Happy Mothers Day!

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Please watch this. Haappy Mothers Day To all.


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Happy Mothers Day!:

Happy Mothers Day! To All!

Mama tin:

Mama tin Mom, today is your day. Today is your day because 364 days you make it our day. You selflessly care for each of us in ways that only a mother could. And as the wold looks to the women in their lives that have meant so much to them, I look to you Mom and see someone who is worthy of celebrating. For all the times that I have called and you have answered…thank you! hours to cook us dinner…thank you! For all the ways you have shown me what a woman of God looks like…thank you! For the many times you have given me grace..thank you! I love you mom, Thank you for everything.

Mama jane:

Mama jane You are a very brave woman who faced adverse situations and did not give up until all of your children were all grown up and successful in life. Dear Auntie, I hope you are happy and I wish you all the best in your day and I hope grants you many blessings “ Mothers are able to make even the greatest sacrifices for the welfare of their children and that is why they deserve the greatest rewards, still they are satisfied with being able to see their children happy because they are just truly amazing. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

Ate Bok:

Ate Bok God made a wonderful mother, a mother who never grows old. He made her smile of the sunshine, and he molded her heart of pure gold. In her eyes he placed bright shining stars. In her Cheeks fair roses you see. God made a wonderful mother; and he gave that dear mother to C leo.

Tita nineng:

Tita nineng My cherished aunt Theresa , this special note is for you because we are in a very special date; today is mother’s day and you are to me like my second mother, so I write a few words full of affection. I remember that from childhood you have been at my side being a great support to my mother, giving me your care and affection when she could not. It is for this reason that as the years passed by and I grew up, so did the esteem I had for you.

Tita Carmen:

Tita Carmen Aunt Carmen, I want to dedicate these special words to you on this Mother’s Day as you are one of the people I most appreciate in the family and I wish to express my most cordial greetings. You have always stood by me, I feel very happy to have an aunt so affectionate and kind as you are with me. Since I can remember you have given me your affection, and even now as an adult you still consenting and giving me your love.

Mama bools:

Mama bools I appreciate the advice you give me and I thank you for giving me a word of encouragement when I need it most. I am very pleased that your children enjoy the joy of having a mother as good as you, and also causes me happiness be your nephew. Truly thank you for everything. For all these reasons and many more I want to wish that today you can have a great day. May this Mother’s Day to be joyful the love of their loved ones.

And To Those who I didn’t mention..:

And To Those who I didn’t mention.. Happy mothers day! Have a great one!

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