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One of the system he taught me was this Concept of a Waiting file. When I assign work to someone by email or in person, and it has a real deadline to it, I record the task assignment in an Outlook task and put in my Waiting Section.


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Stress Free Property Management - Do You Have A "Waiting" Section In Your Life?


DESCRIPTION Running a Riverview Property Management Company requires a tremendous amount of delegation and attention to detail. Years ago, I came across a book by David Allen titled “Getting Things Done…the art of stress-free productivity.” I have a habit that I call “My Random Walk of Inspiration” where I periodically read or listen to an audio book on a subject I’ve not studied in years.


Well the book taught me a ton of best practices on getting organized and more importantly processing my work through a system. To be honest, I now work about 50 hours a week, but that is because I have exciting projects that I choose to work on.


First thing in the morning I review my Waiting tasks and do the following: 1) Complete the task because it is done already 2) Move the task forward to a new deadline because I already know the reason why it is delayed 3) Change the task from a Waiting Task to an Email or Meeting Task and follow-up with the person



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