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Computer Essentials: 

Computer Essentials by Mark White

Computer Essentials: 

Computer Essentials Firewalls Anti-Virus Software Spyware Adware

Firewalls: How it works: 

Firewalls: How it works Barrier between you and the world Keeps the bad guys out!


Firewalls Hardware Routers Servers Software Zone Alarm Symantec Firewall MS Interconnection Firewall

Anti-Virus Software : 

Anti-Virus Software Protects you system against: Viruses Trojans Worms Over 150 new viruses each month 13 Aug 05 – 70,441 (Norton)

Anti-Virus Software : 

Anti-Virus Software Norton Anti-Virus (Free to Military) McAfee PC-Cillin AVG Panda


Spyware/Adware Spyware/Adware = Malware Snoop on your browsing habits Sends pop-up ads Slow downs the computer Causes it to crash Record your credit card number

Spyware Software: 

Spyware Software Spybot Search andamp; Destroy XoftSpy NoAdware Spyware Eliminator Pal Spyware Remover Spyware C.O.P. Ad Aware Microsoft AntiSpyware (Beta)

Spyare: What to look for: 

Spyare: What to look for Free Scan Free Updates Site Comments Ease of Use Satisfaction

Computer Essentials: 

Computer Essentials Questions?

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