Indigo') Microsoft’s next-generation distributed systems technology for building service-oriented applications Extends the .NET Framework 2.0 ('Whidbey') Build services in Visual Studio 2005 using Visual Basic .NET, C# Runs on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista

WCF Combines The Benefits Of Existing Solutions: 

Interop with other platforms ASMX Attribute- Based Programming Enterprise Services WS-* Protocol Support WSE Message- Oriented Programming System.Messaging Extensibility Location transparency .NET Remoting WCF Combines The Benefits Of Existing Solutions

Windows WorkflowFoundation (“Workflow”): 

Windows Workflow Foundation ('Workflow') Unified workflow for applications Integrates both system and human workflow Natural extension to .NET Framework Enabling the next step Capture complex workflows Expose them to developers Enable on-the-fly extensions

Windows CardSpace (“Infocard”): 

Windows CardSpace ('Infocard') Enables federated claims-based identity Any identity provider can integrate using public WS-* protocols Identity provider support for: Windows Server with Active Directory PingID for Linux, UNIX, Apache, others More to come… New credential common dialog One-click login Streamlines user registration Mitigates some common attack vectors (e.g. phishing)

BizTalk Server: 

Business Process Management BizTalk Server BizTalk Server

Common BizTalk Scenarios: 

Inter-Office or Branch Connectivity (EAI) Inter-Office or Branch Connectivity (EAI) BizTalk Server Line of Business Application Warehouse Connecting systems and applications. Line of Business Application Warehouse Connecting systems and applications. Common BizTalk Scenarios

Business Process ManagementWith BizTalk Server: 

Business Process Management With BizTalk Server


MSMQ / MSMQT SOAP WSE HTTP SMTP POP3 SQL Database File FTP EDI: X12 and EDIFACT Windows SharePoint Services WebSphere MQ Mainframe Files, e.g. VSAM PeopleSoft JD Edwards OneWorld XE JD Edwards Enterprise1 Oracle Database Siebel SAP TIBCO Rendezvous TIBCO EMS Amdocs Clarify CRM Mainframe Applications: CICS and IMS IBM DB2: Mainframe and AS/400 Adapters

BizTalk Adapter for Host Apps: 

BizTalk Adapter for Host Apps

BizTalk Roadmap: 

BizTalk Roadmap BizTalk Server 2006: RTM March, 2006 BizTalk Server 2006 R2: 1st Half 2007 WCF Adapter Framework RFID EDI BizTalk v6: ??? WF Integration Human Workflow New Designers

BizTalk Server 2006: 

BizTalk Server 2006

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